Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 2

5 Years later

It has been 5 years since Naruto found that mysterious pendant from that temple in the Forest of death; but he forgets about it as he is busy training in the academy since the day he entered. Of course, he couldn't resist the temptation of causing mayhem in Konoha by pulling pranks at the villagers, sort of a minor and non-lethal revenge for the now older blonde.

While he trains and causing mayhem with his boyish tricks, he discovered why everyone hates him; how you ask? Well the answer is that the Kyuubi within him is acting rather strange now that Naruto has matured into a fine lad; a lad that a woman would go crazy for, literally. Of all his life when he's at the academy; the kunoichis-in-training, chunnin, Jonin and even matriarchs of the infamous shinobi clans are acting strange when Naruto comes in contact with them. As the days has pass, he slowly getting a strange feeling on why everyone is acting strange around him; most of the stares are replaced from hatred to lust. It is even creeping him out, now worried that he might get raped in the middle of the street while everyone watches.

Naruto is now walking to the academy; not in the mood for pulling pranks or even graffitiing on the Hokage faces. He just had a bizarre dream that he was in a bedroom, not his but a stranger's beautiful bedroom and the woman is in the bed, naked and waiting for him. And what's strange about that dream is that he and the stranger is behind a giant caged door; Naruto assumed it was the Kyuubi in human form but that dream did make a real mess in his bed sheets, and I'm not talking about urine. Thinking about that woman did make his pants tight and has to sort it out; ever since he has that pendant on, his life is getting stranger than ever.


Naruto arrives at the academy; the ninjas-in-training also arrives with their parents; as usual, the mothers of the students are giving lustful glares at Naruto, freaking him out a bit as he rushes inside; bumping into other students. And all as fate is fucking with him, he bumps into Hinata Hyuuga.

Both Naruto and Hinata collapse on the ground; Hinata is blushing like crazy as her mind is screwing her and her body is feeling hot as the blonde is on top of her and accidently groped her breasts.

"Ah, Sorry Hinata" said Naruto as he then stands up and leaves her "I gotta go"

N-Naruto-kun touched me thought Hinata as she blushed even more before she faints again. The Hyuuga heiress usually faints when Naruto approaches her and Kiba and Shino arrives to snap her out from her faint.

"Naruto is here" said Kiba helping Hinata up "It seems he is not in the mood to be late"

"And my insects are always going crazy when they're around him" said Shino "The females, usually"

"What is he, some chick-magnet?" said Kiba "Last time when Naruto walked pass the vet, my sister came home and smelled like a bitch on heat"

"That is unusual" said Shino "Anyway, it doesn't concern us right now; we have class to go before we're late"

"Right behind ya" said Kiba as he, Hinata and Shino heads for the classroom.

Naruto arrives at the classroom; he sat far away from the girls as possible. He is really worried that something is wrong with him and wants to know why the girls are acting strange every time they're around him.

Perhaps I'll talk to Oji-san after class thought Naruto

"Alright, pay attention"

Here arrives Iruka Umino, sensei of the ninja academy and brother figure of Naruto's; he helped train Naruto in those 5 long years of training in the academy and also taught him basic education like maths, science and literature when he was a little boy. Iruka is nice to Naruto but really strict sometimes when either he is late or got into trouble. Iruka told everyone to b quiet but failed miserably and has no choice but to perform his Demon head Jutsu.

"PAY ATTENTION!" shouts Iruka; everyone does what they were told and remains silent. "Thank you; as you know this is our last day in the Academy and the Genin Exams has begun; each of you will be tested on Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Ninjutsu; I hope you all haven't slacked off in those 5 years you've been in here. The first exam will be outside"

Everyone stood up from their seats and casually leaves the classroom; Naruto isn't worried about the exams as he learned the right positions of Taijutsu by Maito Gai when he is on his day off from training his team and mostly his protégé Rock Lee. Hell he even let Rock Lee join in with the training and he and Naruto became good friends.

It wasn't the taijutsu exam he is worried, it is if his opponent is a woman; last time he spared with a woman was a few years back against Sakura, self-proclaimed president of the Sasuke Fan Club; when they fought each other, the match didn't last long when Sakura pounced on him and tried to fuck him; it took Iruka and a few Genin to pry her off the now terrified Naruto back then and he never spared with a Kunoichi ever since.


The ninjas-in-training are exiting the academy and arrived at the training grounds right near the building. Iruka told them to go up in a neat line while he arranges the matches. Naruto is keeping his distance from the kunoichis-in-training for the sake of his health and life. Even though he is staying away, the kunoichis-in-training can sense the aura from Naruto and each gave him lustful glares, Naruto freaked out and raised his hand up to get Iruka's attention.

"Er Iruka-sensei; could I just skip this part of the test" said Naruto, getting nervous.

"No Naruto, you can't" said Iruka

"What's the matter; you chickened out?" said the Duck-ass emo jerk known as Sasuke.

