Here's the final installation: Bernadette

Still don't own Priscilla

Ralph. "Wolf Counsel." What the Hell does that mean? No wonder I never liked it. I despised it, really. Maybe that's the reason my family disowned me. They never understood why their son couldn't be the "Ralph" they wanted him to be. Well, you try being "wolf counsel" and see how well it works for you! I ended up sticking to the animal motif with my new name anyway. Bernadette Bassinger. Bernadette. "Brave as a Bear." Something to hope for, I suppose. I need all the bravery I can get in the God-forsaken Outback. The last town didn't even have a Kmart! Oh well. You win some and lose some. Felicia, the little brat, thinks I've lost on the count of the nickname she and Tick call me, but I've won there too. Bernice. "Brings Victory." And after Coober Pedy, Felicia had better be thankful for my brave victory, too! Well, I'll let her think what she wants…for now. It won't change how proud I am the Bernadette "Bernice" Bassinger, who bravely brings victory and has absolutely nothing to do with a "wolf counsel."