"What...?" Sam's heart began beating fast, and his breathing seemed to be struggling. "You're... what?" His voice was quiet.

"Sam, I'm... I'm going to New York for college, Sam, I'm sorry." Quinn pleaded, feeling for his hand. Her fingers brushed against the top of his hand but he moved it away quickly. "Sam..." They were sitting together on Quinn's large purple comforter on her queen sized bed, something that they both were very familiar with.

"Why Q?" He looked down into her gorgeous hazel eyes, the eyes that he loved so much. Pain welled up in his chest so much that he couldn't think. "I thought you wanted to stay here, I thought you wanted to be with me." His big lips fell into an awful, unstoppable pout. His eyes were tearing in the corners.

"I do, Sam! God, I do, you know that, I just-"

"But if you want to be with me then why are you going?" The room went silent.

"Sam," Quinn's voice was quiet. She reached over and pulled his hand into her lap, holding it gently in between her two. "I mean, it's not like this is the end, we still have time left!" It was only the middle of their senior year. The tone of her voice was growing and becoming shaky. "You can visit me, and I'll visit during all the breaks. My mom doesn't want me here in this house with her, so I'll have so much time to be with you! Maybe you could even try to come with me...?" She looked into his eyes, they were sad and more empty than they'd ever been.

"You know I can't afford that, Quinn. Don't even go there," Sam spat. She was slightly taken aback, he never called her by her full name, only the first letter. He never spoke to her that way either. She slumped her shoulders. "Why are you going," He whispered. "Why are you leaving me?"

"I'm not leaving yo-"


"I... it's just-" She looked around the room, her heart beating faster and faster. "I need to get out of Lima, Sam. You've been places, I haven't! I need to explore and New York's the best place that I can go to do that." For once his eyes left hers, they fell to his feet and he just stared there, blankly. "I keep looking for where I might be able to find myself, you know that. I'm never going to be able to do that here." He kept staring at the floor. "Please say something..." She could see the glassy glare of his wet eyes. Sam seemed to have snapped back into reality from whatever he was thinking, and he looked at her.

"I don't have anything to say." He said quietly.

"Are you mad?"

"When you said you wanted to talk.. I wasn't expecting that." Quinn looked at him, and he looked away.

"But.. but are you mad?" She looked at him with a heavy gaze, waiting for him to speak. "Sam I know you're upset, but it'll work out. In order for this relationship to-"

"What relationship?" He said angrily.

"What..?" She looked at him, her eyes wide with fear and sadness. "...What?"

"We can't be together Quinn." She could feel her heart breaking.

"Wh-What are you talking about? Why? Sam!"

"Quinn you're leaving me."

"Why are you calling me Quinn? What are you saying? We have time, Sam we have time! Time to have fun and be together still, there's time!" She was shouting and crying, and he was just staring into space, his voice calm.

"You're leaving."

"Yeah, in like, a year! I can't be without you for a year!" Tears were taking over her eyes, she couldn't see and she couldn't think straight.

"But you can be without me for four?" He looked at her intensely. "I'm gonna go." Sam stood up to leave and began walking to the door of her room.

"Sam don't be like this," She laughed sadly. "Come on!" Sam walked through the door, leaving her there. "Stop! Stop, please!" Quinn ran after him and grabbed his arm but he pulled away and kept walking. "Sam!" She sobbed and tried pull him back. "I-I love you, please!" Sam walked down the stairs towards the front door and she followed him. "I won't go.. I'll stay with you, I will! Please Sam, I need you!" He stopped and turned around, looking in her eyes and shooting chills up and down her spine.

"If you needed me you wouldn't be going." Quinn stood still and watched the person she loved most walk right out of her life.

Something inside of Quinn snapped that day. She stopped talking to people, she quit the Cheerio's, she quit Glee. Her grades plummeted. Her mom tried to care and took her to a therapist, but the woman refused to see her and claimed that she couldn't help the case the Quinn needed. Eventually, Quinn's mom stopped caring. She got tired of trying to help, and gave up on her own child. Quinn forgot her motivation in life.

"Please Sam.." She sat on the bottom stair and collapsed into herself. "Please.."

Quinn woke up to the sound the front door slamming closed, except it didn't. She was dreaming again, dreaming about that night. She knew it as soon as she woke up. She sighed and pretended that it didn't matter, that it was five years ago. She's an adult, she shouldn't be dwelling in the past, but she didn't believe herself. She was awake early, so she got ready early and got to work early. (She is the assistant manager of course, so she has a key). She brewed some coffee for Mr. Harris and turned the ovens on, heating it all up. She checked her phone, a an half hour until workers show up. Quinn went to the office in the back and sat at the desk. It's not her desk, but she sat there. Why was she here so early? Why was she so tired? Why had she dreamt of him again? Of that day? She cried at the desk. She sat, and she cried. The days that she had dreamt of him were always the hardest, the most heart wrenching. Not a day passed that she didn't think of him. She was so tired of her life, she wanted him back. She had never been truly happy unless she was with him.

