A few weeks turned into a couple of months later, it is the middle week of November this year. In the midst of the whole Kaleido Stage troupe continuing to prepare and get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday coming up next week and Sora Naegino's 18th birthday coming up a few days after that, Leon Oswald overhears Mia Guillem, Anna Heart, Marion Benigni, Rosetta Passel, and Ken Robbins, a few of Sora's friends from the troupe, all talking about Sora's birthday which is coming up soon. This peaks the Frenchman's interest as he tries to listen to hear more in curiosity. He soon hears them say that Sora's birthday is November 30th, which is coming up soon this month. He also hears them talk about how Sora will finally be turning 18 on her birthday this year and how all five of them, along with several other people, as Sora's friends, are planning a surprise birthday party for her and a special birthday sleepover party later that night for just the girls of the troupe.

After he finishes eavesdropping on their whole conversation about Sora's birthday, he goes to a training room and starts warming up until Sora gets there for her daily training session with him today. As he is warming up, all by himself in that training room, he remembers France said something to him as it comes back to him in his mind's memory, being relevant to what is going on. Leon continues to warm up in that training room all alone there while he realizes why his good friend France said that to him when he did, as one of the many things France told him, France probably knowing that this piece of information would come to be of use sooner or later.

A while later, he finishes warming up and stretching in that training room all by himself and sees Sora walk in the training room to do her daily training session with him for today. After both Sora and Leon greet each other, Leon starts to train the Japanese girl in today's daily training session. As Leon continues to train Sora as part of her daily training in this training session today, Sora continues to work hard and train under him as hard as she can, as always, enduring it all, never giving up no matter how tiring or difficult or challenging the training might become for her. The Frenchman keeps training Sora more and more, making a mental note to himself on how much she has progressed since she first met her a year or two ago and started her daily training sessions under him.

Meanwhile in London, England, another G8 meeting is going on for today and Germany is making sure all the nation members of the G8 behave themselves and no one interrupts anyone in the meeting and no chaos erupts. During today's meeting right now, France is only half paying attention and focusing on today's G8 meeting which is still going on now.

At one point during the meeting, France is snapped out of his deep thinking, back to the reality of the meeting by Germany, who then says to him, "Did you hear what was just said France?" France nods affirmatively in response, since he is technically only half paying attention and focusing on the G8 meeting today. Germany sees the nod and says, "Good." The meeting continues on after that and France resumes what he was doing, only half focusing and paying attention to the meeting for the remainder of the duration time of the meeting today until the meeting ends later this afternoon, just as the sun is about to start to set.

After today's meeting ends for the day, all the nation members of the G8 are dismissed. As France is about to head to walk out of the meeting room, he is momentarily stopped by Japan, who wishes to speak with him now. France obliges the Japanese man kindly and starts talking with him for a short while as both Japan and France head to a casual, inexpensive restaurant to go eat dinner together as friends and coworkers.

Upon being seated at that restaurant and soon being served their food and drink orders, both France and Japan start eating dinner together as they resume and continue their conversations and discussions with each other. By the time they both have finished having dinner together an hour later, and both have reached the hotel all the member nations of the G8 are staying at for the week of G8 meetings this week, Japan and France soon finish talking as soon as they both have reached their own respective hotel rooms. After each walks into his own hotel room, both France and Japan close and lock the doors behind them, get dressed and ready for bed, lay down in the beds in their own hotel rooms, and go to sleep at the same time.

Author's Note: This was the tenth chapter. In this fic, Thanksgiving would be falling on the 22nd of November, so ya. Please review and tell me what you guys think.