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Anger ripped through him, the muscles in his legs working to their full extent as he ran and ran. He wanted that girl with the warm brown eyes and soft brown hair. He knew he was not good enough. Not cold enough. Not fast enough. A girl like her would never love a shape-shifting creep like him. A low growl escaped as the familiar smell of a warm, sweet and sticky substance choked his senses. He howled into the night, calling his brothers and sister… Leech. He and his pack chased after the horrible smell until they were in reach of the monster. Their instincts kicked in and they all pounced, attacking the predator with all their strength. He howled for the pack to stop their killing; he recognized this golden-eyed bloodsucker. This was the monster who took his beautiful pray and claimed it as his own; this was the monster whom his brown-eyed girl loved.