Summary-Sari and Bumblebee have gotten serious the past two years since the defeat of Megatron. Maybe..."to" seriously. When a "surprise" occurs a whole lot of comedy and panic ensues! Set in time of Sideswipes Mechanic's story.

Made for Sideswipe's Mechanic.

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Two Little Lines


Sari stared at the color. All at once her whole face went stark white! Her hands shook as the object she now feared, held two undeniable pink lines in the center. Normally she loved the color. But today, of all days, pink was the last color she wanted to see. Bought hours ago, Sari had literally taken a Mission Impossible move sneaking out from her friends and family to get this. A standard object used for many, many, decades. A simple tool, if given the right amount of time, can tell two worried people if they are about to take on a BIG responsibility. It took five minutes for it to tell her all she needed to know.

Sari felt questions bombard her from nowhere. "How did this happen!" Her voice screamed from within. They had only been spark bonded for ONE MONTH! Granted, she and BB had been getting "wild and crazy" since then. But….a child? Was that even possible? Was it even safe?

"I am so slagged." Sari thought. She did a face balm and leaned back on the sink drawers. While she continued to keep her eyes close, someone came up from behind her. It was Grace, home temporarily from college. She had just finished working on the car Optimus had given as a present a few months ago and was walking up to clean off the dried oil from her body. Grace had no idea what she was about to walk into. She froze seeing Sari in the bathroom, a pregnancy test in her hands! Her mouth dropped seeing the same color as Sari did.

"Holy crap!" Grace shouted from behind. Sari jumped in surprise. However she turned with the speed of a gazelle and pulled her nearest best friend into the bathroom. Sari slammed the door shut and waited to hear if any of the guys would say something. She sighed in relief as no one asked what made Grace curse like a sailor. Sari turned around to see Grace staring at her in shock. She pointed to the test strip shouting "What is…!"

"SHHHH! Keep it down!" Sari whispered hoarsely, waving her hand. She slapped a hand over Grace's mouth, struggling to keep her from screaming. It felt like wrestling a calf to the ground at the rodeos Gwen took her to once! Sari kept her voice in a wavering steadiness adding "I don't want them to know yet!"

Grace nodded and half pushed Sari away as her best friend slowly let her go. She pointed angrily at the device whispering loudly "What the hell is that!"

"What's it look like! A way to check energon readings!" Sari sarcastically hissed back. She shook her head and pushed her red hair from her face. Both Sari and Grace looked down at the device. Grace asked quietly "When did you think you were…."

"Two days ago. I kept getting sick in the morning for five days straight." Sari answered shoulders drooping. She half snorted in humor adding "Ratchet thought I just had a bug…"

"Oh you had a bug alright! A yellow one with black stripes!" Grace stated back. She suddenly began to laugh, saying "Way to go Bee!"

"Shut up! This isn't funny!" Sari snapped back. Grace smirked replying "I see the mood swings have started."

Sari only glared back. She looked down at the device, slowly putting it on the counter. Both girls gazed at it for a long time. All Sari could think about was a number…..19. That was how old she was, apparently. When she was found by her father all those ears ago, it was found that doctors thought she had a rare disease that made her grow one year to every two. Not knowing that since her father touched the protoform he had messed up her biological clock. It had taken her old key set it right. Many weeks had been devoted on everyone getting used to her new age. So now….

"How in the pit are you going to break this too them?" Grace asked, reading her thoughts. Sari shook her head, holding her forehead. She stated "I really don't know."

Both girls looked up suddenly when a loud curse from Ratchet lifted the air. Quickly he shouted "SARI! Get down here! Your next!"

"What is he talking about?" Sari asked confused. Grace began to slowly laugh again saying "He scheduled a routine check up for everyone today."

"Oh….shit." Sari whispered, forgetting Grace had never heard her cuss. She almost laughed seeing Grace be taken back for a second. However Sari's smirk formed to a frown and she stared off into the distance. Just a few feet, a couple of paces and she was about to tell a family something VERY unexpected. She just hoped they wouldn't completely freak. Grace piped in with a quiet snicker and whispered "I'm gonna get my camera!"

