YES! YES! YES! Logan screamed.

"I have done it," Logan screamed.

Logan had just finished his grestest invention,YET THE AGE SHRINKIFIER.

He made many atempts to make one but failed .

He ran to the room were his friends were and said,"Come on,I have finally done it.


"WHAT have you finally done?"asked kendell.

"Well you know the machine I have been working on,"I answered him.

"Yeah,"he said.

"Well I finally got all the parts to complete it,and I did",I said.

"That's great Logan",Carlos said looking relly glad.

"Thanks Carlos,"I said.

"Ok,I need to ask you guys something",I said.

"What is it?",James asked me.


"Well what",Kendell asked.

"Well,I will need some help testing it,"I answered.

"So, you want us to test your machine,which could do anything to us",Kendell said looking at me as if I was insane.

"Yes,I do"

"So,any takers",I asked.

"I will test it,"Carlos said raising his hand.

Ok,well Carlos will test your machine for you",Kendell said to me.

"Actually"I said.

"What now"Kendell groaned.

"I am going to need two people to test it",I explained.

"Why" they all asked.

"Because I need to see if it can work on multiple people at a time,"I answered.

"Come on guys,do it for him",Carlos said to them.

"Well,Kendell will do it,"James said.

"What,why me",Kendell asked.

"Because I don't want to get my hair messed up",James answered.

Kendell thought about it and then said"Fine I will do it".

"Great,then lets go",I said and everyone but Kendell cheered.

Then we headed to my lab.

Carlos P.O.V.

We had finally reached Logan's lab.

It was surprising at how he maneged to build it under the Palm Woods.

The first thing we noticed was a large machine with all kinds of buttons and lights on it.

"So,is this the machine?"I asked.

"Yep"Logan answered.

"What is it called?"Kendell asked.

"It is called the AGE SHRINKIFIER",Logan answered Kendell's question.

"So,how does it work?"I heard James ask.

"Well,it is simple",Logan began.

"You just have to step inside,then I enter the age I want you to be and then press the start button",Logan answered.

"Hmp,okay"We all said.

"Ready,to experiment guys",Logan asked.

"Yes",I answered while Kendell groaned out a yeah.

"Then lets get started",Logan said.

Logan's P.O.V.

I was finally going to see if my greatest invention actually worked.

I was really,really ,really extreamely excited.

I pressed a button on it and the door opened.

"Enter please",I jestered for them to go inside.

Carlos quickly went to the door but Kendell stayed still.

"What's the problem Kendell?"I asked.

"I don't want to do this",he answered.

"Come on Kendell,I really need you to do this",I tried to persuade him.

"Fine,but if anything goes wrong",He started but I cut him off.

"Nothing will,I promise you and Carlos that",I ashured.


"Yeah,go in the machine you two."


As soon as they were in I closed the door.

"You guys ready?"I asked both Carlos and Kendell.

"Guess so.",then answered.

I took in a deep breath and began the experiment.

I set the age I wanted them to be,entered it and then pulled a lever.

It rumbled and screached.

It was like it was going to explode.

Then a cloud of smoke came from it and engolfed the entire room.

Well hpoe you guys like it.I took 2 weeks to write it so hope you like.