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Sadie Pov

Hello there. Well, I might have mentioned this a while ago (since Carter insists I did) but, uhhh I mentioned something about a dream. Since my dear brother here is making me do this, and Anubis is currently not present, I guess I'll tell you, but I warn you, my dreams are not exactly the most normal thing around here. (Well, I know we aren't normal but you get it.) I'm not responsible for what my brain does when I am sleeping...

So, I had been with Ammit in the Land of the Dead. Ammit was a fun little guy, but I was careful not to let him out of the room. My dream self thought he was going to go around causing havoc, and I guess that would've been true in real life as well.

He suddenly got out of my grasp and ran. I let him since the door was closed but somehow with those weird little paws he grabbed the door handle and opened it. I got up and ran. I chased him until he slowed down and to my surprise he was now in Anubis' arms. I came to an abrupt stop but my clumsy self ran into the hot death god. What happened next was fast: Ammit jumped out and landed on my head, I ran into Anubis, and Anubis caught me in a bridal style way. I swear, Ammit smiled at me. Then again it was a dream, and those types of things are very possible.

"Sadie?" Anubis smiled, "What are you doing here?"

"Well hello there. You know, just falling on death gods and having a little monster on my head. The usual." I responded sarcastically. I then noticed he was still holding me, "Uhh, you know I can stand up right?" He chuckled and let me down.

Gods, even in dream form Anubis was still bloody gorgeous. The silence was getting awkward though and what I said next made me want to slap myself "Well, nice to see you again Death Boy but I must be going to the pet shop because Ammit wants some chew toys." Obviously my lying skills aren't that good in dreams...

"Ammit wants chew toys? Like those for dogs?" Anubis asked.

"Yep, so I should leave now. Bye!" I started going the other way but he followed me. Bloody death god.

"I'll come with you." He didn't wait for my answer though since the next second we were at a pet shop. I decided it was best to follow through with my lie, there wasn't much that could go wrong. The owner weirdly enough looked like a cow(Now that I think back I think it was Hathor.)

I don't remember what happened but I think that this giant water sprinkler started spraying us with the water. That was rather weird but I still went along with it since it seemed fairly normal.

Then out of nowhere Anubis leaned down and kissed me. It was different than a normal kiss though, it was like I was kissing a soft cold mist rather than the actual death god. Not that I'm complaining, it was still enjoyable. I remember that much and then Anubis took me away to talk to him in the graveyard. Quite sad actually since I was really enjoying the dream. So yeah, that was what happened, and there probably would have been more if it weren't for my death god interrupting it. :)

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