Sari rolled her eyes, shaking her head. Grace went ahead but suddenly, hesitated. She turned and had a soft smile on her face. Sari hadn't seen her features so soft before. Grace came up to her, holding both her hands gently with Sari's, saying "Hey, Congrats. Even if they freak….it's still something to celebrate. Remember that."

"Thanks and…I will." Sari replied quietly, softly smiling back. Grace nodded her head and softly gave her hands a squeeze. Then she quickly reverted to her old self with a smirk as she laughed "That's why I am getting that camera! Can't teach a child blackmail to early, now can we?"

Sari laughed as Grace ran from the room. She really needed that. Because if Sari had any inkling of how her family was gonna react….then she needed all the humor she could get.

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*Exam Room*

Sari put down her arm as Ratchet's hologram pulled off the blood pressure cuff. He disappeared and Ratchet's regular robot body sipped on energon, looking at the screen with a frown on his face. Sari glanced at the around the room to see everyone who could possible count as family in the room. That meant Jazz, who was leaning on the wall half asleep after his check up. Prowl, who was standing in an emotionless stance with Grace beneath him. She smiled at Sari with a devilish look, not even hiding the fact of the secret that was between them. Gwen was right beside her with Peter. They both looked at Sari with a questioned look. Sari shook her head and Grace only snickered. Bulkhead and Optimus were having a private conversation, completely oblivious. Finally Bumblebee was standing near, giving Sari a small smile. She grinned back, all the while thinking "You are soooooo going to faint. You act like a kid sometimes but…I'M to expect you can raise one? Yeah….right."

Sari ignored his worried concern as her smile turned unknowingly to a glare. He had no idea she was also thinking "If I have all the symptoms they say I will have during a pregnancy….you are going to pay.

Their silent words were interrupted as Ratchet suddenly said "That's strange."

"What?" Sari asked innocently. Grace only smirked wider. Ratchet shrugged saying "You seem to have a very large amount of estrogen and Cybertronian hormones this month."

"Which could mean?" Grace asked and Sari glared at her. Ratchet seemed perplexed at their questions. Yet he felt a hunch. A big one, which not even he could think was possible so soon. But…possible. Ratchet looked back at both girls, answering "It just means that your body is showing signs of maternity."

"Is that serious?" Sari asked, swallowing her inside voice screaming "No duh! Showing signs of maturity? It's not signs buddy! It's because I AM PREGNATE! I'M PREGANTE! I'M PREGANTE! I'M PREGANTE! I'M….."

"Oh no. Unlike Sentinal would want everyone to believe….a human mating with a mech of our species and producing a child is NOT a freak of nature." Ratchet answered, grumbling after the thought of said mech. A few of the group's eyes perked up at the way the conversation was going. Sari glanced back at Grace before asking "So the child would have no complications?"

"Yep , and no other defects of any kind. Just a simple techno-organic." Ratchet answered, sipping on his energon. Bumblebee gave her a questioning look, wondering what was going on. She wasn't paying attention. Sari had her eyes solely one Grace who was relieved as she. Then Sari asked again "And the birth would be safe for both parties?"

"Just like any regular birth of any regular human being." Ratchet answered with a chip to his voice. He was getting agitated from all the questions. Grace's eyebrow arched and she motioned to the group. Sari knew too…it was time. She sat up straighter and stated

"Good…cause I'm pregnant."

Ratchet choked on his recently sipped energon. It sprayed the wall nearby in blackened ooze as the whole room went silent. Grace hide a smile behind her left hand as Peter's jaw almost hit the floor. Gwen simply gasped, holding one hand over her mouth lightly. Bulkhead's eye got the size of sauces and Prowl just stared dumbfounded. Jazz tripped, almost landing onto the floor. Thankfully his lean on the wall was able to catch his balance. Optimus mouth dropped but quickly he recovered, glaring at Bumblebee. The said bot only went pale, his hand shaking. Sari blushed and wanted so badly to be anywhere but here. Of course Grace had to make it worse by laughing and giving Bumblebee a thumbs up saying

"Fastest thing of wheels just won the big one!"

