Okay so I'm seeing a lot of these Chaos stories where Annabeth cheats on Percy and he leaves Camp and becomes a total jerk when he joins Chaos.

I'm not saying any of those people are wrong since we don't know what could happen with Percy, but I don't think that Percy would change that much. I mean his fatal flaw is loyatly and he doesn't seem to be the kind of person to hate the world after Annabeth becomes a bitch. Maybe just Annabeth and the guy...

So, this is my take on how the whole Chaos thing would go.


Percy was walking down to the beach, thinking about Annabeth. That's nothing new, but there seemed to be something going on with her. She would avoid him whenever the new Apollo kid came around, Josh. He didn't know what that was about, but he trusted Annabeth and loved her so he wasn't going to jump to conclusions so fast. Though he did have his suspicions (spelling?) that something was going on. It just made him worried whenever she made up an excuse that was clearly a lie seeing as she did all those things with Percy.

Their relationship had been going strong after the second Titan War. That was almost a year ago. Percy was absolutely sure that he loved Annabeth with all his heart and in the beginning it seemed as though the feelings were returned. For some reason though, that thought slowly faded over time. He wasn't sure if he was doing something wrong or what, but he was concerned. He didn't want to lose Annabeth.

Today he would.

He walked down to the beach, hoping to clear his jumbled thoughts when he heard something coming from a rock on the shoreline. There was a laugh and whispers. Percy recognized the laugh automatically...Annabeth. His stomach pinched as he cautiously took a few steps forward to the rock, out of sight, but in hearing range. There was the giggle again. "Josh, stop it!" Annabeth whisper shouted from the spot.

Percy clenched his fists, ready to beat up any guy that hurt Annabeth. He peered over the edge of the rock and saw Josh and Annabeth laying on their sides facing each other. Josh's hand was messing with Annabeth's side, making her squirm and giggle because of the tickling feeling she got.

She pried off his hand and interlaced their fingers before watching Josh raise her hand to his mouth and kiss her knuckles. Percy's rage and hurt were beyond him now, but he managed to watch more thinking that Annabeth would shove his mouth away, slap him, and walk away. Instead she beamed at him. "I love you, Josh," she whispered, peering into his eyes with a look that Percy had never seen.

Percy's heart broke into a million of pieces hearing those words come out of her mouth. It didn't help when Josh smiled at her and repeated the words. Percy had enough by now. He walked out into the open, crushing a stray leaf under his foot making the two look up. Annabeth, with graceful speed, leaped away from Josh and looked nervously at Percy. "Seaweed Brain, what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?" Percy shouted, waving his hands through the air. "I'm watching my girlfriend cheat me on with some other guy!"

"Percy it's not what you think," Annabeth's eyes started tearing up, but Percy didn't buy it.

"Don't 'it's not what you think' me, Annabeth! I witnessed it with my own eyes! I saw everything!"

"Man," Josh started. "Just calm down."

Percy snapped his head to him and glared more deadly than Annabeth had ever accomplished. "Calm down? You expect me to be calm?"

Annabeth touched his arm. "Seaweed Brain," she pleaded.

He roughly pushed off her hand and turned away so she couldn't see the tears brimming his eyes. "Have a nice life, Annabeth."

"No, Percy," Annabeth begged as he started to walk away.

Percy didn't stop because then he'd have to see her tears and she would see his own that were now freely flowing down his face. He sprinted to his cabin and rushed in, slamming the door behind him. He locked it before laying down in his bed and crying into his pillow. What had he done wrong? What could he possibly do to deserve this? Annabeth, his one and true love, was gone. She had broke his heart over and over again as she tried to get him back. Why did she cheat on him? Was it that hard for the Fates to give Percy a break? Now he didn't think there was a reason to live. Annabeth wasn't his anymore. She never was in a way.

Percy cried for hours, just letting out all the hurt and sadness he felt seeing them together. The image was on full replay and it wouldn't stop. It wouldn't leave his head no matter what he did to stop it. Somehow the happiness and love that was in her eyes wormed its way into his mind. He never caused that much happiness. Josh did. Eventually, Percy cried himself to sleep. A deep and dreamless sleep filled with his hurt and sorrow and broken heart.

The next day, Percy dragged himself out of bed and took a shower, not really seeing a reason to, but he did. He left the room and went to the dining pavilion ignoring the stares of the other campers. He passed Annabeth and Josh happily holding hands, and he had to force himself to not punch Josh's smile off his face and not cry in front of her. Word had gotten around Camp about his and Annabeth's breakup. Everyone, though, having getting the story from an Aphrodite girl that truly hated his and Annabeth's relationship had heard that Percy went ballistic and almost drowned both Annabeth and Josh. So now, the campers glared at him and shook his head in a disapproving manner.

Percy, not knowing what was going on or cared really since Annabeth was in the arms of another guy, just walked muted and did his activities without feelings. No one talked to him, paid him any attention, but he was grateful for that. He hated the whispers and stares when he passed by, however. It made him feel like he did something wrong. Unless he drove Annabeth away, he didn't. Now though the whole camp was against the Saviour of Olympus.

Weeks past and nothing had gotten better. The Hermes cabin pranked him and only him. Everyone refused to have anything to do with him and the worst part was when he would see Josh and Annabeth. Each time, his heart would shatter into a million more parts.

Finally, he got sick of it and left. Packed a bag of things and left the camp. No one cared, he knew. The only people that didn't despise him were Nico, Thalia, and Grover, but that was mostly because they didn't see or hear what had happened...yet. He didn't know where to go now. His mom and Paul moved into Canada because of some job offer that they couldn't refuse. Percy couldn't very well go to Canada. He couldn't ride a plane and he didn't want to walk.

So he just wandered the streets for days until he walked into a alley looking for a nice place to sleep for the night. Someone grabbed his shoulders from the shadows and pulled him into a wall. He saw a flash of bright light before passing out.

What'd you think? Not my best work, no, but I thought that this would make more sense. Us teenagers these days will do anything for drama. So yeah, Annabeth cheated on Percy and broke his heart. Camp turned against him and now he was kidnapped. Poor Percy!

Tell me if you want me to continue because it's up to you.

Love it? Hate it? Tell me about it(: