Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 1

Not long ago; the Kyuubi No kitsune attacked Konoha under the true Scourge and Threat of Konoha, Madara Uchiha's control. Against its will, the Kyuubi creates mass chaos with only a swing of its 9 massive tails; it can flatten mountains, create tsumanis and even freak storms as it's one of the 9 great demons called the BIJU. However that chaos ended when the leader of Konoha sacrificed his life defeating the beast and foiling Madara's plans by sealing the Kyuubi's soul within his newborn son, Naruto.

Of course, we all know that story by heart and we know what happens to the lad; or do we? In this story; an interesting twist has come for this young shinobi as this version of Naruto's tale begins.

Forest of Death

It begins at Training Ground 44, also known as the Forest of Death; Young Naruto Uzumaki at the age of 10 is hiding in the place that no citizen of Konoha would dare go. The reason is that is because of the date; tonight is Oct 10th, the anniversary of the Kyuubi's defeat and also Naruto's birthday. Unfortunately no one celebrates his birthday, apart from the Hokage, Iruka and a few Jonin that were friendly to him, including Kakashi Hatake. But today no one celebrates his 10th birthday as the Jonins are out on missions, Iruka is busy doing his job and the Hokage is fighting his old nemesis known as paperwork.

Naruto doesn't mind as he understands why they couldn't celebrate his birthday; last birthday was amazing for him as he had wonderful presents from them. Kakashi gave him some ninja tools and a wind style Jutsu scroll since Naruto has wind affinity; Iruka gave him a book on chakra channelling and basic jutsus for him to master before entering the academy; Maito Gai gave him some training weights and Taijutsu scrolls so he could build some muscle and strength for his shinobi future. Kurenai and Anko gave him books and scrolls on Genjutsus and Stealth and Asuma gave him a dagger made of chakra channelling metal so he could use his wind based attacks when he becomes a Genin.

He learned them last year and is a bit of a novice on them but he'll keep training until he masters them. He even gets help from the Jonin when they're off duty; but now he just has to remain hiding until tomorrow as tonight is extremely hostile for the young boy, especially when he's a Jinchuriki. Naruto is now scared as he is feeling that hiding in the forest of death isn't one of his bright ideas, but it's the only place he'd go that everyone wouldn't dare go, apart from Anko of course. Despite his age and his reputation for being an unpredictable and hyperactive child, Naruto is a smart little boy; he has to be if he wants to survive the harsh live in Konoha.

He is equipped with a dagger Asuma gave him, ninja tools and some food that would last him till morning. He hasn't got something to sleep on as he's in a dangerous place; although he is searching for a place to make camp. He spent minutes searching to make shelter as the tower in the centre of the area is kilometres away and takes days by foot. Then he spots a cave near an abandoned and ancient ruins that history had forgotten, he looks at the weird and ancient dead language and pass them as he can't read them; he enters the cave and make camp there.


Naruto enters the cave and took off his back pack and place them on the ground; he gathered some twigs and tap 2 pieces of flint together to light a fire. He learned how to make a fire when he snuck into the library as the librarian hates him for being the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi; the fire is lit and starts warming himself from being in the dark cold of the forest.

He pulls out a book and starts to read it to pass the time; minutes has passed in the cave and Naruto finished reading the book and puts it away.

"I think I explore the cave" said Naruto as he picks up a long stick and lights it to make a torch.

Naruto enters the mysterious dark cave to explore it; his curiosity got the better of him as he gets closer and closer deep into the cave, unaware that he has lost his way back as the darkness consumed his path back to the camp; but he is not worries, his worry is not shown as his mind is distracted by the cave's structure. Inside the cave appears to be some sort of temple; with carvings of women with no clothing at all. Naruto blushes at the images and averts his eyes away but failed as the other side as the same images; his face turns into a dark red, he hasn't blushed like that when he curiously peeped at Kakashi's secret stash of IchaIchaParadisenovels or when he accidently walked in the women's baths and luckily got away with it as Kurenai and Anko was there. He ran pass the images but they keep on going and going, like he is watching them dance exotically. He tighten his eyes to resist, despite his age; then he trips on his feet and falls on the stone floor. His torch rolls on the floor and got doused by a puddle; Naruto looks up and doesn't see darkness.

He sees an altar surrounded by an eerie pink glow; he caught a scent that made him feel warm and feel achy between his legs. An aura of raw lust fills the altar and Naruto starts to breathe heavily and feeling hot.

"Strange" said Naruto "It's cold but I feel warm; and why do I feel achy between my legs"

Naruto looks down and sees his erection in his pants; he covers it and blushes with embarrassment.

"Why is my willy gone hard?" said Naruto "Is it gonna fall off; it went hard when I saw Anko-nii-chan or Kurenai-san in the nude"

Naruto then looks up at the altar and sees a pendant hovering in the air; the pendant is glowing in that eerie pink and radiates that aura of raw lust. Naruto got closer and closer to it; resisting the heat and pain from his erection, he grabs it and then everything went all white.

"Welcome, traveller; you have found the pendant of Lilith" said a voice "May you find happiness and pure desire in your life as you'll gain powers given by the Succubus Queen Lilith..."

Naruto screams as the pendant magically wraps around his neck; his eyes changes from Blue to dark pink.

"The Shinkeigan, a dojutsu that gives those who gaze at it pain or pleasure..."

Then Naruto sprouts out a dozen arms from his back and transforms into tentacles .

"The Juuni-te; a jutsu that will give those who embrace it great pleasure..."

