~ Jealousy ~

As a senior and section leader, Shane believed he had to be the very best. Better than all the other trumpets in his section. If he even had the smallest suspicion that any of them were better, he would explode.

If he made a mistake, it wasn't his fault. If he played the wrong note, it wasn't him. It was obviously one of the freshmen that did it.

During class, he sat in first chair. Because Will, a freshman, showed plenty of talent and potential, Mr. Chambers had him sit in second chair. This gave Shane an opportunity to listen for himself.

Listening to the blond haired freshman play infuriated him. Will had clarity, hit high notes with ease, and didn't stagger on tricky rhythms. Shane would clench his teeth in anger, which only made his sound worse. Shane would watch him like a vulture from the corner of his dark-brown eyes, waiting for any kind of mistake.

And then, Will's sound cracked on one of the high notes. That was Shane's time to strike.

Shane then turned to Will to give him a look. "Dude, what the heck was that?" he hissed harshly.

Will lowered his eyes in disgrace and mumbled, "Sorry…"