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P.O.V.: Trixie Tang

What have I done?

Timmy Turner has committed suicide, because of me. Because I turned him down too many times Instead of letting him know how I really feel about him. Because I'm too weak to even save myself.

I watched the ambulance him away, and I prayed that he'll live. If he was lucky enough to have the bullet miss anything important for him to survive, then he'd still be lucky enough to live. Right?

The teachers escorted us back to the classroom, and apparently they never noticed Tootie run off by herself. 'What kind of school is run here that they never notice what is going on with the students' lives?' I wondered, as I wished Tootie courage when breaking the news to Timmy's parents and her sister. Meanwhile, my "friends" kept pestering me with their curiosity to see what was written on the note that shocked me so much upon reading it, but I kept it away and told them I would show them later.

When we had gotten back to the classroom, Mr. Crocker had left for an emergency teacher's conference. Even though we had the chance to be as loud as we possibly could, it was dead silent throughout the room. There were only a few whispers from some students. I also noticed that Gary was sobbing and Remy was trying to comfort him while trying his hardest not to break down as well. I could tell he was because I'm quite good at reading other's emotions. I could see the pain in his eyes, just like I could with Timmy. I thought about what I did to him yesterday, and tears sprung to my eyes. If only I would've know what he would do, I would never have tried to ignore him.

Suddenly, I heard fingers snapping. I blinked away the tears and turned my head. Veronica, Tad, and Chad were just staring at me like a bunch of curious little kids. It is how we popular kids beg for something. In this case, it was about what the note said. Since it was impossible for me to ignore their staring, I put my head on my desk and reluctantly handed over the note. They eagerly snatched it from my hands and started to read it. I imagined their reactions while reading it; first their eyes would be filled with anticipation and curiosity. Then when what was written would finally hit them, their eyes would slowly grow wide with shock and they would start to tremble a little. By the time they would have read the entire note, they would most likely be paralyzed with shock, or possibly they would either weep or-



Instantly I lifted my head and turned around to see who fell, and to my surprise I found both Chad and Tad lying unconscious on the floor. I looked to my right and saw Veronica looking as if she had just seen a ghost. Her eyes grew as wide as hubcaps and her skin turned as pale as snow. Her whole body was trembling, and tears escaped from her eyes as the shaking grew stronger. I put my hand on her shoulder, as I heard friends do that when one of them is upset and needs comforting. When I did, she looked at me in surprise with her tear-filled eyes. I gave her a small smile, and she buried her face in my chest as she burst into tears. I was caught off guard for a moment, and seeing my friend break down like that was too much for me to handle. I wrapped my arms around her tightly, and started to sob with her.

I'm not sure how long we were like that, but it was long nough for Chad and Tad to wake up and pull us apart. Veronica kept struggling and didn't want to let go. She kept screaming "NO! Timmy's not dead, he can't be gone!" again and again, while the other two boys kept trying to calm her down. Although I didn't really want to abandon my friend in her time of need, I fled the classroom to get my own assurance.

I managed to get to the girls' bathroom without being noticed, which was odd because I usually have millions of boys staring at me. I took one glance at the boys' bathroom, which was prohibited to the students since it was being investigated, before entering the regular girls' bathroom.

Inside, I sat down on the floor with my back against a wall and a sink nearby. I rolled up my sleeve, took my razor out of my pocket, and cut five fresh new scars on my arm.

Yes, you heard that right. The most popular girl in Dimmsdale Elementary, the one who everyone wants to be or wants to be with, the one who has everything any girl could ever want, cuts herself because she is miserable with her life. Being rich meant I couldn't be one of the regular people. I had to look down upon them, and even the ones like me but "lesser", as my mom puts it. I hate how I treat my friends as lackeys, but she made it very clear not to do such things when I helped Veronica after that mean boy made fun of her that day in Kindergarten, the day we first met…

I could feel the cuts' stinging grow stronger, and blood was leaking out quite rapidly. I placed my arm under the tap and watched all the blood wash away. I wondered for a moment is Timmy had the same case. He was usually so cheerful, so full of light. I never thought he would be the kind to resort to this, let alone suicide. Yesterday I had only asked Gary and Remy to sit with us at our table. I hadn't expected Timmy to break down like that. I hadn't tried to be that harsh on him.

I turned off the sink, dried my arm, pulled my sleeve down, and headed back to the classroom. For the rest of the day, I kept pondering on what it could have been that had finally caused him to break down. And what exactly did he mean about sacrificing himself for me?

I didn't say anything for the rest of the day, and on the bus I quietly sat down next to Veronica, who was crouched up in a ball and was desperately trying to keep herself together.

A few seconds after I sat down, I heard Chester yell at AJ and soon both boys were arguing. They were fighting about Timmy, and it hurt me even more to see his best friends fighting over his death. Even though we were told that the bullet had missed anything important and that there was a chance that he could survive, the stakes of that was as likely as Crocker being right about fairies existing. He was what kept his friends together for many years.

Gary had pointed that out for me when he took a stand and stopped their fight. He confessed that Timmy had been very close to him. He was deeply hurt by this too, I could tell. I even noticed some tears slide down his face when he went back to sit down next to Remy.

Timmy, can you see this? We all need you more than you realised. You're not an unwanted mistake, without we we're all falling apart.

It was silent for a while, until the bus driver announced that we had reached the first stop. I gave one last glance at Veronica, who was still couched into a ball, and whispered, "I'm so sorry," into her ear before I got off.

I entered the inside of my mansion, where I was greeted by our maids and butlers who offered to take my backpack to my room and asked if there was anything else that I needed. I told them no, thank you, and that I was capable of carrying it myself. When I had asked where my parents were, I was told that they were in a meeting and wouldn't come back until it was time for dinner.

Perfect, I thought.

I ran up to my room, threw my bag down in a corner, and tore down all my girly stuff. My bedding, my makeup, my room decorations, just about everything I had in my room. I also got rid of all my girly clothes and accessories. I even changed out of my current outfit and slipped into my boy disguise. Looking in the mirror, I decided it still didn't look right. I took out a pair of scissors from my supplies drawer, and cut my hair short to look more like a guys' hairstyle. Smiling at my reflection, I placed my red baseball cap on my head and turned back to the two piles on my floor. The clothing and accessories would be donated to charity so it wouldn't have to go to waste. The other pile with all me other gurly junk was thrown out my window.

I took out a box of matches from a little box (they were for my candles, don't worry) and slipped it into my pocket. A picture of Timantha was revealed from underneath. I held it in my hand and memories of that night with her rushed through my mind. She would have understood my choice, and she would have helped me through this. If only I could see her again.

With a sigh, I placed the picture back in the box, set the box on my dresser, and climbed out my window. I gathered the items that had scattered around and piled them together. Then, I took the box out of my pocket, struck one of the matches, and threw the lit match at the pile. As I watched them burn, I couldn't tell whether to smile at my achievement, or burst into tears.

I had done this because of Timmy. I never had the courage to do it sooner, and now it could be too late. I had never intended to hurt someone, not this badly. Veronica was even breaking down from this, because of me. Well, that ends now.

Never again will I pretend to be something I'm not.

Never again will I push someone down just to get higher.

Never again will I be a heartless, snobby, rich brat to those around me.

But…will I ever see his smiling face again?

"Timmy!" I called out to the sky. "I promise I'll change, just please…"I trailed off, as I could no longer suppress the sobs emitting from my throat. Tears rolling down my face, I whispered between sobs, "Please come back to us."

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