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Buffy: Season 3 Post Faith, Hope, and Trick

Smallville: Season 4 Post Gone.

The Kent Farm

It was finished. All the problems from last year had come to an end. Kal El was driven to the back of Clark's mind with black kryptonite. Jonathon was freed from the prison Jor El locked his mind in. Chloe was still alive found by Clark and her cousin Lois before Lionel's terminator hit man could finish the job.

However victory came with unexpected side effects. A tornado blew through and leveled the house and barn. Also the freak lightning storm that killed every crop, scorched the land making sure nothing ever grew on it again, and killed every animal on the farm. Jonathon's medical bills obliterated any funds the Kents had, and even with Clark there was no way to run the farm without anything on it. Unlike last year Martha had no intention of turning to Lex Luthor for help to save the day as Lex's "friendship" with Clark seemed nothing more than to be a way to research her family hoping to learn her son's secret. Martha was left with a choice the farm or her family. Martha chose what would be the obvious to almost any person. She knew her family would endure and a house while full of memories at the end of the day is just four walls and a roof. She sold the land to pay for the expenses.

"So where are we going to go now?" Clark asked.

"Well now that your dad is on the mend we'll have enough money to start over." Martha said.

At this point Clark is left stunned at everything. "You think Jor El did this?"

Jonathon grabs his son's shoulder to calm him down he knows what's coming. "Son this is not your fault. Even before Jor El the farm was struggling to stay afloat. Besides I made the deal with Jor El to hand you over to him and if losing the farm is the cost of freeing you from him I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

"You only made the deal with Jor El to save me this is my-" Clark says but before he can finish.

"No" Jonathon nearly shouts. "I made the deal with Jor El when I should have just driven in the truck with a meteor rock. I underestimated Jor El and this was my fault if it was him."

Clark looks up trying to act relieved but still had sadness in his eyes. "Wherever we go it won't be the same. It won't be home." Clark said.

"Clark, home is where your family is not the house or the loft." His mother said. Martha obviously believed every word she said it's what made selling the land the lesser of two evils in the first place.

The Torch

"Y-You're leaving. Wow and they say miracles don't exist." a petite blond said.

Ordinarily Clark would hit this girl back calling her a coffee addict or something about journalistic bloodhound, but today he's happy to just hear Chloe Sullivan say anything even if it was 'Get away from me you Kryptonian freak.'

"So where are you moving to?" Chloe asked.

"Sunnydale California" Clark said.

"Whoa out of Smallville, out of Metropolis, and clear out of Kansas. So why are you moving so far away?" Chloe asked.

"It was the only place we could afford. No one wants dead land." Clark told her.

"Well this sucks." Chloe can do nothing but just blurt out what's on her mind. "First I lose Pete to Wichita and now I'm losing you to California." Frustration clear in Chloe's voice it was bad enough when her mom left but at least she had her dad to help her through it. Now she is going to lose both of her best friends within months of each other.

Clark can do nothing he just gives his friend a hug trying to comfort her. "I'm sorry I won't be around much this year." Clark said with genuine remorse. He won't miss Lex at all, Lana will be back to Paris in a couple of weeks according to her, but Chloe will still be in Smallville alone for her senior year. Well not quite alone.

"Chloe you're not alone. I'm an email away and there is a new senior coming to Smallville." Clark said intentionally piquing Chloe's journalistic interest.

"Ok Clark what is your secret?" Chloe asked.

With that Clark had a genuine smirk on his face for the first time in days as he told Chloe about his last meeting with Sam and Lois Lane. He explained how Lois' constant absences had caused her to flunk her senior year and since she did not attend summer school to complete the grade she would now have to repeat her senior year. After his unique adventure with her finding Chloe Clark thinks it just couldn't happen to a nicer girl. While Chloe is ecstatic that she will have Lois to keep her company this year at school this wasn't the secret that she was hoping to hear. She was hoping to hear the one where her best friend was a meteor freak with the ability of fly.

