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My knowledge of the ThunderBirds comes from watching the movie and the hundreds of stories I have read from this site. I started writing after my daughter forced me to watch the movie(literally) I was helpless on the couch with a HEAVY cast on-couldn't move. Then she introduced to Little Miss Bump and Criminally Charmed's writing - I was hooked. Shortly after I took in my mother after a stroke, with taking care of her(which I felt privileged to do) family and working more than full time hours things were a little stressed to say the least. She suggested writing stories, said it would be a stress reliever - she was right. So now I am on my 4th, but have never posted before because of lack of computer skills, but now she has agreed to beta and show me how. Once I get something down pat - Hope you will enjoy mine as I have yours - just for the joy of writing


The morning started at six am. Everyone meeting in the hotel dinning area for breakfast.

"Well boys have you made final flight plans?" asked Jeff.

"Everything is done Dad," stated Scott. "We hit the sky by nine and will be back to the island by thirteen hundred. We will officially put IR back in operation, within two hours of landing."

"Good. Brains, Fermat, Alan and I will plan on leaving the day after Alan's tests to rejoin you."

Alan said his goodbys and again thanked everyone for their support and help with the team at the Olympics.

As they left for the airport the brothers wished Alan luck on his upcoming tests and assured him that they had really enjoyed being able to work with his team.. Then grandma and Tin Tin gave him a peck on the cheek for luck. Several eyebrows lifted with this, Alan grinned, his face turning a light shade of pink.

The rest of the day was quiet. Alan would study with Fermat for awhile, then sleep for two to three hours, then study again.

"Alan are you sure you want to do this? Your pushing yourself a lot harder than the doctor wanted you to. There won't be anytime to rest between the tests, and you're not looking like you feel very well."

"I've come this far and I want to try no matter the outcome. I can rest when we head back to the island."

"Alright son. You have my support, but if the pain starts to get out of hand I expect you to tell me."

"I will dad."

Okay then, lets see about getting some dinner."

Alan winked at Fermat, "now that's a plan. What do you feel like having Fermat?"


"Yeah, dad lets order in pizza! We can never order it on the island."

Jeff gave Brains a questioning look. "What do you think?"

"W-Wh-What ever is f-fine w-with me."

"Okay boys you win. Pizza it is. Then let's call it an early night. You'll need your sleep to get through all the tests tomorrow."


Despite the delicious smell and taste of the pizza, Alan again only nibble on one piece and drank only half of his shake. A fact that did not go unnoticed by Jeff, Brains, and Fermat.


Monday morning Alan awoke feeling nauseated and anxious, His left side ached. True to his word he told his father about the pain, but insisted it would be alright once he took his medicine. Though Jeff was reluctant he agreed to let Alan try the meds. Alan was relieved when they started to take effect. He ate very little afraid of making the nausea worse, a dull ache remained in his left headed to the academy. With encouragement from his dad and friends, Alan entered the auditorium, where the tests were to take place. There was a desk for each student taking the found his and quickly took his seat. The room monitor explained the proceedings, and the tests began.

While Alan was taking the tests, Jeff, Brains and Fermat went to pack up their things from the dorm room, then headed back to wait for Alan to finish.

It was sixteen hundred hours, (4pm) when Alan emerged from the auditorium. He was pale and looked as tired as he felt.

"How'd it go?" asked Fermat.

"I don't know, seemed okay for the most part, but some I'm really not sure about."

"How are you feeling?" asked Jeff. Worry clear on his face as he looked at his very pale son.

" I have to admit I'm pretty tired and I think it's time for some more pain meds. Honestly Dad can you guys just go eat without me - I'd rather just get back to the hotel and sleep."

Jeff looked at his son and sighed. He was very proud of Alan's determination, but also very worried that Alan was pushing himself to hard. It was very clear how exhausted he was.

"Alan, you don't have to prove anything to me or your brothers. We, I love you! You do now understand that don't you?"

"I know, but it's just not just for all of you anymore," Alan sighed looking at the ground. Slowly he raised his head and looked his father in the eye, "I have to, need to, do this for me."

Jeff reached over and kissed the top of Alan's head, then placed an arm around his shoulders.

"Okay then. We'll just eat in the hotel restaurant. Brains, Fermat why don't you get us a table. I'll get Alan settled and then join you." He turned to Alan, "you can rest and I'll bring something up to you."

"Thanks dad." Alan was visibly relieved. "Thanks for understanding."

The night was restless for Alan, his left side was becoming more painful and the nausea was increasing. Quietly he got up and got more of the medicine. "I just have to make it through a few more hours, then I can tell dad how bad it's getting." he thought to himself. The medicine gave him enough relief that he slept for a few hours. The next morning he took a long, luke warm shower hoping the cooler water would help, but he still felt miserable. Knowing he would not be able to hide his discomfort from his father, he decided on a new approach.

