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Bella's POV

I sat up in bed as I wondered where Edward had disappeared to. Would he be back? I decided to let it go and just get an explanation later. I picked up my phone from my bedside table and debated on whether or not I should send Jacob a text. Would he come over if I asked? I rolled my eyes and remembered Jake always came, even if he was tired or had other more important things to do. I always felt guilty but every time he would lie and say nothing was more important than me. I sighed and gave in to the temptation, quickly typed out a text and pressed send.

Are you awake?

I rolled to my side as I thought back to unusual scent that had surrounded Edward earlier. Smokey, not like cigarettes but more like bonfires. I held the pillow he had been laying on earlier and inhaled its scent deep into my lungs. I smiled, breathing in his delicious scent as I wondered why he smelt the way he did. My heart skipped a beat when I felt something vibrate in my hand but quickly recovered after remembering I was holding my phone. I held it closer and saw I had received a reply from Jake.

Yea just came back from patrol with Quil. Why? Are you ok?

I smiled at Jacobs concern as I quickly typed back

I'm fine, just wanted to ask if you could come over, but you must be tired. Never mind.

I chewed on my nails nervously awaiting his reply.

I rested my head on his shoulder, enjoying the warmth that flowed through me. I always loved being around Jake, he has a way of calming me and making all my worries disappear. I yawned tiredly before allowing my eyes to slip shut.
I released I didn't want him to leave me. I cuddled closer to him, tucking his arm under my head.

"Can you stay tonight? Or until I fall asleep?" I whispered pleadingly.

"If you want me to, I'll stay"

He kissed my forehead lightly before pulling the blankets around me. Even though I wasn't cold I let him tuck me in. Just before I drifted into a peaceful sleep, I heard the faintest whisper of words from Jake. "Goodnight Bells, I love you."

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