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Summary: Damon Salvatore feels a strong pull toward Elena not just because they have known each other this past year. Stefan and Katherine may have destroyed their love 146 years ago but now that he knows the truth, he will do everything in his power to get her back.

I Will Love You Forever

Chapter One

Mystic Falls, 1863

Elena caressed the bright pinkish-purple petals of the carnations in her mother's garden, smiling at the thought of her lover. Not too long ago, she had received a grand bouquet of red roses on his first call, and she could only wonder how good fortune was upon her when she was sent word from her father that such great man took interest in courting her. He was the talk of every woman in town, especially at the galas held in Mystic Falls. So, how could it be that he liked her of all the more sophisticated and beautiful women in town?

"Are you excited to see him, again, sister?" Elena smiled, blushing at the mention of him. She looked at her younger sister of sixteen, Francesca, who was dearest to her heart and knew most of her secrets, save the first kisses that Elena had shared with him. For the most part, she had feared that society would look down upon such act exclusive to couples joined by sacrament.

"Of course, I am," Elena answered honestly, her heart pounding more quickly as she recalled her secret moments with him by the river a fortnight ago. They had escaped the eyes of Elena's chaperone for once and for hours they discovered themselves in throws of passion. He had promised to give her a call today, and looking at the position of the sun, she knew that he would be here soon.

"You have to wait no longer, my love." She ran past her sweet younger sister, and quickly into the arms of the man she loved most. She was only seventeen but she would bravely bet her life that she had found the one in him. He was the man she would love forever, and she could only hope for an eternity with him.

"You're here!" Elena exclaimed with a joyful heart, smiling as she held him close to her heart.

"Did I ever give you any reason to doubt my promises, Miss Gilbert?" he asked sincerely, pressing a light kiss on her head. "I told you, I will forever be yours because I love you so."

"And I, you."

Mystic Falls, 2011

All throughout the dark night, Elena Gilbert constantly tossed and turned in her bed, not able to keep her worries at bay. It was going to be another long exhausting day tomorrow, of that she was sure, and even while she was unconscious and off to dreamland, her mind continued to play all kinds of tricks on her.

The clock on her bedside table continued to tick-tock until rays of the bright sun penetrated her pink curtains. She could feel herself getting hot and groggily wondered if the timer on her air-conditioner had gone off. She tossed to her left once more, and her hand found its way to a hard rock surface. She sighed in content, appreciative of the sweet musky scent, even in her sleep.

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead." She heard the familiar velvet voice drawl smoothly. For a second she thought that she had been dreaming about him again, but it sounded too loud so she was almost sure that it did not come from her head.

She frantically looked up and met Damon's piercing blue eyes. Quickly, she pushed herself off the bed with her elbows and saw Damon laying languidly next to her in bed, sporting a proud smirk on his face. "Ahh!" she shouted in surprise. Pulling her blankets to cover what was left unseen of her body, she narrowed her eyes at him for a split second, and continued: "What are you doing here? Get out!"

He ignored her words easily, his focus on the little patch of water on his black Varvatos. "You know you were dreaming about me. It explains the drool," he said playfully, his eyes going back to Elena to see just how she would react. She always made it too easy for him, and that, he was very happy about.

Elena lightly slapped his chest in frustration then leaned back once more against the headboard of her oakwood bed. She needed two seconds (or one hour) to collect herself. Why did he always have to pick the worst time to surprise her? She imagined just how horrible she must look at this time of the day, and it was entirely unfair because Damon always looked too gorgeous even right after rolling in the hay. She grabbed the antique clock next to her bed, only to find out that it was six in the morning. Six-freakin-o-clock in the morning. "Six a.m.?" She shook her head with a blank stare on the wall. He had the worst timing, ever. "Seriously? You really have nothing better to do at six a.m.?"

"Fine. Don't come with me to bring Stefan home." He raised his eyebrows suggestively, knowing that he had won her over once more. There was no way that she would turn him down now. She had wanted to look for Stefan the whole summer, and now, Damon decided to accommodate her wishes by letting her join in the fun. Not. "See ya." He rose nonchalantly, knowing that Elena would stop her as soon as her mind registered what he was up to.

"Wait." She reached out to his arm, but he had already been halfway across her room. "What are you talking about? Where is he?"

Smirking, he answered: "Windy city."

Elena's eyes bulged in surprise. "He's in Chicago?" He nodded once. "How do you know?"

"It came to me in a dream. I was naked, you loved it," he replied in a teasingly seductive voice, which went completely ignored by Elena.

Her mind was still attempting to wake up from her sleep, but for now, all she could concentrate on was Stefan. She would finally see him soon.

Not more than an hour later, Elena and Damon found themselves on the road. Living in Mystic Falls had its own perks, the best of which is the absence of traffic so that they left town in less than ten minutes, but mostly it was due to Damon's mad driving skills that he was only too proud of.

Elena looked out the window in silence, scenes of reunion with her boyfriend coming to mind. She wishfully thought that he would come back to her without hesitation, but that was her optimistic eighteen-year old brain talking. She had yet to grow up and learn some more.

"Here, read this," Damon said as he reached out to one of the leather-bound journals he had packed for their little road trip this morning. "It's Stefan's." He shoved the old thing onto Elena's lap, knowing that she would not keenly read the pages of Stefan's journal.

"I'm not going to read that. I won't invade his privacy," she replied, proving just how accurately Damon knew her. He had spent each day of the past two months with her, and by now, there was nothing about Elena that came as unpredictable to Damon. Safe to say, he read her easily like he would an amateur's comic strip, not that he had ever taken time to appreciate any of the Marvel characters fifty years ago.

"Fine, I'm going to read it for you," Damon started with a roll of his eyes, opening the journal to read a random page.

Elena would have covered her ears if she could. She was entirely afraid of what she would hear about Stefan's past. She already knew that he had done really awful things way back, due to his nature as a vampire, but still, she could not bear to hear the details. She had already heard enough, and if she would relive Stefan's past, she was almost sure that one sordid story could send her running to the hills.

"January 12th 1864. Dear diary, today I did something really horrible…" Damon's voice started in a serious tone, but then he added his own note and said: "Ooohh, shocker!" He looked at Elena with a playful smirk only to receive a bored roll of the eyes from her. Damon continued: "Katherine asked me to kill her and her family, and I did it without remorse. Even under the pretense of giving her a due call as a favour to Damon, they welcomed me in their home. She was more than surprised to see me, to see anyone related to Damon, truthfully. He had left her the day Katherine came to our lives, and somehow I believe it was Katherine's doing. She told me one too many times that vampires can compel people, and from what I gathered, it was easy to erase Damon's memories of her the moment she decided to string him along. I know that Damon loved her…"

"Wait, what the hell is this?" Damon stopped reading, surprised that he had never come across this entry before, and he was more than sure that he had never loved another woman before Katherine Pierce as Stefan claimed here. He looked at Elena who only gave her an equally questioning look, more than eager to know about what happened. If there was another woman in the Salvatore brothers' past, well she realized that it was definitely new to her ears, and now she was more curious.

"I was sure that he loved her. But suddenly, he stopped his daily visits and I would not see Elena anymore. Not if Katherine could help it. I swear, it would be the only justifiable explanation. He was going to marry her, then suddenly all ties were cut loose, and even father did not question it after. I went to her house and killed her parents first, then her three younger sisters. They were all afraid of me, but I had Katherine's support as I shot the bullet through their head, one by one. I had never done something so terrible in my life, but Katherine told me that if I wanted to be with her, I had to prove myself worthy of her love. So then I did as she asked. I killed Damon's fiancée."

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