Jekell Jekell & Hermione

Hermione danced in the club, she finally agreed to going after Ginny and Luna begged for weeks after her breakup with Ron. She wanted to get out and be wild for the first time in her adult life. She had to grow up fast because of the war and she just wanted be like any normal young woman in her early twenties. So she was out on the dance floor, moving to the heavy music, the loudness of it hurt her ears and made her head ache but she was having such a good time.

She felt a pair of hands wrap around her waist and she glanced back to see and older man dancing with her. She was confused, because normally Ginny and Luna kept most of the men who didn't meet their standards away from her. "Just keep dancing Love." His thick accent ordered her and something in his tone told her not to argue.

The rush, the feel of being in the stranger's arms excited her to no end. They danced through three more songs before she needed a drink. She let him lead her off the dance floor, his hand gripping her's as he led her to the bar. He ordered two vodka's and gins, not caring for what she wanted. She stared at him, watching his every move. This dark man intrigued her as he handed her the drink. "What?" He asked, smirking. "Like what you see Love?"

"Who are you?" She asked, having to move closer to him so he could hear her.

"Billy." He stated, smirking down at her.

She shook her head no. "That doesn't seem to fit you." She whispered in his ear as she moved to his side. "I'd understand William, but not Billy, so ordinary."

"Who are you to tell me what my name is?" He growled at her, his sharp teeth showing, if she was a normal girl, he would've scared her.

She set her drink down on the bar and stared up at him. "Do you think that you scare me? Some big scary man in a club?" She shook her head. "I've seen scarier things than you...Billy." She smirked walking back to the dance floor.

He stared after her, watching as she dance, two other girls joined her, probably her friend's. He watched as they dance, every once and awhile she would made eye contact with him, smirking as she moved seductively. He smirked in return, she was a spunky little girl, he'd give her that much.

He became angry when another man began to dance with her two songs later. He watched from his bar seat as she grind her body into the man's, eyes alway met with his as she wrapped her arms around the man. He knew that she was trying to get a rise out of him, to make him want her more. He'd admit, only to himself, that he's never wanted a woman like her, this much. He watched as the man's hands traveled over her body, groping her as they danced and she just let him. But he knew, her eyes weren't looking at the man, they were looking at him, she wanted his hands over her body, she wanted him so close to him.

The song ended and she broke apart from the man, her friend's leading her away. They were leaving now, he watched as he paid his tab. She gave him one last look, a wanting before she slowly turned and let the club. He smirked and made his way through the crowd, he made his way outside the door, watching from the shadows. Her friends got into a cab. "Are you sure Hermione you don't need a ride?" The red head asked. "I don't want to leave you to walk home alone."

"I'll be fine Gin, just go home to Harry. Luna give my love to Neville. I can walk home from here, it isn't far. Just a few minutes." Hermione, he figured from her friends, smiled as she closed the door, letting the cab drive away.

She waited a minute before walking the opposite way, making her way down the street. He watched her as she glanced around, she caught his eye and smirked before continuing her path. She knew he was out here, waiting for him to follow her. He would to.