"No!" said Naruto angrily at Sasuke until he explains why he wants to skip this part of the exam...well, more of an excuse "I just need to go somewhere that's urgent"

"Whatever it is, Naruto it can wait" said Iruka "And don't worry; you won't be sparring with Sakura; I haven't forgot last time"

Iruka glared at Sakura when he said that; Sakura feels ashamed about that incident; shamed of herself for even trying to do something immoral to Naruto...if it was Sasuke then that would be a different matter, but NARUTO? She must feel like a fool.

Anyway the first match begins; first match is against Sasuke and some student Naruto doesn't know. As usual Sasuke overpowers a low experienced opponent and his fan girls cheer for him, the same old shit that Naruto and the other students see and hear. The match didn't last long as Sasuke own'd that poor student's ass; that student has to spend his remaining day in hospital and lose his chance to be a shinobi.

Next match is Kiba and Shino; they fought in a fair fight so that means Shino isn't allowed to use his parasitic insects and Kiba can't use his trusted pup Akamaru to fight alongside with him. The match lasted a reasonable 15 minutes as Shino defeated Kiba.

"A good match" said Shino as he helps Kiba up

"You too" said Kiba as he accepted Shino's hand and gets himself up; Shino and Kiba leaves the ring so the next match would begin.

The next match didn't last really long as Choji and Shikamaru went next; they hardly put any effort on it since they are good friends and they both forfeit the match. A disappointment, really but what do you expect from a Nara and an Akimichi; the next match is a more of a catfight than a real battle between Kunoichi. Sakura and Ino are bragging about Sasuke and shit, they knocked themselves to black and blue, proving their precious "Sasuke-kun's love"; don't really see the point in them ever being Kunoichi if they act that way, they'll end up dead before they know it.

The next match now scares Naruto; he is now about to face someone the last person he'd ever want to fight: Hinata Hyuuga.

"Er Iruka-sensei; can I forfeit?" said Naruto "I really need to go"

"Forfeit and you'll lose your chance to be a shinobi" said Iruka, not even looking at him

That hit Naruto where it hurts; Iruka knew that Naruto is really stubborn and he'll do anything to be a ninja. But facing Hinata while trying to keep his distance, until figuring why they are acting wield around him, is low; even for Iruka. Naruto mutters as he enters the ring, trying not to lose his cool as Hinata slowly and nervously enters the ring; the Hyuuga is in Naruto's range and now affected by the aura Naruto is producing, without him knowing of course.

Ever since Naruto found that pendant; he starts producing some sort of pheromone that's untraceable to males; only females are affected by it; that explains the strange behaviour from Anko as she goes to the toilet more often, the unexpected behaviour from Sakura a few years back and the lustful glares from nearly the whole female population of Konoha when they reach the radius of Naruto's pheromones. The males aren't affected by those pheromones is because Naruto is not interested in men; he has an interest in women, unfortunately for him it's not a healthy interest.

Before the match would start, Hinata is feeling warm; not by her face but her entire body as well. She is breathing heavily and starts to slowly unzip her baggy jacket to reveal her black shinobi top and mesh top underneath, what surprised everyone is that Hinata's body is like a goddess; her stomach is flat, hips are smooth and her breasts are D-cup size. The male students stared at Hinata in awe as she hid that beautiful body in that baggy jacket, no wonder as she is known for her shyness and low confidence.

"Hinata; are you okay?" said Naruto in concern

Hinata just moans as she heard Naruto's voice, she then gazes at his body and unconsciously drools out of her mouth.

"Iruka-sensei; I don't think Hinata is feeling alright" said Naruto "Could we end this match"

"As much as I want to; I can't" said Iruka as he sighs Hokage-sama;whatareyouupto?

Hokage Tower

It seems that Sarutobi is observing the match from his crystal ball of his; for years he noticed the change of Konoha's women's behaviour around Naruto and he is getting suspicious. Not to mention that he saw that incident from Sakura from a few years back. Even Kakashi and Anko are watching this from the crystal ball.

"Why are you doing this; Hokage-sama?" said Kakashi as he watch Naruto's match against Hinata, Naruto is just standing there while Hinata is acting strange.

"Anko; from 5 years ago and during your past encounters" said Sarutobi as he caught Anko's attention and blushed wildly and embarrassed. "You acted like this when you're around him, didn't you?"

"Hai" said Anko, her face now red and wants to crawl into some corner. "I didn't know what came over me"

"Naruto-kun will when he's ready" said Anko's inner voice

SHUT UP! Mentally screams Anko

Ever since she was affected by Naruto's aura 5 years ago; her inner voice developed a more perverted personality; not to mention that insane obsession of Naruto every time she thinks about him.

"I think I know why; but I want to see if my suspicions are correct" said Sarutobi

"What do you mean?" said Kakashi

"You'll see" said Sarutobi

Academy: Training grounds

Back outside the academy; Naruto and Hinata's match has begun. Naruto is evading Hinata's attacks. Her body is no longer under her own control as it's controlled by raw lust, thanks to the pheromones he produced. Naruto doesn't want to hurt Hinata as she is a sweet hearted girl and doesn't have a killing bone in her body. But her body begs to differ; her mind is kind but her body is lethal as she is trained in the arts of Gentle Fist; a Taijutsu that only the Hyuuga Clan can use with their infamous Byakugan, a dojutsu that gives the wielder 360 degree view.

