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It begins: The Blood Heals

The war is finally over… My hands and mouth are bloodied and Ravenstorm's silver rapier caked with the blood of all sorts from werewolf to wizards… How do I explain the whispers of the wind, my bloodlust finally overwhelmed and non-existent? Frankly, it had to be done. Just like what Clemenza said in that muggle movie the Godfather? "You know, you gotta stop them at the beginning. Like they should have stopped Hitler at Munich, they should never let him get away with that, they was just asking for trouble."

"Luna…" I heard him say, as he lay on the grass. He was so battered, my intended fallen to the ground. I closed my eyes and knelt down beside him, holding his hands. The scent of his blood overwhelmed every other thing I could sense. His blood tasted full of purity and sorrow, of victory and sweetness, of longing and of love only for me. Smiling softly at him, I whispered, "The ancient warlock gave so much, even his life. The wolf and his mate are resting on the fringe of the forest. Your lieutenants are all safe, thank Merlin, but we still lost so much."

I broke my gaze away from him and surveyed the grounds of the majestic castle I called my school. The battlements and walls ruined or caved in, the suits of armor covered in blood and dents. "Piertum Locomotor is a scary piece of magic, love. It felt like a puppet master pulling on strings to kill his enemies." I told him just as I saw our mentors, classmates and their parents, and allies huddled in their own groups, still alert for any stragglers who didn't stay down. 'Innocence is lost. What grief must we all muster for so called peace? But just as Albus had said it, if we do not fight against the evil espoused by Voldemort, then we cannot ask or hope for a better world for the ones we love and hold dear.'

"It is done my love and no harm shall befall us this day." I told him, letting his head rest on my lap after I kissed him. Stroking his messy jet black hair, I never let him out of my sight, just as I kept hearing his heartbeat gradually slowing down.

'No one ever really wins in a war. Both innocent and guilty meet their untimely demise. In a way, the elders and a mentor of mine were right all along. Human beings are savages, having a penchant of destruction and misery in all things they do, but unlike most races they've encountered, humans have tried to at least achieve peace.'

His hacking cough broke the moment in my thoughts and each strained breath felt like daggers twisting in my very heart. 'My beloved, an inch from the Grim Reaper's touch again. Do I give Death such a prize or steal him away by giving him my gift?' I argued with myself and tears freely fell from my eyes. 'His emerald orbs stare into my very soul, seeing past the bloodlust, the pain, the suffering, and his smile bringing up the light into pitch black darkness which resides in my own vampiric heart, guilty in taking lives away and bringing them to the Grim Reaper.'

Hearing the shouts of triumph, I look into his eyes once more, as he brushed the blood tears from my face. It was the same ever since the threstrals, a gateway to the man I love. "Harry, my Harry" I whispered, giving him a kiss for one last time.