Then Naruto drops to his knees, his mouth is drooling with now glowing pink saliva

"And finally the EkiAiyoku; your blood, saliva and semen are now converted into a powerful aphrodisiac that no woman will resist and succumb to lust. Those 3 jutsus are now yours; use them as you please and good luck on you sex life. HA HA HA!"

After that, Naruto collapses on the ground and fell unconscious.


Later in the hospital; Naruto woke up in the hospital beds his clothes are off and now wearing pyjamas. He then put his arm in the shirt and pulls out the pendant he found; no long glowing and it reveals a carving of a winged busty woman completely naked.

"What is this?" said Naruto until he heard the door open and quickly tucks the pendant in his shirt.

The door opens wide to reveal Sarutobi, along with Kakashi, Anko and Kurenai.

"Is see you're awake" said Sarutobi

"Uh huh" said Naruto

"Naruto why were you at Training ground 44; it's dangerous there" said Sarutobi scolding at Naruto but concerned of him.

"It's the only place to hide until the festivities are over" said Naruto looking down.

"*sigh* at least you're okay" said Sarutobi "It was a good thing Anko and Kakashi found you in some old ruins dated centuries back before the founding of Konoha."

"Oh, Oji-san..." said Naruto until he stops as he remembers the voice from the pendant. "Er, nothing"

"Okay" said Sarutobi as he chuckles and heads for the door. "Take care and get some rest; tomorrow you will start your teachings at the academy"

"Good luck, Naruto" said Kakashi giving him the thumbs up

"Knock them dead, brat" said Anko as she ruffle his head; then she felt a jolt of lust until she shook it off. "Er excuse me"

Anko then rushes to the bathroom; this causes Kakashi and Sarutobi to raise their brow at the Snake mistress. They saw a glimpse of her face blushing and heard her breathe heavily for a second before she left for the bath.


Anko arrives at the bathroom; she thank Kami that it's empty and rushes one of the cubicles and locks it; she pulls down her shorts and took off her jacket to reveal her D-cup chest under a mesh top. She then grabs her left breast with her left hand and starts stuffing her right hand down her pants, playing with herself.

She moans as her face is now burning wildly and her nipples are hardening.

"mmm god, what's happening to me?" moans Anko as she continues to play with herself. "My pussy is so hot; I need to cum real fast"

She played with herself for 10 minutes until she came in her panties; she sighs as she sat down on the toilet seat. She then pulls out her scroll and summons out a dildo; the reason she brought it with her is because she uses them for interrogation when she's at the torture and interrogation room. She pulls out her panties and slowly inserts the dildo in her wet pussy.

"A-Ah" moans Anko as her dildo is now inserted inside her; "And I just bought this...yesterday; *moan* an awful waste"

Anko starts to move the dildo in and out of her; like she is getting fucked; and unconsciously she thinks of Naruto probably 5 years older than he was now, fucking her stupid.

I know it's wrong to think like that but I don't care thought Anko as she moans loudly as she then moves the dildo faster and harder. "AH, Yeah; like that, like that. Fuck me, fuck me!"

Then she came wildly, some of her juices missed the toilet and hit the cubicle doors and floor. Unfortunately the lust burning inside her still remains as she then bends down and inserts her dildo in her anus. "Ah, fuck my ass; fuck it raw"

While she fuck her ass, she starts playing with her left breast and pulls it out from her shirt; she starts sucking on her nipple. Imagining it was Naruto sucking on her wonderful moulds. She moans as he mouth is full; her drool partially coating her buxom, licking it like a sweet juicy lollypop.

"Oh that felt so good" said Anko as she then pulls out her right breast and starts sucking it instead. MmmKami!

She then came out of her ass and also the second time from her pussy due to the excitement. She sighs as the lust wears off; she looks down to see the mess she made after her masturbation.

"Damn; what came over me" said Anko until she heard the voice of her hidden consciousness "Naruto-kun will be when he's old enough to fuck you silly"

"What the...he's only 10!" said Anko at her consciousness

"For now"

Damnthought Anko as she blushes at this; Naruto is cute and all but she'd never thought having lustful feeling from him. I need a cool bath...perhaps I'll let Naru...NO, stop thinking about him.


Naruto is free to leave the hospital and heads back home so he could get his stuff before he starts his first day at the academy; he arrives at his apartment and leaves in a hurry. He ran pass the busy streets; passing through everyone as he hurries.

"Oh god, I'm late at my first time in the academy" said Naruto until he bumps into someone. "Oof"

Naruto and the person crashes to the floor; Naruto looks up to see Anko, her face is burning as she felt that lust again.

"Oh, I'm sorry Anko-nii-chan" said Naruto "I was in a hurry"

"It's alright, Naruto-kun" said Anko in a whisper while averting her eyes. "It was an accident"

"Are you alright; you're face is turning red" said Naruto as he places his head on her forehead.

"H-Hai" said Anko "It's just the climate in here; really hot"

"Oh" said Naruto as he then unzips his jacket to reveal his lean and slightly muscular chest under his black top. Anko stares at his chest and purrs unconsciously. "You're right, it is warm in here; anyway I got to go; bye"

Naruto then runs pass Anko and heads for his first time at the academy; Anko is getting succumbed by lust again and runs for a private place.

Just wait a little longer thought Anko as she arrives deep into the forest; striped herself until she is bare and starts masturbating herself. Just a little longer!


Here you go; my first chapter and I made Anko the first woman to be paired with Naruto. Also Naruto will have more women fall victim to his lustful bloodline. Here are a some that will lust for Naruto





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