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Jason – Chapter 5

I am so glad to be out of that office. I mean shit, that dude stuck a finger up my ass! What the hell does that guy shit tell him anyway.

I pass some giggling teenage girls on my way to the truck.

"Hey Jason!" They both say in flirty, so in love voice, while blushing and giggling some more. Do all teenage girls giggle like that? I don't remember them do that shit when I was in school. Huh.

"Ladies." I say with a stiff nod. I climb into my truck and head on down to the Rite aid to get my meds filled.

I pull in and go inside to the pharmacy counter and drop off my prescription. They tell me it will be ready in 20 minutes, so I decide to walk around the store as I wait.

Well since I am here I might as well stock up on some more condoms. I usually get them from the Walmart, but this will save me a trip. I have to be ready for action at all times.

So I grab a basket and wander over to the condom asle to see what they have. Glow in the dark, flavored and ribbed, been there done that. Oh look a new one, fire and ice. Warming and cooling for his and her pleasure. These look like they could be fun. I pick up 10 packs of 100. What a man has to be prepared.

I hear some one walk by, gasp and run away. It makes me curious, so I listen in. It was Jane, a lady who took a few rides a Jason train a few years back.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Jason is here! He can't see us! He is not very smart, but one look at Toby and even he will know that he is his son. He can't find out! The ladies in our "partners of the infertile" support group will kill me! He is supposed to be nothing more that a sperm donor, since all our husbands are shooting blanks. We couldn't afford to go to a sperm bank and do that in vetro fertilization stuff. We all take turns sleeping with Jason when we are ovulating. He is such a man whore, that it wasn't hard to get him to sleep with me even though I am married. A lot of men have a problem with that, now a days! They will be so pissed, if he figures out from me that all 30 of us, have been using him just for his sperm! It wasn't hard at all, we each just poked holes in his condoms, when he wasn't looking. I only slept with him to get pregnant. And now we have my miracle baby Toby. He can't see him! I don't want him around my son! Shit, shit. Maybe he didn't see me and we can get out, before he does. I hope that Todd gets that promotion at work, going out of state would be great, so we won't risk running into him again."

Fuck! I am a dad! And a whole group of women have been using me to get pregnant? Oh Shit. I.. am.. a.. fucking….Dad! I start to breath so fast, I almost pass out. Fuck! What am I gonna do? I got to stop her.

I run to catch her before she leaves the store. I meet up with her about 15 feet from the exit.

"Hum hey, there Jane." I say to her still out of breath. She looks at me like a deer caught in head lights.

"Jason." She says tucking the boy behind her, trying to hide him.

"Hey there buddy. Whats your name?" I say to the boy. He pokes his head around his mother and looks at me with my own eyes. Shit he is my son.

"Um, I am Toby. Who are you?"

"I am a friend of your mother. My name is Jason." Toby looks at me with big eyes.

"My mom is saying in her head you are my dad. Can you hear thoughts like me? She doesn't believe me when I tell her I can hear her." Shit he is a telepath!

"Yes, I can hear you little man. My sister is a Telepath like you and let me borrow her gift for a while. So right now I can hear you."

"Can you teach me to be normal? I don't like hearing people like this."

Jane is looking back and forth between us. We are just standing there staring at each other, while we are talking mentally.

"Shit, shit he knows! He knows he is his son! What I am going to do. I will have to hire a lawyer! He ain't getting my son!"

"Mommy! He can hear people just like me!"

She just stands there frozen, looking at us both, with her mouth open. Not knowing what to do.

"He can really hear people? I though he was just good at guessing and had a good imagination." She looks afraid and deflated.

"Yes, my sister hear thoughts just like him. She might be able to help him control it. I have not been hearing thoughts very long, so I don't know how to help him."

"You can read thoughts. So you know about him being your son and about our group?"


"Shit, shit shit, they are going to kill me. I is all my fault. Why did I have to come here today to buy hair dye?"

"Maybe we should go somewhere to talk." She nods.

"Let me talk him home to his father and then I … will meet you at Merlottes." She realizes she just messed up by calling her husband his father.

"I will meet you at Merlottes in an hour. You better be there. You have a whole lot of explaining to do."

She nods at me and leaves. Toby waves to me as he goes.

"Bye, Mister Jason. I hope to see you soon." I wave good bye to him.

"Yeah me to kid. I will talk to your Mom about it."

Shit. I need Sookie's help with this shit. 30 Women. How many fucking kids do I have out there right now. Fuck I am so screwed. I should have known my dick would get me in trouble.