"Dad, it is a little more painful this morning, but if I take the medicine, I know I can get through the last two tests. If it's not any better afterwards we can go see Dr Carlton and have it checked. PLEEEASE DAD, let me do this."

Jeff was skeptical of Alan's plan and wanted to go now to the hospital. But Alan's pleading was wearing him down. Running his hand through his hair he looked to Brains for advise.

"All I c-ca-can tell you is his vi-vital s-signs are a -l-li-litte off, BP is okay, but his p-pu-pulse is a l-little f-fa-faster than it should be. If the sp-spl-spleen is s-st-starting to bl-bleed again he co-could get into trou-trouble v- ve-very qu-quickly. He is v-ve-very p-pale."

Fermat was very worried about his friend - Alan looked terrible to him. "I c-ca-can help you and m-ma-maybe you can take th-them n-ne-next year."

Jeff continued to observe, finally saying, "I'm sorry Alan, I just can't let you risk your well being for this any longer. You are much to precious to me to let this go any farther. You don't have to prove anything to anyone including yourself anymore." He put his arms around Alan's shoulder. "I hope you can understand."

Alan didn't argue anymore. He knew his dad was right, and he really did feel sick.. "Okay, dad," he said softly.

With Alan giving up this easily, Jeff knew he was making the right decision. Alan was hurting a lot more than he wanted to admit. They quickly left and headed to the hospital instead of the academy. Jeff made the call explaining Alan's withdrawal from the testing. Then called the hospital letting them know they were coming.

As they pulled up to the emergency entrance, they were greeted by a tech with a wheelchair, and a RN. Alan was helped into the wheelchair, now exhibiting more pallor and becoming slightly diaphoretic. The RN asked Jeff to registrar Alan at the desk, while she and the tech took him to room nine to ready him for his evaluation. Brains and Fermat would park the car and then come in.

Dr Beonei an ER physician came in to start the exam shortly after Jeff had gotten into the room. The RN had already placed an IV lock and put Alan on oxygen by nasal cannula at three liters per minute, just based on current vital signs.

"I read some of your history, and I'm ordering blood work now, we're going to start some fluids as precaution, and we need to get another CT scan. Now Alan I'm going to be palpating different areas of your abdomen and you let me know if you feel pain."

Alan just nodded. Jeff stood on the far side by the head of the bed.

As Dr Beonei pressed on the right side of the abdomen Alan only grimaced slightly, but as he made his way to the left the pain increased dramatically, "now Alan, I am going to push in on your abdomin and I want you to tell me if it's worse when I push in or let go. Do you understand?"

Alan nodded. It hurt when he pressed in, but when he let go Alan let out a loud moan.

"He definently has rebound tenderness. I think based on the clinical findings we had better do the CT scan (cat scan) now rather than waiting for other tests to be done." He turned to address Jeff. "I'll need to do the CT with and without contrast, so we will need you to sign for permission to use the contrast dye. For a young person there is a far less chance of complications, but I still need to advise you of the potential risks. The first being an allergic reaction; which, if it happened is treated with Benadryl, solumedrol and in rare cases epinephrine. The other possible complication is renal failure, but again in a young person this again is a rare occurrence."

Jeff looked at Alan an he nodded his agreement. "Okay show me where to sign."

"Terri would you also start a liter of NS wide open and give 50 mcg of Fentynal and 8 mg of Zofran. Then he can be taken over for his CT scan."

"Yes Dr.. Mr Tracy do you want to stay here and wait or go out and let the people with you know what's going on? I'll make sure the front desk knows to readmit you if you go out, the CT will only take ten minutes."

"Thankyou. I think it would be best if I went and informed them and make a call to home also. That alright with you son?"

"No problem dad. Maybe you better grab a cup of coffee too."

Jeff just smiled and gave Alan's shoulder a squeeze before he went out and Alan was taken per cart to the CT room.

Jeff called his family, he had to be stern that they were not to come as of yet, and he would keep them informed. Yes he would relay their love.

Ten minutes later Alan was back in his room and Jeff was at his bedside, cup of coffee in hand. Dr Beonei came in a few minutes later to addressed them both.

"The blood results showed Alan's wbc's(white blood cells) to be 18,000 and his rbc's 2.9 hct(hematocrit) and hgb (hemoglobin) 9 and 31%." Then he turned to his RN.

"Hang a second liter of NS and have Alan typed and crossed for two units of RBC's (red blood cells)and one FFP, also order up 3.375gm of Zosyn and 2 gms Rocephin to be given ASAP." ordered Dr. Beonei, "I'll place the orders in the computer for you."

"Right away, Dr Beonei." replied Terri as she went to get the ordered medications.

