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"Momma?" An eight year old me tugged on the bottom of my mother's scientist coat. She turned and looked down at me with a smile.

"What is it, Sophie, honey?" Her sweet accent filling the air in a melodious tune. She bent over and picked me up with ease, her blonde bangs tickling my face.

"Do you have to go?"

"Yes, honey, I do. I've been given an amazing opportunity to go to Pandora and study the people there."

"Is Gracie going?"

"Yes, honey, Gracie is going," I had turned to see my godmother, Grace, come in. She was about 35 at the time and looked so young and vibrant; her wild, unruly red hair made her look lioness like, her green eyes sparkling with excitement and her clothes looking like she was in for a lazy day. My mouth had pulled into a pout as I crossed my arms.

"No fair! Momma's takin' all of my favorite people!"

Both my mom and Grace gave a hearty laugh. Grace held out her arms and my mother passed me over to her. Hugging Grace's neck close, I buried my small face into her shoulder.

"I'm going to miss you and that adorable accent of yours," Grace said.

"You have momma's."

"Yes, I do, but her's isn't as cute."

"Hey! My Aussie accent is just as good!"

"But it isn't as cute!"

"Would you two cut it out?" I turned in Grace's arms and smiled at Max, who held his bags in both hands, "We do have a plane to catch."

I sniffled and felt the tears coming on. Wiping furiously with my small hands, I tried to hide them but everyone seemed to see. They all 'aww'ed and brought me into the middle of a group hug. The tears began to flow easily and I saw that almost all the people I know and love were leaving me. For what? A chance to begin a new life on a thriving planet. They're leaving me on this dying one instead. If it were me, I guess I would've done so, too.

My mother, Agatha Christensen, was a scientist. That part is obvious. She was a botanical scientist, one of the best in the world. She just had a thing for plants; any and all kinds. Especially flowers. She would always teach me about the flowers after we would have our daily lesson of learning about the aborigines of the planet my mother, godmother, and their friend were flying to: Pandora. Since I was a baby, she's been teaching me Na'vi and English so that I could someday communicate in both.

They've been on Pandora for the past 4 years and I've yet to have some face-to-face time with my mother. I've spoken to Max plenty of times and Grace a few, but I have never seen my mother. It kind of upsets me, but I can't be too mad at her. She is on another planet with a whole other species of "people" and plants, what else am I to expect?

When they left, I lived with my Aunt Georgina in Brisbane, Australia, my hometown. My mother had left Australia when I was born so that she could raise me in a "healthier" enviorment. Brisbane had turned into an industrial waste town and when I went back, I immediately began to wish for my mother to have taken me with her to that beautiful, lush, lively world she dreamt of going since she got into school. We always had to wear Oxygen-Pacs and had to have an emergency back up kit at all times, just in case. It was a pain in the neck, I tell you.

I moved back to the States when I was 14, just after my Aunt died because her Oxy-Pac (that's what I liked to call it) failed on her in the middle of exercising at the gym. I was able to get into a good school (one that wasn't completely destroyed or unhabitable, but it was pretty much falling apart just like the rest). It was an institute for higher learning, supposedly, but it did help with my fascination for animals and plants alike. I guess I do tend to take after my mother.

I'm now 18. I've graduated college (it was so old and decrepit, no one knew the name of it. Not even the teachers. So we just called it 'college') and was surprised to find out that I was selected for the 'Avatar' project. I mean, yeah, my mom was a huge contributor to one of the first scientists to really go to Pandora and stay and I did have her knack for plants and science, but does that really-...

Forget I even started that sentence.

"Sophie!" I heard a loud bang at my door, "You ready yet?"

"In a minute, Norm!" I shouted back, sighing and raking a hand through my long, wavy blonde hair. Sometimes he was just way too impatient!

"Hurry! I want to get there early!"

"Why? Seriously Norm? Don't push your luck."

"For what?"

"For being here early and not me biting your head off," I smiled as I opened up the door from my bedroom and into the hallway. Norm stood there, in a plain white wife-beater and black pants, his hair slightly unkempt, "Looks like you just woke up, too."

"They said to dress comfortably," He shrugged, hiking his backpack higher up on his shoulder, "You ready?"

"Almost. Just let me use the restroom, then I'll be done," I smiled and set down my duffel bag, walking past Norm and entering the small bathroom. I looked at my reflection and took a good look at myself.