Quinn had always been someone else. In high school, she was Head Cheerleader Fabray. Everyone knew her as the confident bitch in charge, or the slut who had a baby. At college, she had been the quiet freak who you could take advantage of, and she'd do nothing. With her mom, she was the perfect blonde daughter that Judy wanted. Even at work she had to look organized, but with Sam, she could be Quinn. Just herself, nobody else. He loved her no matter what, and he was the only person who ever accepted her. After five years, she's still not over him.

Eventually people started arriving and the other employees showed up. Quinn realized that it was stupid to make Mr. Harris coffee when it would only get cold, so put another cup in as soon as she saw him hobbling down the street to the diner. He greeted her with the same wrinkly smile that he always wore and she gave him the forced smile as always. However, she always did enjoy seeing him. It put a little bit of happiness in her day. He always asked her how she was, and you could tell that he genuinely cared.

As Quinn was chatting with Mr. Harris, there was the usual bing! from the door when people came in. She continued to talk to the man, but when she looked up, she saw him. Sam Evans, standing in the doorway, dressed in a blue plaid shirt and jeans. He appeared to be looking for someone, for something. Quinn's breath caught in her throat. She couldn't move or think or do anything at all.

"Are you alright, dear?" Mr. Harris asked her in his scratchy voice.

"I.. uh, I.. I gotta g-go." She stuttered and turned around, tripping over her own feet to get away. Quinn was holding her hands at the level of her eye so that he wouldn't see her. As he approached the counter that was her section to work at and take orders, she walked right for her only acquaintance in the town; Angela, a girl that delivered the food to tables. "Angela, Angela!"

"Hmm?" The brunette, slightly chubby, was sneaking food from the kitchen.

"Take over my shift at the counter." She said quickly.

"What?" Angela asked, her mouth stuffed with fries.

"Take over my shift!" The blonde practically shouted. Angela looked over her shoulder to see a tall, attractive male standing at the counter.

"Hmm, he your boyfriend?" She asked, her mouth still full with food.

"No!" Quinn's eyes became wide.

"Well I gotta work," She said swallowing her food and carrying a tray out to a table. Quinn Fabray, you've been waiting five years to see him again, five years to talk to him, five years to yell in his face. Go up there and take his order! She took a deep breath and kept her head down, walking up to the counter. Sam didn't see her right away, he was looking at a menu and she was half-hiding her face with her hand.

"How can I take your order?" Quinn squeaked as Sam browsed over the menu.

"Um.. I think I'm gonna go with the tuna on rye." He put the menu down and looked up to her, instantly knowing who it was. "Quinn?"

"Oh, this oughta be good." George Harris chuckled to himself, shifting in his seat at the counter.

"I, uh..." She looked up at him but didn't meet his eyes, she just looked around his face and other parts of the room. "Yeah." Sam's face was just as shocked as hers was. "Hi."

"Hey.." He looked at her, studied her new face. It was... different, sad. "How are you?"

"How am I?" She half shouted, not realizing her volume until after it was said. The girl was shaking to her very core, but she managed to control her image and lower her voice. "What are you buying, sir?"

"Uh.. tuna on rye bread. Please." Sam said, beginning to stutter himself. "Can we um, like, talk or something?" Quinn looked up at him from from the register.

"No." She looked away and wrote down his order and stuck it under a metal clasp on the wall, as always. She walked back to the counter and fumbled through the cash register.

"It's been like, four years though, like since we've talked."

"Five, actually." She corrected, pausing after that and looking at him. "So excuse me if I don't want to talk." Quinn turned around and walked back into the kitchen, leaving Sam there, sighing to himself. Mr. Harris shook his head.

"You better fix that, sonny." Sam raised an eyebrow at the man, only now really realizing his presence. Mr. Harris slowly stood up and grabbed his cane. "Have a good day, Quinny!" Quinn turned around and forced a smile.

"You too Mr. Harris!" The old man smiled and teetered out of the diner.

"Quinn.." A few minutes went by with Quinn's back to the boy, her pretending to mess around in the kitchen. About five minutes later she handed him his sandwich.

"Now get out." She quickly walked away.

"Quinn...?" She shook her head and walked away from him, leaving him there surrounded by people, but feeling completely alone.

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