Chapter 1:Sigfried and Roy's Garden

Harry Potter watched with wonder and awe as Sigfried and Roy emerged from the box of swords unscathed.

"Yes. Yes. We are fabulous." Sigfried said in his German accent as he and Roy waved to the crowd who was cheering.

The homeless child had scrounged and saved enough American money to buy a ticket to the famous magician's show. The eight year old had been dumped by his relatives two months ago when they came to Las Vegas for a vacation. The young human had a few tricks up his sleeve as well though. See he was a street performer now. A young magician with lots of talent. One rubber ball became 9 which fell into one rubber ball again. Trick of the mind? Or illusion? The rubber ball becomes 9 white doves. Unknown to the child, this was his own magic ant not the same kind as Sigfried and Roy's either.

You see, when Harry James Potter was an infant, an evil wizard known as Voldemort had tracked him and his family down to Godric's Hollow where they where living. He killed Harry's father first. then his mother begged and pleaded for his life before he killed her as well. But for some unknown reason, the curse that killed his parents and so many others before him bounced off of him leaving only a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. But, that is all in the past now. What matters is the present. Where we find our young hero standing in front of a large gate.

After wandering the city for almost a year now, he had pretty much known where everything was. Except for the rumored Secret Garden of Sigfried and Roy where their show animals lived. The two magicians where...very enthusiastic about their animals and gave them everything from houses, to televisions, to art for their homes. Harry wondered if he finally found it at last. He saw a tree and climbed it. After getting into a comfortable spot he looked out past the gate.

"Wow." He said in awe. There where animals of all kinds walking upright. He looked over to see an elephant holding a gopher and glaring at him.

"You think you can screw with me because I am a pacifist. But I expect full compensation for all damages." He heard the elephant say in an Indian accent.

Harry shook his head in shock. Did he just hear an elephant speak? He obviously needed to sleep. He slipped, fell backwards out of the tree and blacked out.

When Harry woke it was morning. He was behind bushes for some reason. He shrugged and sat cross legged on the grass before taking his rucksack out and getting out his water bottle and loaf of bread and block of cheese he had managed to swipe from a store. He hated stealing. But that was the life of a street rat. After a third of the loaf and block was gone and half his water, Harry climbed the tree again to see if he was where he thought he was after remembering the events of the previous afternoon. Again. He saw the same elephant.

"I know you didn't come without my money Bee-yatch." The elephant said

"Wow." Harry said again. He could understand animals! He slipped...again. Except this time, he fell forward. Into the animals compound.

To Be Continued...

I believe this takes place in the episode after the pilot. Where Snack the Gopher has trashed the elephant's home and he's angry at him.

BTW, keep on the lookout for a guest appearance from a certain foxy guest star!

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