My heart shaped face was surrounded by soft, wavy blonde hair that reached my mid back. That will probably be annoying when I get up to find my hair a birds nest, so I pulled it back and up, tying a rubber band around a loosely made bun. My bangs were thin and framed my clear, green eyes. A few freckles dotted my small nose and my lips looked like they were always pouting, even when I smiled. My stature is standard; a 5'9'' height with small curves here and there. I was no supermodel, but I wasn't ugly either. Today, like Norm, I sported a white tank top and black sweatpants.

Biting my lip slightly, I did my business, washed my hands, and walked out with a smile, "Ready?"

"Ready," Norm said with a smile. I couldn't help but roll my eyes as I grabbed my bags and keys, walking out of the small apartment with Norm and locking the door.

"No Na'vi language until we get there!" I laughed, the language of the Na'vi coming to me easily. I had met Norm in my second year and we became fast friends. He always wanted to learn about Pandora and whatever decided to come across it. He had recognized my last name and immediately clung to me like fungi. We pulled on our Oxy-Pacs and walked outside to the awaiting car.

"You speak it fluently yet you refuse to speak it?" It was Norm's turn to laugh. I rolled my eyes and climbed into the door after Norm pulled it open. I just shrugged and buckled myself in, trying to mentally prepare myself for this. I knew I wanted to go, but I don't know if I could go through with it. It's been about 1-2 years since I've last spoken to either Max or Grace and I was getting worried. I've yet to hear from my mother at all. I began to tap my foot as we reached our destination and I felt something on my arm. Turning, I looked and saw it was Norm's hand on my forearm, "Look, Sophie, you'll do great. If anyone deserves to go to Pandora, it's you."

"Tell my stomach that," I said, holding a hand to my stomach. It felt like it was doing backflips, "I just... I'm nervous."

"I know you are, so am I," Norm smiled, "But you gotta keep thinking about this. We're going to Pandora, the only planet that we know of out there that is alive and thriving! We're getting this amazing opportunity to be on a planet that is alive and is new and it's just... amazing! Don't be nervous, Sophie. Be happy."

"I guess..." I gave him a small smile. He rolled his eyes and pointed over my shoulder. I looked in the direction and gulped. There it was. The large ship that would take me, Norm, and a few other hundred to Pandora. The ship that would host us for 6 years on our journey. The ship I was so deathly afraid of.

I tend to have some... wild phobias, you could say. Take the phobia of having the ship we were to board (if I recall correctly, it's called the ISV Venture Star or something) would burn up halfway there and we'd all die in the cold vaccuum of space.

That and clowns.

What? They freak me out!

The car stopped and both me and Norm stepped out. While I was grabbing my bags, my hands began to shake. Norm's hand closed around mine on the bag handle and he gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"We'll be fine. I promise," He said to me lowly. I nodded.

"I just... I just wish we had our third wheel," I smiled sadly and Norm chuckled.

"Tom's watching over us. He'll make sure we'll get to Pandora safely," Norm patted my shoulder. Our 'third wheel', Tom Sully, was a part of our team in college. We did everything together from school work to just hanging out. He always made fun on my strong Australian accent and tried to copy it more than once. To say I had a crush on him was putting it mildly. I had always admired his bravery and courage all the way up until the day he died. He was so stubborn, he just wouldn't give the man his wallet, so the latter decided to shoot the former.

I cried for days.

Taking in a deep breath, I walked into the large Facility building, looking around and seeing that most of the people in there were either asleep or up and moving nervously. So I wasn't the only one who was nervous? Moving towards the Check-In Counter, I gave the lady there my card with my ID number and name.

"First timer?" She smacked her gum, "Good luck, kid."

"Thanks," I rolled my eyes, took my card, and left towards one of the only empty seats left. Norm joined me a few minutes later.

"Now, we wait," Norm said with a slight smile.


"Welcome to ISV Venture Star. You are here because you were choosen for your talents to venture to Pandora-"

"Ew, I hate promotional junk that feeds us lies," I laughed to Norm as we waited in our line to board the ship.

"You hate anything that feeds you a lie."

"True, but I guess I get that from my mom."

"I suppose," He shrugged. Smacking him on the arm, I moved forward with the line. Only one more person and then I will be boarding.

"Card, Ticket, and ID please," The man there, wearing a white surgical outfit, asked. I gave him the three items and saw his face light up, "Ahh, a Christensen. You'll do fine."

"Thanks," I mumbled, pushing past him and into the large ship. I hated when people associated my work with my mom's. Yes, she was amazing and I was proud of my mother, but I don't want people to give me any special treatment because of my last name or who my mother was. I wanted to make it on my own just like I have been since my Aunt passed. Waiting by the door for Norm, I caught a glimpse of something that made my head and heart reel.


