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Quinn's POV


Life hasn't been kind to me, first I got pregnant at 16, and I had to give up my baby, then I lost the only guy who ever really loved me, then I let him leave me and move across the country; but my life got better, I got into a great college, I have great friends, and I'm a rising designer with a decent income. But something was missing, something that I had once had, long ago, 7 years ago to be exact. I was loved 7 years ago; I haven't been loved ever since. Sure I've been on dates and had one- night stands but never once had I been loved. I thought I was going to die alone, but one day, 41 days ago, for one brief minute I thought I wasn't. But that all soon came crashing down on my head. He was married, and it wasn't to me. He had reentered my life, but he was always there in my heart. It all started on a warm spring day, the first day of spring to be exact.

41 days ago

Spring meant renewal, rebirth, and that was exactly what I am going to do. I am going to forgive and forget my past. That isn't going to hold me down anymore, I am Quinn Fabray, and I don't let anything hold me down. Smiling at my new found confidence I walk out of my Los Angeles apartment and get into my car, driving to my studio I listen to Pink's "Freaking Perfect", drumming my fingers along the steering wheel, it's not long before I arrive to my studio.

I walk step out of my car and walk to the building that is connected to my own little boutique. I smile at myself, business is booming as usual as I see customers inside being helped by my employees. I walk through the doors towards my office where my secretary, Lindy, who is answering calls, hands me a cup of coffee. I smile at her and mouth 'thank you' as she returned to assisting whoever she was on the phone with. I sit down on my desk and immediately start sketching my new clothing idea.

I do that for about 2 hours when I look over at my clock, it's nearly noon. I decide to go to the boutique and see how it's going. Making my way towards the store, I can't help think that this new found confidence in my life is awesome. I mean I'm only 24, my life has barely started, and maybe it'll end up being great after all. Walking into the boutique I am immediately greeted by the saleswomen and clerks, I politely wave over to them and walk around my store, admiring my work. I look at towards the dressing rooms where I see one of the saleswomen speaking to a young, pretty woman; about her age, blonde hair, blue eyes, judging from the cloths she was wearing and the purse she was carrying she was very rich; the woman was telling the saleswoman something and the saleswoman quickly nodded taking the dress in the woman's hands and rushing over to get what the lady wanted.

I gave a small chuckle as I watched the two women, when all of a sudden I bump into someone. I avert my eyes towards that direction and see it's a tall, lean man, with blonde hair and blue eyes; he was wearing an expensive pinstriped dress shirt loosely with a pair of khaki pants. He was very good looking, but he had large, full lips, he looked so much likeā€¦ no, it couldn't be him.

"I'm so sorry miss," he said as he looked at me for the first time and confusion flushed over his eyes. Those eyes, the same eyes, the same nose, the same lips, the same face; it was him.

"Sam," I whispered as I looked into the eyes of the man who once loved me, only to have his heart ripped out.

Sam looked at me with a confused look on his, and then as if his brain was putting the pieces together, I see him recognize me.

"Quinn?" he says, looking me over, still unsure if I am who I am.

I nod, "Yeah," I say staring into those blue orbs, sometimes his eyes are green, sometimes blue; I remember from those times when we were dating. I find myself getting lost in his beautiful eyes; I give him a small smile.

He smiles back at me and I feel my heart melt. He reaches hands towards me and gives me a short friendly hug, which feels so damn good to me I never want to let go. But before I can fully savor the moment of his strong arms being around me he pulls away. I quickly hide the hurt in my eyes and replace it with a smile.

"How've you been?" he asks me, standing a little too far for my liking.

"Good," I say, happy just to be talking to him again, "how about you? We haven't really kept in touch after you moved from Lima." I know I shouldn't have said that as soon as the words come from my mouth, we weren't friends; maybe he stopped hating me after I helped him babysit his siblings and not tell anyone about his secret and maybe we hooked up a few times during those weeks, but we were never friends.

But he smiles at me like we were the best of friends, "yea I know, I feel so bad for that I should've kept in touch with you guys, I'm good though. It's been so long since I've seen you," he says that heart melting smile never leaving his sexy lips.

