The ship shook as another proton torpedo exploded off the starboard side. The small cabin felt electrified as the control panel fizzled with the onslaught of power.

"Come on Red! Can't you give me any more power to the shields?" I yelled as I tried to control the shaking starship.

As my astromech droid twittered out a response, another blast sent my head flying into the bulkhead.

It was supposed to be a simple recon mission; a break from a three month tour on the front line. Instead I came out of hyperspace and straight into an ambush.

Even with this now blinding headache, I didn't have time to wallow. I had to deal with the lovely array of warning lights flashing in my face. If I couldn't get my shields up in the next few minutes I was done for.

"Alright, what systems are still online?" I asked tugging on the joystick to avoid another missile.

I frowned once I saw the list Red had pulled up on my dashboard. It looked like the only system that had enough power to support the hyperdrive was life support. Not really ideal but it was her only option.

"Okay Red, prepare to make the switch from life support," As soon as the instructions left my mouth Red let out a long shrill warning. "Oh hush you. We don't really have a choice. I'll figure something out."

Red was interrupted from arguing further by the chirp of the comm unit. It seemed like my attackers were finally breaking their silence.

I flipped the switch and composed myself, "So to whom do I owe the pleasure?"

The casual tactic was one I had learned from Obi-Wan. Keep a calm face to your enemies and a strong front for your troops and the battles half won.

"Why the pleasure is all mine, Danya."

Despite the poor connection the voice came through the speaker crystal clear and all my calm flew out the window. He always did rub me the wrong way. If only he would go after someone else for a change. Hell, I would even take on that scary stalker Obi-Wan has, Ventress or something, over him.

"Cut the crap Rhys and don't call me that. It's Danni. Always has been," I snapped. Danya always seemed too feminine and formal to me. "Why don't you just tell me what you want?"

"Well as you can see, I have you in quite the compromising situation," I didn't need to see him in order to picture the smug, arrogant grin plastered to his face. There is no passion; there is serenity. I am a Jedi Knight and a Commander in the Republic Army; I can handle this. "So how about you surrender, come aboard my ship so we can discuss some things."

I suppose he was right in that respect. My ship was hanging on by a thread, I was outgunned, and too far out to call for reinforcements. I was going to have to pull an Anakin and hope my crazy plan works. I silenced the comm and focused back on the controls, "Red we still good for the life support/hyperdrive switch?"

As I waited for the affirmative yet hesitant beep I reached out to the Force to calm myself. It was going to take some precise timing to pull this off. Once I got the go ahead from Red, I resigned myself to the comm.

"Well Rhys, I've thought it over and you know I just don't think I have time today," I started flipping switches to turn off various power sources while fiddling with the communications.

"I don't believe I made it a request," Rhys hissed. And there's the Sith acolyte I know and hate. I was really only half listening to him at this point too busy preparing a message that would be sent to Obi-wan, the Council, and Commander Jax right as I entered hyperspace. If I calculated this correctly we should have enough power to make it as far as Naboo. "So are you going to come willingly or not?"

"Wow Rhys, I feel like you don't know me at all," I teased light-heartedly, still buying time for Red to finish the hyperspace calculations.

"Force it is," he growled.

"Well you can try but unfortunately I must be going, appointments to keep and all that," I said finally seeing the coordinates locked in. "As always, it's been a pleasure."

Before he could make another snappy comeback I had ended the transmission and jerked the control stick forward, "Now Red!"

The energy in the ship surged as I punched the hyperdrive. I smirked and opened my mouth to make what I was sure would've been a suitably snarky and witty remark when the ship lurched and I was slammed into the bulkhead.

The Force was a whirling mass around the ship, Red was screaming throughout the cockpit and I had blood dripping from my nose. Something was definitely wrong. But I was already starting to lose consciousness. I had the presence of mind to slip into a healing trance before everything went black.