A very awkward silence hung around the room for a moment. Sari wished she could just disappear. Thankfully, Optimus was the first to break the quietness. He had continued on glaring at Bumblebee that whole time. Finally he stated "I thought I told you to use protection since you're just newly sparked…"

"It didn't work." Sari replied for him, sheepishly. Grace laughed again saying "We'll duh!"

Bumblebee didn't say anything. He just kept staring and shaking. Sari hesitantly said "Bee?"

However his optics rolled into the back of his head and his body smacked right to the floor. This time Peter almost began to laugh, choking out "He fainted."

"A lot of newly fathering bots do in our species." Ratchet grumpily informed. He reached for his medic bag as Gwen hide a smile behind her mouth answering "So do the men in our species."

Sari buried her head in both hands, moaning. She could not believe this had happened! This was not how she had pictured it would go. If her family was this weird about just KNOWING? Then how was nine months going to be? As Bumblebee twitched once on the floor, Sari sighed. The words "difficult" didn't even begin to describe what was to come.

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*Eight Months Later*

Bumblebee got over his shock fairly we'll after his first reaction. Now he was ecstatic over having a child! Sari even had to give him a weekly allowance for baby toys after he came home one time with over $300.00 worth of JUST baby clothes! They didn't even know if it was a boy or a girl! So he got both! Grace just bursts out laughing when the word "baby clothes" comes up in a conversation now. Everyone else was excited about having a baby in the group. They all had pitched in for a baby crib and rocking chair. Sari had cried for three minutes after that, repeating "You're so sweet!"

However the "real" fun was yet to come. Sari had begun to have food cravings….

"Bee?" Sari asked softly, looking at the TV screen. She had barely made it on the couch with her pouched out stomach. So right now Sari had decided she was not going anywhere. Bumblebee smiled at her purring "Yes?"

"Could you go get me some pickles and ice cream?" Sari asked sweetly. Grace and Gwen jerked their heads to stare at her, just now sitting beside her on the couch. Bumblebee fought his mouth from dropping and asked "Uh, pickles and ice cream?"

"Yes, make the ice cream chocolate. OH! And get me some watermelon for later! Get the seedless kind." Sari replied sweetly back and smiling. Gwen and Grace looked at each other, then back at Sari. She noticed this and shrugged her shoulders asking "What?"

"Nothing!" They both said in unison. For the past week Sari had also…snapped at people from time to time. If they tried saying anything back, most of the time she burst out in tears, swearing no one loved her anymore. Everyone pretty much walked on egg shells this past month in her pregnancy. Bumblebee smiled back at his wife answering "Okay...Sweetheart. I'll be..right back."

Sari smiled and turned back to the TV. She never noticed how Gwen and Grace turned to each other mouthing a "Eww" to each other. Gwen whispered to Grace's ear "I thought she didn't even LIKE pickles?"

"She does now." Grace muttered, eyeing Sari. This wasn't the worst combination they had seen though. For the first two months was cucumbers. Sari just about ate a whole ten acre garden of those! Then in her fifth month there was Peanut butter and Bologna. Grace had tried it too just to see Prowl jag and then shocked everyone by saying how good it was! Seventh month was Chocolate Chip cookies and Cottage cheese. Everyone had voted that the strangest month they had ever seen. Sari had dipped into so many emotions that month everyone called her the "Roller Coaster" for about a week! This was in the middle of her ninth month and things had started to calm down. Now….she was asking for pickles and ice cream. Oh…boy.

Sari bit her lip as a funny moment came on the screen. Grace smiled sheepishly, flipping the channel, saying "Sorry."

Gwen gave a perplexed look and Grace had to laugh. She motioned to Sari, who was smiling sheepishly too, explaining "This past week Sari can't laugh without…."

