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Orion Pax held Elita close as they watched Cybertron's three moons rise. Silently drinking in the beauty of the evening, and the lovely Autobot now resting her head on his broad chest plate, he wanted to relish these last moments with her. He would be leaving after a night's recharge to pursue Megatron and it would be many years, if ever, before he would lay optics upon his beloved. She didn't know yet that he had been given the Autobot Matrix of leadership, and with it the responsibility of stopping the Decepticons once and for all. As much as he wanted the evening to last forever, he knew he must tell Elita what was about to transpire. "Elita, my love"; he murmured. "Yes, Orion? What is troubling you?" She could sense the anxiety he was feeling. "I have been given the Matrix of leadership. I am now known as Optimus Prime. I must lead the Autobots in the pursuit of Megatron, to stop him and the Decepticons he now leads. It means that, as much as it hurts me, I must leave you behind. I don't know when I will be able to return." Just speaking those words tore at his spark. "Optimus, no!" Elita wailed. "Take me with you, please!" Optimus gently placed his hand under her chin, lifting her face to meet his tender gaze, her faceplate now stained with energon blue tears. "Elita, you are my life, my very spark, and I love you more than mere words can express. If I were to take you with me, and something happened to you, I could never forgive myself. You must stay here, where it's safe." With those words, he leaned down and kissed her, gently, at first, and then with growing intensity. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he pulled away, leaving one last gentle kiss behind. Tears glistened in his eyes, and one lone tear rolled down his faceplate as he turned and walked away from his spark mate.

Earth, 100 years later

Optimus stood before Teletran 1 trying to decipher the Cybertronian code that had been intercepted. He was certain the Decepticons were involved, somehow, but he was so tired he could barely focus his optics. Regenerating would have to wait. He must figure out what Megatron was up to and put a stop to it before any human lives were endangered. Wheeljack joined him at the screen, followed by Ratchet. The three Autobots fixed their optics on the screen while Wheeljack punched some keys, entering formula after formula trying to decipher the elusive code. "Optimus, you need to regenerate" Wheeljack said, noting the extreme fatigue showing in his optics. "I'm fine, old friend. We need to figure out what Megatron is up to. I will regenerate later" Optimus replied. "This is your doctor speaking, Optimus. I must insist you regenerate immediately. You will be no good to us if you fall into regeneration during battle. We need you at your absolute best, Optimus, and you know you haven't been regenerating enough lately. Wheeljack and I will keep working here". Ratchet didn't like playing the 'doctor' card, but he played it when he needed to. He felt it was his duty to personally keep Optimus in "prime" condition, and he was going to do just that! "Very well, my friend, I will do as you ask.

Alert me immediately if you find anything". With that, Optimus went to his regenerating berth and lay down.

Decepticon HQ

Megatron paced angrily before Starscream, berating him over his latest failure. "We had a nearly endless supply of energon at our fingertips, and you blew it!" screamed Megatron. "B-but Megatron"; Starscream whimpered. "Everything was going according to plan until those wretched Autobots showed up! We are no match for Optimus Prime!" "Silence, you fool!" screamed Megatron. "I believe I have finally found the way to defeat Optimus Prime once and for all!" he cackled evilly. "I have been doing some searching and I found Prime's one weakness. You see, I have known Prime since he was Orion Pax, and back then he had a spark mate, a femme named Elita 1. Prime would give his very spark for her. All we have to do is capture her, and offer her in exchange for Optimus! He will never let any harm come to her, and once we have Prime, we will destroy him! The other Autobots will be worthless without their fearless leader! This puny planet will be ours to plunder as we wish! We will drain it of every drop of energy! I have the coordinates for Elita's location for you. Take Thundercracker, Thrust, and Dirge with you. Soundwave will bridge you to Cybertron. Now go, and do not fail me again!"

Autobot HQ

Wheeljack and Ratchet continued trying to decipher the strange Cybertronian code before them. Suddenly, Teletran 1 came alive with a series of beeps and blips, and information spewed forth like a fountain. The code had been broken! As they read the screen before them, they knew immediate action was necessary. Just then, a well rested Optimus Prime entered. "What have you learned? Has the code been broken?" "Yes Optimus, just now, but the news is very bad, I'm afraid"; Ratchet answered. "The Decepticons plan to capture a femme from Cybertron, called Elita 1, and exchange you for her safe return". All at once Optimus' energon ran cold, and a look of fear was in his optics. "Elita! My love! No! He exclaimed. "We must protect her!" "Hold on Optimus, what's going on? Who is Elita 1?" Wheeljack asked. "Many years ago, before I was Optimus Prime, I was Orion Pax, and Elita 1 was - is - my spark mate. I had to leave her behind on Cybertron when I received the Matrix and left to fight Megatron. She is my very spark, and I love her more than life itself. If anything happens to her, I don't know how I could go on." "Don't worry Optimus; we'll help you protect her from those Decepti-creeps!" Wheeljack said. Optimus was already assembling his finest Autobots for the mission. "Prowl, Huffer, Jazz, Ironhide, Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, you're with me. Ratchet, you and the others stay here and keep a communications link open to us. We will need to get Elita out quickly. Autobots, transform and roll out!"


Starscream and the others walked off the spacebridge and looked into the blank, soulless face of Shockwave. "Put these coordinates into your computer and tell me where to find Elita 1." Starscream hissed. A few moments later, they were airborne, headed for the Beridian province, and the home of Elita 1.