A couple of days later, Japan pays a visit to his friend Sora Naegino, while France pays a visit to his friend Leon Oswald, both at Kaleido Stage in Cape Mery, California. Japan, upon entering Sora's dorm room and sitting down at a table in her dorm unit with her, starts talking to and with Sora back and forth in Sora's native language of Japanese, over a pot of hot and fresh Japanese green tea that Sora has just brewed just for the both of them to enjoy. At the same time this is going on, France enters Leon's own unit of residence at Kaleido Stage, and sits down at a table in Leon's unit with Leon, talking to and with Leon back and forth, in Leon's native language of French over some fresh hot coffee that has just been brewed by Leon. A common element that occurs in both Sora and Leon's talks with their respective nation friends is that at one point, during Sora's conversing to and with Japan back and forth, Japan says to Sora, "Ahoka?!" while France says to Leon at one point during Leon's conversing to and with France, "Que diable est avec ce merde?" Both these outbursts and exclamations startle and surprise both Sora and Leon slightly.

A while later, Japan eventually gets Sora to admit not only her point of view and her argument and her side of the story on the stress and tension problem between her and one of her coworkers, but also to confess what she really truly feels for the coworker of hers she is having the problem of intense stress and tension with, her stoic partner on the stage and coworker Leon Oswald. Shyly, Sora soon bears it all and tells Japan it all, in total and complete honesty before she says to her Japanese nation friend, "Onegaishimasu, Nippon-sama, don't tell anyone about any of this, especially not to Leon-san himself. The last thing I would want or need is for him to hear about any or all of it and hate me or think poorly of me because of it." Japan nods and says, reassuring her, before he leaves her dorm room and heads back to his hotel room in a hotel in Los Angeles, "Don't worry, Sora-chan, I promise I won't tell your secret to anyone, nation or human." She nods and thanks him as he leaves her dorm room and heads to his own hotel room in the hotel he and the rest of the G8 are staying at for meetings this week.

An hour after Japan has left Sora's dorm room and headed back to his own hotel room in Los Angeles, France soon gets Leon to tell him not only what the problem seems to be, from his point of view and his side of the story in the problem, but also a full-on and completely and totally honest confession to France from the silver-haired man, about how he really and truly feels about his Japanese coworker and partner on the stage, Sora Naegino. Upon hearing all of it, France mentally smirks to himself and comments to his silver-haired friend who works at Kaleido Stage, "Ah, mais oui mon ami, now the truth finally comes out, non?" Leon nods, blushing and says to the French nation, "Monsieur France, s'il vous plaît, please keep this a secret, just between us, and don't tell a single soul about it." France nods in agreement and promises Leon to keep all that Leon has confided in him, a secret, just between Leon and France alone, as France soon leaves Leon's unit of residence and heads to his own hotel room in the hotel the G8 are staying at all this week for meetings. For the rest of this afternoon, and all of this evening ends up being very awkward for both stars of the troupe, Sora Naegino and Leon Oswald, and everyone else in the troupe is able to sense it and feel it big time, especially Leon and Sora themselves.


Ahoka? (Japanese romaji)- basically wtf

Onegaishimasu Nippon-Sama (Japanese romaji) - please (lord) Japan

san (Japanese romaji) - suffix that means Mr. or Mrs. or Ms.

chan (Japanese romaji) - suffix that is used when addressing a girl or female younger than the person addressing her or a female being addressed by the person addressing her knows very well.

Que diable est avec ce merde? (French) – basically "what the heck is up with this s***?"

Mais oui (French)- but yes,

Mon ami (French) – my friend (male)

..Non? (French) – basically has the same meaning as "…right?"

s'il vous plaît (French)- please

Monsieur (French) – Mister

Author's Note: This was the second chapter. I was unsure where exactly Leon lives at Kaleido Stage, whether in a dorm unit or not, so from now on, I'm just gonna call it a unit of residence. Please review and tell me what you think.