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Sadie Pov

I woke up to see that Carter was on my bed looking at me as if I had just turned into a stuffed animal. I had no idea what the heck was going on.

"Sadie is there something you want to tell me?" It seemed as if he were trying to choose his words carefully.

"Carter, I just woke up and have no bloody idea why you are in my room. Care to explain?"

"Well... I heard you mumbling. Something about curses and Anubis's host. I decided to see if you were okay." he explained.

I had been sleep talking? Since when had I started sleep talking? Oh gods, I hope only Carter had heard me or else...

"Well then how thoughtful of you!" I sarcasticly exclaimed.

"Sadie you haven't answered my question."

I would have to tell him sooner or later. I decided to get it over with,"Yes there is something I have to tell you. It's about Walt's curse, and Anubis said that he couldn't find a cure so I decided to become his host and help him find the cure. By the way he said it in my ba dream. " I said it so fast Carter had a alarmed and suprised expression on his face. Quite a hillarious expression. (Carter you know it was, I was there. If you want to know what I had been dreaming of well I might tell you later just to shut you up. Happy?)

"Wait you decided to become Anubis's host?" He exclaimed,"Don't you remember how dangerous that is?"

"Of coarse I do! If you must know I have been a host before and lived to tell the tale!"

The boy looked worse than usual. (Hey it's the truth!) He took a deep breath to calm himself down and think. I swear I think I saw little gears working inside his head."Well are you his host right now or not yet?

"No not yet, first I have to have a proper breakfast and then go to a cemetery and there I will become Anubis's host. Easy as that." I explained to him as I were talking to a little kid.

"I can't believe you Sadie," he mumbled, "I will go with you to the cemetery."

I was kinda glad he had said that. Even though I am pretty amazing, I wasn't a Diviner and would have no idea what could go wrong.

"Fine Carter. Now would you please get out of my room so I can change?"

He left and closed the door. I quickly changed and thought about all the things that could go wrong. What if he saw what I though about him? What if some bloody magicians decided to attack us right I was about to become Anubis's host? Or even worse, what if Walt found out about me becoming Anubis's host. No, I wasn't going to let that happen. I decided to change my mind subject.

I had a black tank top, black leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and combat boots on. In my opinion a good combination.

I left my room then had 5 pancakes, orange juice and a lot of bacon. Carter looked at me and I swear his eyes said Wow Sadie, you must be QUITE hungry. I glared at him and then we started to go to the door.

"Wait! Let me get something." Carter said.

"Oh what do you need?" I screamed, but he was already on his way to his room which left me with 2 choices. 1. I could go alone to the cemetery. 2. I could wait for him and be a good little sister.

I sadly took choice 2.

After about 3 minutes he came back with my staff. Gods how could I have forgotten my staff? I was sure I had put it in my bag around my shoulder. I quickly grabbed it and started leaving with Carter behind me. I am sure his face had a concerned look on it.

"Sadie are you sure?" he asked me before going with me out the door.

"Completely." I answered and with that we left.

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