~ Attention ~


No moving, no talking, and you better think twice before looking anywhere but forward, unless you enjoy doing push-ups. It is the first thing you learn in band camp – to stand as still and quiet as the Royal British Guards.

Are your hands sweaty? Do you need to wipe them off on your shirt? Well, that's too bad. Did a bug land on your arm? Is it tickling your skin? Get over it.

You are not to break attention for anything.

On the fourth day of "fish camp", the newly recruited freshmen were gathered into a four-step block by Bolley High's drum major while the band director stood in front of the block, arms crossed across his chest expectantly as he observed their progress.

"Band, ten-hut!" the drum major roared.

"One!" the band cried back in response.

The block stood still and serious as the director walked through the block, examining the band members with a critical eye. He slowly turned the corner and made his way to a boy named Will, who tried to restrain himself from moving his blue eyes to glance at his teacher, but failed.

The director caught Will's eyes lurking onto him. "Don't look at me!" he scolded.

Will's face vaguely tightened in response and his eyes faced forward where they belonged. He felt lucky that he wasn't given push-ups to do on the hot, baking parking lot they used as a field.

The director then saw two fidgeting discreetly, hoping to get away with a scratch to their face, or quickly push their hair away from their face. He pointed them out immediately and chided to enforce discipline. "Quit fidgeting! You're at attention!"

You are to never move at attention.

** Thank you for deciding to read this! I'm not sure how many of these I'll do, but the more encouragement I get, the more I'm willing to do since I see this story as something fun to write while I'm not working on my other stories because of writer's block or lack of inspiration, etc. (If you're into Harvest Moon or Ouran High School Host Club, then I hope you like them!)

I want these to relate to your own experiences in band, but I know they won't be exact since every band is different in their own way. Most of what I will write is based on the band I'm in or the ones I have been in. These drabbles will have reoccurring characters, like Will, but I don't plan on making a MAIN character for this story.

Sorry for the long A/N on a drabble! I just needed to introduce and explain a few things. I hope you will enjoy this! :) **