Ok guys so... NEW STORY! I'll explain most of it on the bottom but please read i think you will like.


I'm going deep. Falling in a whole of desperation. I can't feel a thing. I'm breathing without hesitation. I'm thinking about everything that has happened. What brought me down to this. Writing. Waiting for an answer from a piece of paper. Funny, huh? How it all got down to this? It's just a matter of time for someone to find me down her... or just pass by ignoring my distant cry for help. Who knows? I didn't. That's for sure. Which brings me back to thinking... How did it lead to this? I don't know. How? That's what I'm trying to find out. I can't even see light anymore. Is there anyone that cares enough to come and help me out of this whole I've fallen?

Ok So new story... No Hate! What I'm Trying to do here is reflective stuff... These are things i can fit in 1 page of my notebook so they are small. They are mostly not about me but as in me thinking of other people's lives and how they should feel in this case and i think a few more 'Depression of not being loved'. How a person used the other one and led them to this. Also I use Camille as my thinking person thingy. Really Hope you like! This is probably the darkest thing I will ever write!

Please Review and tell me how to get better.