035. Moonlight.

"Winnie," Jesse whispered quietly.

Her head shot up from the book, she'd been quietly reading. "Jesse," She mouthed in astonishment, staring at his face in the darkened window.

He nodded excitedly and gestured for her to come to him.

Winnie shook her head. "Can't. Husband's home."

Jesse tried to ignore the sickening pit of despair in his stomach. "I'll wait."

Winnie raised an eyebrow. "For what exactly?"

"Your husband to go to sleep."

Even more surprise seemed to accumulate on her face. "But Jesse you're too late. I'm married." She spoke the words so matter-of-factly the tone was just as natural as discussing the weather.

Jesse's whole body seemed to freeze. She didn't want him anymore? He'd thought that she'd wait for him. That she'd drink from the spring for him. Hadn't she promised?

Abruptly his knees gave out. The painful stinging of the physical contact with the ground was all he could feel anymore.

He felt dizzy, his awareness swirled into black.





Jesse groaned. His eyes flickered open. Winnie was leaning over him smiling. "Good morning, husband."

Now he realized, he'd been dreaming. Winnie had waited for him, waited and gotten impatient, but now they were together and had in fact just gotten married the night previously.

Author's Note: Okay, so maybe dream sequences are bit clich├ęd, but I wanted to play with the original setup of my story. Hopefully for the next one, it'll be a bit longer, and less contrived, and possibly about the aforementioned wedding in the story. If not that segment will come at some point, because as part of this challenge I wanted to do a scene of their first wedding.

Otherwise I guess I should mention this is part of the 50 scenes challenge listed on LiveJournal. The prompts are listed online, and so this will eventually be a total of 50 chapters, if I ever manage to update the thing. Also I wouldn't expect any sort of chronology from it, just a series of scenes, probably based on the time in Another Tuck, when they're married and exploring the world, and when the main part of that story begins.