Authors note: hey to all my fans i was woundering about this... story for a long long long LONG time now, and in this story I changed Derek and Chloe's history. In this Chloe and Derek are in an orphange together for supernaturals. They are each four years old and Derek just turned five. Also I changed there names and Choles name is Emma Lea Frost and Dereks is Ian Derek West. In the story they are "protected" by the Edison group and thats the name the recived when their parents "left" them there! My spelling is out of wack because the Word got taken away. Enjoy my first Chapter of Two Stars called Emma&Ian

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"Emms Frost you get back here with my apple! It's not nice to steel"

"It's your fault Ian you stole my heart earaser and wouln't give that back!"

It is my fault I did take her eraser but only because she didn't do the posters with me and now i'm stuck with Lucuy Lynn EWWW! Lucuy is so mean to all the boys and is Chole's bestfriend. I hope she gets adopted soon! I know its mean but she keeps pulling my hair and yelling "Ewwww Ian's spoiled he has the green eyes to prove it! spoiled Ian sploiled Ian."

Some day i'll punch her in that big fat mouth of her's. But now I have to focus on getting back my apple.


Ian looks cuter than normal today. Lucuy really had him going to day she said "Ewwww Ian's spoiled he has the green eyes to prove it! spoiled Ian sploiled Ian."

I told her I liked him and she tesed him harder she asked me what I could like about "Ian" I told her that he sends relife over all my worries over getting adopted and leaving. She said he is all her worries. Sometimes when she is mad at him she tells me our babies are going to be spoiled kids like Ian. And I storm off to apologize for her and today I took his apple because he stole both my hearts.

MBPOV Mrs. Buttercups POV

"Ok class lunch is over and time to start the projects we have been working on for a week so go get with your partners." As the class stood up Lucuy and Ian stayed in thier seats and Ians eyes were on Emma like no tommorow. Emma and him were bestfriends and next week when Emma was going to get adopted was when his life was going to end poor Ian. Good thing class picture were last week so at least they can give each other pictures of themselves before she gets adopted.

~Hour Later~

"Class the pictures are in I would give one to my bestfriend if i were you." I stood there and watched everyone get up and Ian went over to Emma and asked something I couldn't quite make out but she blushed really hard and took his picture and gave him her's.


Ian came over when Mrs. Buttercup said "Class the pictures are in I would give one to my bestfriend if I were you." And Ian came over and wishpered so soft I could barely here "meet me on the roof i have a suprise for you!" I could feel the cherry red feeling in my cheeks and I nodded and took his picture and he took smile made my face even redder he had the most beautiful smile and I told him if I ever go a day without it I might just die.

When it was night time I went to the roof on our usual spot right next to the pink splash of paint we made spilling the wall paint wanting to help. "Ian are you here I found the paper like you wanted"

"Shhhh don't wake up the whole house, good I have the paint we need"

"Want are we doing up here Ian"

"Look I over heard that someone is getting adopted next week and its a girl thats four and if its you I want another way to rember you and this is all I could think of."

"Oh." I felt sad beacause it could be me or Lucuy and if it was me then Ian would be all alone and sad so I took my favorite color (purple) and Ian took dark green(:D) and we soaked our hands in them and had two sheets of paper and we each both had took them and put out hands on them. Ian handed one to me and we wrote our names on them and got to keep one of them. And now if I do leave Ian I know that we will always rember each other and then we are sitting under our two stars that shine the brightest each friday and I lean over to him and say "Ian we will rember each other forever right?"

"Of course we will Emma we lov... like each other and will forever!"

I saw the blush he almost said he loves me and I know I love him so here goes nothing


"Ian I love you with all my heart and now you'll never forget me because I was your first kiss and you'll never forget right?"

"M-m-me f-f-for-or- get n-n-never" I had know idea he sturderd he must have been happy yay good for me. Then we packed to go inside to go to bed and he returned my supreise with a kiss and one of my hearts back. ^_^

Do you like were I left off well hope you liked it that will me Emma and Ian for ya.