Just trying out my writing. should I continue. tell what you and any ideas you have for this story.




"Uhh!" Naruto said flinging his alarm clock across his room. It ended up hitting the wall making it smash in half once again. He went back to sleep and woke up again because he had to take a leek. Getting up still half asleep, he walked to the bathroom. After he was done peeing, he washed his face and teeth. He walked to the kitchen were on his microwave he saw the time, 9:00.

For a second he stood there and then he realized that meant he only had 15 minutes to get to school. The same amount he needs to get there in the first place. He ran back to his bathroom and started to strip before he got in the shower. After a good 3 minutes he rushed out with only a towel and grabbed his uniform for school, academy. After putting it on he grabbed his glasses and put it in his breast pocket before he ran to put his sneakers on and grab his book bag.

It was now 9:08 or so his watch said. He ran with his hair still wet and without his glasses. His shirt was not tucked in yet and the top half was barely buttoned. Now why was he running when his home room sensei was Kakashi and he always came late to class. It was because Tsunade the principle made sure the school gates were closed at 9:15 on the dot. He was running so fast that he was sure no one knows it was him and right when he was almost to the gate it closed.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Naruto yelled mad.

He walked back a couple spaces and ran towards the gate and jumped it. Once he land safe he made sure no one saw him and he took the time to catch his breath and fix his clothes. He just re buttoned his shirt. Which while he did so you could see the 6 pack shape from his white tank top. He walked towards the school door as he did these. He was still too tired to tuck in his shirt so he left it untucked and just walked to his locker. As he was walking there he was wondering why people were looking at him like that.

When he was done he started to walk to his homeroom and at the same time tuck in his shirt. When he made it to the door he noticed his hair was still wet was getting crazy by the minute so he just brushed it back. He sighed before he opened the door. Why was he sighing? It was because he was the school nerd. He opened the door real quick and slipped onto his seat. When he sat down he let out a sigh and finally noticed he didn't have his glasses on.

"Oh crap, I forgot to put my glasses on. "He mumbled "I hope I didn't leave them at home."

He finally found them and put them on, covering his sky blue eyes. As he did he noticed people were staring at him. It was getting on his nerve so he yelled, "What you looking at."

After that people looked away. Sigh what is their problem they never saw a nerd before. He thought looking away out the window.

"Wow you saw that Hinata!" whispered/yelled Ino. "It is no wonder you like him. Damn I just lost my shot. Who knew he had such sexy blue eyes under those glasses."

"I…Ino-chan, you are too loud." Said an blushing girl.

"I'm just saying who would have known the school nerd could be a hotty if he wanted to. Hinata I am sure you noticed you were not the only one who saw him. You are going to have to work harder now to get him."

"You think so?"