Okay here is a few more tips! I used some advice from a couple of people but if I didn't use all I apologize. I will get to them as soon as I can. However enjoy these new ones and post any new ideas for tips! They are always welcomed! :)



Tip #8- Never let the Autobots in the following Stores

*Toys R Us*

-The girls should have known better!

-The boys found the Nerf toys.

-And the Riding Vehicles for Toddlers.

-Billy had a "bright" idea.

-They went zooming down the halls, firing Nerf gun pellets at each other.


-Bumblebee had an epic fight with Alex with Nerf swords.

-Bee lost.


-Next, they found the Chemistry Sets.

-The ones where they have magnifying glass.

-And flammable paper.

-The firefighters were awfully nice.

-And the damage wasn't too bad….

-Our faces are shown at the front with the words "BANNED"

-The guys think it's funny.

-The girls don't.




*Victoria Secret*

-Just don't.

-The guys were traumatized.

-They young boys wore the bra's like bug's eyes.

-And the Underwear like hats.

-Crystal and Sadie had to bail them out of mall jail.





-They wont leave.


-They. WON'T. Leave.

-Sadie dragged Bumblebee out by the collar.

-He kept mumbling "So many, I didn't know there were so many!"

-Sadie had to bait them with a bought game.

-Including Crystal.




*Wal mart

- NO One is allowed! ANY of them.

-The girls saw the prices on clothes.

-They were not seen or heard of for days.

-Their boyfriends found them running around the clothes racks giggling insanely.


-The boys found the toy aisle.

-Billy and Alex chased Bumblebee and Bulkhead with plastic swords.

-Then ran away as Bumblebee and Bulkhead came back with light sabers.


-Next, they found the bouncy balls.

-The HUGE ones!

-Crystal and Sadie came in to the boys knocking each other over with them.

-And throwing smaller ones like snowballs.

-One "accidently" hit Crystal unconscious when she told them they had to stop.

-We don't go to Wal mart anymore.




Tip #9-If you value your sanity do NOT let the Autobots watch Game shows!

-Billy asked Sari out on a date.

-She said no.

-Billy asked "Is that your final answer?"

-Crystal had to buy a whole 10 oz of cooling cream for Billy's red cheek.


-Alex WILL show them Price is Right.

-Ratchet got hooked.

-No one speaks from 11 am till noon at the house.

-Unless they want objects thrown at them.




Tip #10- The following Youtube videos are Not recommended

*Where's the chapstick?

-Bumblebee will drive Ratchet INSANE!

-Yes, insane.

-This was our third trip to the emergency room this month!

-But at least we get free nachos at the cafeteria now.




*Redneck ninja

-No one could stop laughing.

-Alex and Billy learned how to "Ninje chop"

-"Don't go ninjun nobody who don't need ninjun" is the hit joke amongst the boys.


-The boys will find empty dip cans.

-And will use them as "ninje stars" as the video says too.

-Alex threw one too hard.

-Sadie got hit.

-She had a black eye for a week.


-They will use jumping ropes as "ninje nunchucks".

-Billy had rope burn for a week.

-The girls took pictures of them entangle in their "ninje nunchucks"





*Any Tree House Friends

-No comment.

-Prowl's face was priceless.




Tip #11 – For Blackmailing Purposes, Allow Autobots to listen to the following Songs

*Ice, Ice, Ice Baby

- Bumblebee knew the dance.

-He did it at karaoke night at Buffalo Wild Wings.

-Everyone loved IT!

-We go every Wednesday night now.

-The girls take videos.




*The Twist by Chubby Checker

-Watching Bulkhead learn was…..interesting.

-He couldn't quite get the "twist" part.

-He twisted too hard.

-On Emily.




* Stayin Alive by Bee Gee's

-Who knew Alex can sing high pitched!

-Or Ratchet?

-Again…Prowl's face was priceless.

-As everyone else's.




*Cotton Eye Joe

-Billy will think it's funny to teach them to "kick up them heels"

-They WILL do it!

-And Alex taught them how to say "Howdy Ya'll".

-I don't think the girls have every laughed so hard!




Tip #12- The following BOARD games are now BAND from the group


-Bumblebee will get mad if he loses.

-Alex hid behind the couch after Billy "sunk his battle ship".

-We can't find all the pieces.


-Ratchet sat on the submarine piece a week later.

-Alex said "Wow, I'm surprised it didn't sink after colliding with your big dingy."

-Again, free nachos at the cafeteria.





-Just don't.


-We played for TEN hours!

-Finally at 4 in the morning Alex threw up the board off the table shouting "I quit!"


-Sadie had all the boardwalks!

-AND the railroads!

-She made everyone go on credit!

-Alex was behind like negative $2,500!


-Bumblebee left like five hours into after getting "Sent To Jail" ten times in a row.

-With Bulkhead trying to sell his "get out of jail free" card for $200!

-Didn't he know you can get out of jail for $50?

-I guess not.





-You'll get a headache.

-Apparently Sari taught them once and Prowl "download" all the moves into his processor.

-He kept beating everyone.

-Including Ratchet!

-Even Bulkhead tried!





-Were not allowed to discuss it.

-Especially not September 15th, at 8:50pm last month.

-Just know someone said "Sorry" and Crystal replied "Oh, you'll soon be."

-Can these nachos taste any better?





-The Autobots got mad after "Cybertron" was not allowed on the board.

-Or many of their languages words.


-Billy and Alex switched letters when no one was looking.

-No one caught on until Billy spelled the word "Amazing."

-When he just said he used all his "a's".

-And Optimus had "accidently" peeked over Billy to see he had the last two "a's" from the bag.


-I have never seen a group of people turn on two people so quickly.

-I mean it was like Lord of the Flies in that room!

-With the boys as target practice!

-Billy and Alex scream like little girls when you say the word "Scrabble".

-Crystal does it just to mess with them.

-They are not amused.

So...funny? Tell me what you think! : )