Hey guys, I'm not dead! Although I'm sorry that some of you have begun to label this story as dead. Just, hear me out for a bit, okay?

I first left this story for a while because it hurts to write something so sad and painful. It's just not something I can endure so easily.

Secondly, my interests have begun to shift and I have moved on from childish cartoons to anime (which is a whole different level). Don't get me wrong, I still love the shows that I was brought up on as a child. But it's just harder to watch cartoons now when it feels like they're killing my brain cells. It's painful to even hear the audio from it in a different room. Poor Butch Hartman, he's worked so hard.

Finally, school is the biggest reason I had to put this aside. When I wasn't able to keep my marks up last year, my mom thought it was because of my stories. I hadn't had much time to work on them, so I knew I just had to stop completely. But now I'm falling again, and this time I think it's getting worse. According to tumblr (which I had joined just recently), my state of depression is more serious than I thought. Like, the reason they show commercials about it. Although I don't know if it's my poor grades, my inability to decide what career to take up when I grow up, or when I end up finding something sad that makes me want to cry (some nights I can't fall asleep, some nights I cry myself to sleep).

But the reason I had created this story in the first place was because I was feeling depressed and felt the need to vent it out on a fictional character. So I might try that, while also distracting myself with other, happier creations. Besides, the ideas that you guys have given me have been really helpful, and I wouldn't have been able to think of them myself. I can't guarantee when the next chapter will be posted, but if you want to take over this story then you're going to have to prove yourself worthy. Just have faith and patience; ideas are nice too! And can you guys do one more thing?

Please stay.