Naruto is still dodging Hinata's attacks; fearing on what will happen next when he's knocked out.

I've got to do something; but I don't want to hurt Hinata-chan thought Naruto; he did admit that she is cute and all...scratch that, she's beautiful in his mind. After that he saw her beautiful form, he doesn't know what to think about her; and he doesn't have the heart to hurt her.

"You don't need to hurt her"

Huh?Who said that?Thought Naruto

"I did, I can help you defeat her without putting a scratch on her"

Who are you thought Naruto while dodging Hinata's attacks again

"I'm you; the other you, born from the lustful powers of that pendant" said the voice within Naruto's head

Are you Kyuubi? Thought Naruto

"Good guess, but no I'm not" said the voice in Naruto's head "I am the manifestation of lust born from your psyche; the powers of lust feeds me, makes us stronger and most of all a part of you"

A part of me? thought Naruto

"that's right; now listen to me as this information is quite vital." Said the inner Naruto "5 years ago; that pendant has given us an incredible gift, but back then you weren't ready so I waited until you've matured into a strong, handsome man; and I must say it was worth the wait. Anyway, those powers can help you win this battle"

How? thought Naruto

"You need to dominate your opponent" said Inner Naruto "I'll explain while I awaken your new powers"

Then suddenly Naruto is shrouded in pink chakra; everyone was shocked to have seen this. Naruto's eyes are changing from blue to dark pink with black vein-like markings around the pupil. His physique changes as well; he grew a few inches higher that his clothes are a bit tight on him; his hair grew a bit longer and his facial structure is nought of any baby fat. He'd look a year older and more handsome than ever.

"Good; now close your eyes, channel your chakra within them and say Shinkeigan while opening your eyes" Inner Naruto

"Shinkeigan" said Naruto as his eyes open; his vision changes instantly and it starts to freak him.

"Don't panic; you just witnessed the ability of the Shinkeigan or "Nerve eye" said Inner Naruto "This Dojutsu works 2 ways; the first is that this dojutsu is similar to the Hyuuga's Byakugan, except that they see the opponent's chakra system, you see their nervous system. Now, you see the pink and blue-green dots around the body?"

Yes said Naruto in his mind

"Those are pleasure and pain points; the pink ones are the pleasure points, they make the opponent feel massive flows of pleasure if either of those were touched." Explained Inner Naruto "And the Blue/Green ones are the pain points; you can cause them unimaginable pain if you touch them. Normally no one can do that but that's the beauty of the Shikeigan, it makes your hands extra sensitive to those who touch them. With a light touch on either of those points and the electrical signals on the nerves with be delivered into the brain, making them feel either pleasure or pain."

And the second way to use this Dojutsut hought Naruto

"It can be used by eye contact" said Inner Naruto "It automatically performs a jutsu that can either activate all of the pleasure points or the pain points; however it takes a massive amount of chakra and you're not ready for it yet. The technique is called" Pleasure/Pain Overload", the results is dynamite as I witnessed it from the memories from the previous user of this power as well"

So basically it's like having the Hyuuga's Gentle Fist but gentler thought Naruto

"In a way" said Inner Naruto "Now you must get ready; I'll tell you the rest of this power's techniques later; good luck"

After that, the Inner consciousness of Naruto's mind vanishes for now; Naruto gets ready and poses in an unknown stance and waits for Hinata to strike. As Hinata tries to aim for his head; he gently grabs her arm and strokes where the pleasure point is.

Hinata then drops to her knees as a big amount of pleasure fills her; she then tries to strike him in the stomach with her free chakra enhanced hand until Naruto grabs it firmly and strokes another pleasure point on her other arm. Hinata moans and feels her legs turn to jelly but she tries to stay strong as she then jumps back, nearly collapsing but now kept her distance. She is breathing heavily as the scent of Naruto's pheromones is too intoxicating; she then charges at Naruto but he arrives first, he strokes her left shoulder, then her right side, then her left breast and at the centre of her chest.

He even starts licking her neck and right up to her earlobe; then he rubs a circle on her flat stomach and lifts his knee and slightly touches her warm folds covered in her now soaking pants. The pleasure is too much for Hinata as she then starts to faint from the excitement; Naruto caught her before she could even reach the floor. He strokes the few strands of her hair away from her face to reveal her beautiful, sleeping voice.

"I'm sorry, Hinata-chan" as he whispers in her ear and his eyes return to blue.

Then he collapses on his knees; still has Hinata in her arms; the scene does look romantic and all, but Iruka is now concerned about Naruto and Hinata as he rushes towards them. Iruka checks up on them and sighs that they are only sleeping, he couldn't help but to chuckle at Naruto and Hinata's smiling.

"Well I'll be damned" said Iruka smiling at his little brother figure.


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