"Going." Sari butt in, growing red. Gwen mouthed silently "Going…" then realized what they meant. She suddenly began to giggle while trying to choke out "Oh….I'm…so….Sorry…..Sari!"

"It's okay. I can't laugh, cough, burp or smile without…" Sari replied, her face turning scarlet. She too began to giggle. Grace interjected adding "Without giving a contribution to Detorit's plumbing and waste company!"

Gwen and Grace burst out laughing, almost falling off the couch. Sari laughed along too and hide her red face behind a pillow. However she soon regretted it. A familiar sensation sent a dark beat red to her face. She moaned going "Oh…great!"

This DID send the girls on the floor, wheezing out to breathe. Sari glared at them hissing "Some help you both are! Dying from laughter and leaving me stranded on this couch!"

"I….am…sorry….! I…don't…!" Gwen giggle out, coming to her feet. She pulled on Sari and helped guide her to the bathroom. Sari waved her off as she entered to the doorway. However as she closed the door, she glanced down at the toilet seat.

Oh, they had this battle before, she and this toilet. It had won some, she had won some. Sari had a quiet stare down with the lower seat. It was the last month now, she could do this. The toilet would not win! She sighed and muttered "This…might be a problem."

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*Ten minutes later*

Sari washed her hands and exited the bathroom with awkwardness. She stopped and laughed at herself. A penguin couldn't waddle more ridiculously! Sari felt like one of those Weeble Wobble toys from years past! You know, the ones who say "We weebles wobble but we don't fall down!"

Sari couldn't wait for this pregnancy to be over! Between the weird food cravings, the emotions and water weight…she felt like going insane! Sari hadn't been able to sit down without help for over a month! Then trying to get back up….impossible. At least she could laugh about it now. Primus knows Sari would laugh her aft off later!

Suddenly, a warm watery feeling slipped between her legs. Sari had the sensation she might be going on herself again and tried to get back into the bathroom. She didn't get very far. Her first step sent a gallon of water spewing to the floor. Sari froze and all laughing stopped. Oh…no.

"My water broke!" Sari whispered fearfully. She glanced down to see what looked like a dam had been busted open all over the checkered floor! Sari jerked her head from side to side, trying desperately to find someone near! She would absolutely die of embarrassment if she had to walk around to find someone like this! She looked like she had wet her pants! How was she going to hide this?

Sari wanted to cry seeing Bulkhead come at that moment. At least he wouldn't laugh his aft off like her oh so loving husband. Bulkhead's faceplate imitated what a human might look like if their face went pale white. Oh, Sari had forgotten. They hadn't told Bulky what "really" happened in a birth of a human. Great, just great! She had no time to give a speed course on the birds and the bees!

"Stop. Right. There. Do NOT panic!" Sari ordered the green Autobot. She pointed at him and tried to pull herself from slipping onto the floor. With a deep breath she added strictly "Get. Gwen and Grace. Now!"

Bulkhead nodded his head quickly like a bobble head doll. He turned, barreling into the living room. Gwen and Grace gave him a perplexed look as he breathed heavily. Grace asked "What's wrong Bulky?"

"She's leaking…Sari's leaking!" Bulkhead said in panic. Grace stared at him dumbfounded. But Gwen nodded in a motherly way saying "Girls cry Bulkhead. Sari already told you that…"

"No. It's not from her eyes…" Bulkhead said with a sharp shake of his head. Gwen blinked once in surprise, muttering


Both girl's pupils dilated to the size of quarters and both went white. They turned to each other shouting "SARI!"

"In here." A weak and clearly embarrassed voice came from near the bathroom. Grace and Gwen raced past the living room doors to see Sari wiping herself softly off with a towel. She glanced up stating with a smile "I guess I laughed too hard."

Gwen whispered something on the line of "Poor baby!" and Grace helped her to the living room doorway. Gwen took the towel from Sari and soaked up the residue water on the floor. In the meantime Grace directed her to the medic room shouting "Ratchet! I think it's time!"

To be continued….

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