"Even without the full benefit of the CT results yet, by Alan's blood counts he is bleeding somewhere, and the counts are low enough to warrant a minimum of at least 1 unit and most likely 2 units of blood. Also the elevated wbc indicate he maybe developing a secondary infection. Once again I'll need you to sign for permission to infuse the blood. I'd also like to contact Dr Carlton to review the CT results and make an evaluation of whether or not Alan will need surgical intervention if it is indeed the spleen that is leaking again."

"We'd appreciate that. Will you be getting him admitted to another room, soon?"

"I'll have them start the blood now and start the admit process, but I want to hold Alan in the ER until Dr. Carlton reviews the test results."

"Dad I just want to go back home? can't we just go after the blood? I can rest in the infirmary." Now even the effort of talking seemed to tire Alan.

Dr. Benzoni gave Jeff a questionable look.

"We have a fully equipped infirmary-living on an island." Then he turned to Alan, "We need to know exactly what we'are deally with. Lets just wait and see about the CT results and possible surgery, before we make any further decisions, okay?"

Alan signed, "Oh, all right."

Jeff remained at Alan's side as he dosed on and off, waiting for the results.

It wasn't long before Dr. Carlton came in with Dr Beonei.

"Ah, I see they've already got the blood started. That's good. Now about the CT results. Alan you did develop a small leak through the encapsulated blood around the spleen, that explains the low blood counts. The good news is, it seems to have sealed again. At this time I do not want to do surgery, but whether that remains the case depends on your complete bed rest for at least a week, and then very limited activity for the second week and monitored slow increases after that. All told you'll be on restrictions for at least six weeks, barring any set backs."

"But when can I go home?"

"Your father has told me of your infirmary and I am quiet satisfied that between Mr Hackenbacker and your brother Virgil, they will be able to monitor your progress. I insist; however, that you stay here for forty-eight hours, then we will repeat your blood work and do another CT scan. If your counts are maintaining after with the blood we are giving you now, and there are no more sign of more bleeding, you can go home. Your dad has already assured me YOU WILL be on bed rest as instructed. I'll want to see you at the end of the six weeks for a reevaluation."

"Two more days?-Well- I guess that's better than a week." smiled Alan despite his disappointment, at the delay.

"I cannot thank you enough for your fine care." said Jeff. "I'll talk with on ways of showing our appreciation." He shook hands with both doctors.

"We will have you moved to a private room upstairs shortly."


Once he was moved and settled where Fermat and Brains could also be in the room with him, Alan felt a little more at ease. Jeff and Brains went to make arrangements for Scott to bring Tracy One, for when Alan would be allowed to return to the island..

Fermat and Alan were finally alone in the room. "You d-do-don't look quiet s-so p-pa-pale now."

"Yea, I don't feel as lousy either. The meds they are giving me have really helped. I just wish I could have held out long enough to finish the testing."

"A-Alan you h- have already ac-acco-accomplished so m-much, and y-you can st-still maintain your gr-grades next y-year and th-then try again. The m-ma-main thing now is that y-you actually li-listen to what Dr C-Car-Carlton tells you this time, so you d- do-don't have anymore s-set backs."

"Your right Fermat. But it was so awesome to watch the kids compete and then enjoy themselves at Mickey D's."

"Yea I h-have to admit th-that was a f-fa-fant-fantastic day. And your wi-winning the con-contest was t-tops!"

"I still can't believe my program won." He paused for a moment then went on. "Of course I'm still going to have to deal with dad and my brothers on my hacking into my accounts. Maybe dad will count my bed confinement as my grounding! Think?"

"I think we'll decide that after we get back to the island and have had time to sort all your programs out," smiled Jeff as he and Brains walked in the room.

"Dad! H-How long have you been there?" asked Alan sheepishly, his face actually flushing mildly.

"Long enough." Jeff laughed as he came over and ruffed Alan's hair. "All the arrangements are made. You just have to concentrate on getting well. We will deal with the other things later. Now Brains, why don't you and Fermat go and get a bite to eat,and then get to the hotel. I'll see about coming over later."

"Okay Mr. T-Tr-Tracy. We'll see you b-both in the mo- mor-morning."

"T-Talk to you la-later A -Alan." Fermat gave a quick wave as he and his dad left.

Alan waved back. When they had left he turned to his dad. "You need to get some rest too."

"I will son. I just want to wait until the blood is infused and you get to sleep. Alan don't be worrying about things." He took a hold of Alan's hand then cupped Alan's chin in his other, and brought Alan's face up so he could look him in the eyes. "I think things are going to work out just fine. As scared as I was over these last few months, I know it's been a blessing in disguise and we are going to be able to work everything out. There will be ups and downs, but as long as I have you and your brothers, it will be okay, these last few days watching all of you work and play together have been some of the best days we've had together as a family in a long time. You showed us again - family is what is important."

Tears fell from Alan's eyes as he was now being held by his father tightly. At last he truely did feel everything would work out.