Hey Icefire149 here! Ok so I've been AWOL for a bit due to the fact that I've graduated from high school and have lots of college stuff to be doing! Yay! So that is why I've been away. Sadly though, I still lack the amazing thing called INTERNET at my house :/ and I don't live near any wi-fi hot spots so well….life sucks. *goes into the corner of woe* (people who can tell me what anime/manga that's from, you get cookies!) :D

So basically I was not able to post anything at all this summer. So this story. For those who have read What I Forgot To Tell You first off yay! You've read my first completed long fic! And you may remember in the epilogue Ann said that she was writing a book: Ann is ALWAYS Right. Well she was not kidding! Having not read What I Forgot To Tell You is not necessary for reading this but I do suggest all to read it : )


Chapter One ~

What it means to be Ann

You may be wondering why I am always right no matter what. You see the reason is simple: I am Ann. That's all the reason that you need. What it means to be Ann, you ask? Well that is not so simple.

What it means to be Ann is to be amazing. To be able to cook, clean, laugh, yell, eat, sleep, socialize, punch Gray, shake the living daylights out of Claire for running away on me and coming back with a child without telling me

(I mean seriously! How hard is it to pick up a phone? I have a huge, eye sore of a chunk of plastic on the bar table 24/7 just waiting for someone to ring. And what do you know: NO ONE RINGS, EVER! Well…maybe its due to the fact that no one else in Mineral Town has a phone. But then that doesn't matter when it comes to Claire. She ran away to the CITY of all places! And I am 99.2% [yes I'm serious about my math. Do NOT challenge my math skills] sure that they have phones there. So she has NO excuse for not calling me and letting me know that she's still breathing. How could she leave me? Her best friend of all people! All she left was a note telling me that she's gone.

And you will NOT believe this letter she left me! It read:

Dear Ann,

I am so sorry for having to do this but by the time you read this I will be gone. Now please stop hyperventilating. I'm not going to be that kind of gone, but living in another place other than Mineral Town gone. I know this is extremely sudden but I'm doing it for reasons I can't even begin to explain. I'm sorry. I hope that some day you'll forgive me and that some day I return. You're my best friend and I'm sure I will never meet anyone who could take your place as best friend. You're a one of a kind person.

Sincerely Claire

I just don't understand what she meant by the 'I will never meet anyone like you' bit. Yes I can read that it is not exactly as she wrote but its what she meant. I know it! She must be talking about my epic multitasking skills…she has to be. Anyways…),

fight with my dad, and run an Inn all by myself and at once! Yes, I seriously do all of that once…well not exactly EVERYTHING at once but the majority at once.

I find my amazing ability in multitasking to be a huge accomplishment, but then, who else but me could do it all? To be Ann you must be perfect. At EVERYTHING. That is also the core base as to why I am always right. Perfection is to Ann-lie-ness. Therefore, I am perfection and that is what it means to be Ann.