"You look good," I say before I can stop myself. To my relief he laughs, and doesn't look one bit bothered.

"Thanks, and so do you. I never thought you would end up being a designer, but by the looks of this place your doing pretty well," he says admiring the boutique.

"Yea, I guess after high school I kind of changed my perspective on things," I say thinking back to my life with Sam in it.

"So, are you seeing anyone? Married? Kids?" he asks curiously

I shake my head, "no, not really," I say studying his face for some sign of that being a ploy question, but I don't find anything, finally I ask, "you?"

Before he can say anything the woman I had saw trying on clothes earlier comes over and clutches Sam's arm, carrying tow bags of clothes, "baby, I'm done, let's go," she says, just then does she notice me, " hi, who's this?" she says to me and then Sam.

"Mallory, this is Quinn, she's an old high school friend of mine, Quinn this is Mallory, my wife," Sam says looking lovingly at Mallory. Wife! Did he just say wife? My heart feels like it's breaking slowly, painfully as I see Sam kiss Mallory's hair affectionately. I look down at his left hand which is now intertwined with Mallory's right; and there it is, a solid golden wedding band on his third finger.

I try to keep my face as calm as possible, as my heart shatters inside, "oh, you're married," I say forcing a smile on my face, "that's great." I force the words out of my mouth as Sam smiles at me.

"It is isn't it," Sam says putting his arm around Mallory.

"Quinn," Mallory says, "I remember Sam telling me that you were in glee club with him during high school," she smiles at me, "you briefly dated in high school, right?"

I give a small nod, to the woman who's the wife of the man who I was once and probably still in love with. I want to say that it was not brief, it was for months, but that would be inappropriate at a time like this.

"The way Sam tells me everyone in glee club either hooked up or dated each other," she says laughing, Sam laughs too, and I manage to force myself to a small laugh.

"Yea, so much drama in that one glee club, right Quinn?" Sam says running has hand up and down Mallory's arm, I picked up every little one of their movements and it made me feel physically ill.

"Yea," I say without anything better to say, that so called drama was the only love I've been holding on to for the past 7 years.

"I can't believe Sam knows you, your one of my favorite designers, your work is amazing. I never thought my husband was once friends with Quinn Fabray," Mallory says happily.

I want to tell her that Sam and I were more then friends, that we loved each other and that I was the first woman he ever loved, that he lost his virginity to me! But all I manage is "thank you."

Sam looks at his watch and then at me, "its, already past noon. We have to go Quinn, but it was nice to see you again," he says to me. I halfheartedly nod, and Sam pulls a card out of his wallet and hands it to me, "here, take this. We should keep in touch this time," he says, before turning to Mallory and saying, "let's go babe."

Mallory nods and looks at me, "it was nice meeting you Quinn," she says and with that the happy couple leaves the store, arms linked.

I look down at the business card Sam had handed me, it read:

Dr. Samuel Evans MD- Cardiologist/Surgeon,

200 N Carolwood Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Office: Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center 757 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Ph. # (301) 883-743, Work Ph. # (301) 573-2938

Cardiologist/Surgeon? Sam is a heart surgeon? A heart surgeon? The boy who had dyslexia, who had trouble with like every class in high school, and read comic books, was now a heart surgeon? I couldn't believe how much Sam had changed, like really changed, he was different, everything about him. He was happy, confident, and special, not that he hadn't always been special, but I felt like I didn't even know the man who was now married and a heart-surgeon. He wasn't my Sam anymore, he was her Sam. Mallory's Sam.

I put the card in my back pocket and walked back to my office, not bothering to get lunch.

I went home that evening tired and barely awake. It's a miracle that I was able to drive home. Work takes my mind off things and that is exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to think about Sam Evans and his wife, I didn't want the think of the fact that he was married and that I was probably still going to die alone. I worked like a maniac after they had left the boutique; I finished my summer collection's designs while this season had just started. Lindy had finally convinced me to go home when she had seen me falling asleep at my desk. As soon as I got home I collapsed on my bed and went to sleep, not dreaming just sleeping.

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