But something was different. Tom never had his hair longer than buzzed and was never in a wheel chair. Looking around, I saw that Norm was caught up in the line, so I made my way over to the Tom-look-a-like.

"Excuse me?" I asked politely. The man in the wheelchair turned, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah?" He even sounded like him! My heart did a little backflip.

"I-I'm sorry. You just look like someone I knew."

"Let me guess, you thought I was Tom?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Well," He chuckled, holding out his hand, "I get it a lot. My name is Jake Sully, I'm Tom's twin."

"Oh, Jake!" I smiled, shaking his hand, "Tom's talked about you a lot."

"Hopefully nothing bad."

"Never. He would never shut up about you and how proud he was."



"That's... that's cool," Jake said softly, probably to himself, before looking up at me, "You haven't told me who you are yet or where you got that awesome accent."

"Oh!" I blushed embarassingly, "My name is Sophie Christensen. I'm from Brisbane, Australia."

"I've always wanted to go there."

"Don't. It's nothing but a wasteland now."

"Well... that sucks."

"You're telling me. So, what are you doing here?"

"I was asked to fill in for Tom in the Avatar Program. I guess it's 'cause we were twins, our DNA was similar or something."

"So you're going to be an Avatar driver? That's cool."

"What about you?"

"Same, though I'm not filling in for a twin," We both laughed. It was nice, it was almost like Tom was here, but he wasn't. His brother had many similar qualities; facial features, stature, voice. But there were different aspects; Tom had a more serious attitude whereas Jake was more carefree, Tom had an almost intimidating air about him whereas Jake had an air that said 'Let's go have a beer together'. I think I just might like him.

Don't get me wrong, I was severely disappointed when I found out it wasn't Tom, but in a sense I was also happy. Tom was at peace now, not on a dying planet where he, himself, was dying as well. I don't know how Tom would've done on Pandora and if it would cause him more pain. Tom had asthma (he got it pretty bad, too. He had a few anaphylactic shocks at school, scared the crap out of me and Norm) as well as arthritis in the knees and in the back. Not only that, but I overheard a conversation between his doctors as I passed by their office that his lungs were beginning to deteriorate from inhaling the noxious fumes for too long at his work (he never specified where he worked).

"All passengers with the last name A-K, please report to port 1." I heard the speaker say. I smiled to Jake.

"That's me. See you in a couple years," I winked and he laughed, waving as I walked away. I passed by Norm.

"Hey! I lost you!"

"Yeah, sorry. I have to go now."

"I know. I heard. Good luck, and don't worry, you'll be fine. Go get 'em, Smiles," Norm hugged me and I hugged him tightly back.

"Thanks, Norm," I smiled as I pulled away. 'Smiles' was his and Tom's nickname for me, since I always seemed to smile even with my pouty expression. Walking towards the port opening, I turned one last time and waved to Norm. When he returned it, I walked through the door. Someone was there with a clipboard.

"Last name, first initial," They said absently, not bothering to look up.

"Christensen, S."

"You'll be in Row 7, Pod 56 on the right. Please put your things in your locker, they're located at the beginning of the Rows. Hurry up, now."

Nodding, I followed the massive crowd that was making its way to the pods. Finding Row 7 easily, I located my locker, unlocked it, and put my duffel bag in it. Turning, I walked down the rows and found my pod quickly. There was already someone in a white surgical suit there. Did they all wear the same thing?

"Hello, Ms. Christensen," The man there smiled. At least he has a good attitude, "I'm here to run you through some procedures."

"Alrighty," I smiled, walking up to the pod. The man there smiled and opened it, gesturing for me to step inside. As I stepped inside and turned, the man began to buckle me up.

"The ISV Venture Star will be flying to Pandora, a moon that orbits the gas giant Polyphemus near the star Alpha Centauri A. This trip will take 5 years, 9 months, 22 days. During that time, you will be put into something called cyrosleep. You will sleep the entire way there and will be awakened the day of arrival. You will be hungry, you will be weak, and you will more than likely be sick. You will be rebriefed when you awake. Do not try to remove yourself when you awaken, you will hurt yourself. Just wait for someone like me to remove you from your pod. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir, I do," I smiled, tugging at the straps that the man just wrapped around me. The man nodded with a smile as well, pressing a button next to my pod. I felt my self being lifted up and turned around then rotated onto my back.

"Have a good sleep, kiddos," I heard the speaker in my pod say as the door closed and sealed me in. I couldn't help but laugh.

That made me feel a whole lot better.

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