Flashback: The Kent Farm

Chloe had been saved by Lex's security team from the assassination attempt by Lionel Luthor. The security team had kept her safe most of the summer but she's a teenager she missed her friends. Maybe that was what convinced her that it was a good idea to ditch the security detail and sneak in a visit to Clark Kent and Lois Lane to tell them she was still alive. It would seem breaking into Luthorcorp facilities most of last year aided her greatly as she made it past her security detail who were actually standing asleep thanks to a man in blue and white with a unique hat and staff. Chloe made it to an all too familiar barn to see familiar faces arguing near the barn.

"I want my son back give me my son back." Martha said angrily and desperately hitting him.

"Clark Kent is dead." Is all Kal El said in return with no emotion?

With that Kal El threw Martha aside pressed his feet to the ground and flew off. He was done spending time with mortals. It was time to complete his destiny.

After seeing everything Chloe just went home and let it all sink in. She thought she had discovered Clark's secret he had the ability to fly at great speeds. Looking back she realized that is how the meteor freaks were taken down and how he kept disappearing on her no one would think look to the skies for a human. She must admit however it was shocking to see nice farm boy Clark Kent attack his own mother. But looking back at it now there had been times where Clark Kent would just seem to fall off the deep end. Like last summer when he was living in Metropolis, or when the school gave out the class rings. Maybe it was a side effect of being a meteor freak which Chloe could see as other cases have led people going mad to the point of sucking you dry of body heat or hacking you to bits with a telekinetic chainsaw. Either way she knew Clark's Jekyll side would win and Hyde would be locked back in his cage like before. And looking at him now she'd say she was right.

Back in the present Chloe's still reeling from the information just has to ask. "So when is the big move?"

"We're packing tonight and leaving tomorrow." Clark says.

"Where are you going to school?" Chloe asked.

"Sunnydale High" Clark answers.

"Sunnydale High?" Chloe says pretty much to herself. Clark can see the gears spinning in Chloe's head and he knows one of two things is about to happen. He's going to get some wall of weird exposition on his new school, or She is about to get herself killed which would mean that Clark will be spending his last day watching over her as Brain to Chloe's Inspector Gadget.

With that Chloe goes to the wall of weird and pulls some odds and ends articles of the wall.

"Clark you are going to the one place on earth that might be just as weird if not weirder than Smallville." Chloe tells him with a smile.

Clark reads over the articles and sees stories that he thought would seemingly push even Chloe's limits. Gangs on Mutant PCP, The Skinned Swim Team, Mummy Madness, Clark read the stories and flipped them over and just saw something that would make him laugh.

"What?" Chloe asks looking at Clark's grin.

"If you look at the back it says Angelina considering adoption of a Martian baby. I think this paper might have less integrity then the Inquisitor." Clark says.

Clark can see the concern in Chloe's eyes. Sure he can fly but he's not invulnerable as far as she knows. She remembers back to freshman year when Clark foolishly confronted Superboy Eric Summers.

"I'll be careful I. promise." Clark says

"You better be." Chloe responds

With that Clark leaves telling his best friend goodbye and spends the rest of his last day in Smallville packing for the move to California. Clark's parents packed the truck with what was left of the fragile keepsakes, and anything else they couldn't be parted with for 3 hours. Clark packed everything else in about 5 minutes. Clark spent his last night reflecting on the day the goodbye in the torch to Chloe, talking with Lois and her insuring him he'll always be Smallville to her. The look of either fear or frustration in Lex's eye as Jonathon kicked him off what was left of the farm. Despite everything that has happened with Jor El he will cherish the memories he has of Smallville and the friends he has made. He'll never forget Smallville but tomorrow it will be a brand new day.

Author's notes

I wrote this chapter long before UWS and just added in bits for Raiden so please be gentle.

Up next a week in Sunnydale high from Clark's POV.