Shinobi of Lust

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Early on

Sasuke and Sakura are on their way to aid Naruto who went on ahead to trick any foolish ninja who believe to be alone. Af first the must keep a distance from the blonde so not to spook their targets early until they focus on fighting Naruto.

Sakura is still unsure about this, but she trust Sasuke's judgement and have faith in Naruto with fighting on his own for a few minutes.

"You don't think Naruto would already beaten the target before we arrive?" said Sakura

Sasuke chuckled at the question before replying.

"Naruto is good, but even he would struggle against foes without intel to back him up" said Sasuke "He is bait, and he knows it, that's why he went on a head."

"I hope so" said Sakura "Or else we'll fail, period."

I know, I do not want to fail this exam and wait another year of two to try again thought Sasuke with a frown when a certain memory that haunted him for years. Not when HE is out there.

You better be alright, you baka thought Sakura We need you to pass this part of the exam, so don't do anything foolish to get you killed.

Forest of Death: Naruto and Karui

Naruto is still fighting Karui on his own, the Kumo Kunoichi still has him in her clutch but the matter of killing his pending. Naruto is keeping a distance away from her because of a jutsu she casted, a shroud of lightning style chakra covers her from head to toe and leaving not opens for Naruto to breach.

But keeping a distance away from the dark skinned kunoichi isn't gonna help though, for he is open to lighting strikes created by the electric barrier which imprisoned him. Naruto dodges the lightning strikes, but this distracts him from Karui as she charges in and landed a kick to the chest. The impact from her foot causes the electricity to surge into Naruto, causing him to scream in pain as the shocks attack his nervous system.

Stunned, Naruto is left open again for Karui to throw a high kick to his temple, surging more lightning into him before sending flying towards the barrier to shock him more.

"AGH!" screamed Naruto as the increasing flow of electricity surges in him, creating lighting shaped scorge marks to develop on his skin. But it ends with the built up amount of energy suddenly pushes him back and crash into the floor.

Naruto's new lightning shaped scorch marks starts to slowly fade away thanks to his healing factor. But the many shocks did some damage to his nerves and motor functions, as he tries to move his hand, it doesn't move.

"Damn…no point in using by Shadow Clone Jutsu now" said Naruto as he starts at his now twitcing hand. He is now finding it hard to more his body now, even if he gets up he cannot more on his won now, he can bearly stand not. Kyuu-chan, help me.

"I'm trying to keep you alive from all this damage" said Kyuubi in a desperate tone. Normally the many electrocutions would kills a person, but it was Kyuubi herself that's preventing the flow of elcetricty from frying his internal organs, but until fortunately she couldn't stop the flow from attacking the nerves which fucked up the his motor functions. "I'm sorry"

Naruto sighs sadly while wincing in pain as he dropped to one knee, his hands twitch like crazy, following with involuntary shakes on his arms. He looks up at Karui, the Lightning Style: Armour around her is still on

Damn it, I can't get through that jutsu thought Naruto as he desperately tries to think of a way to defeat her. Come on think, Naruto. THINK!

Karui chuckles at Naruto, noticing the struggling he's showing on his person, she then charges at him with her hand reached out. Naruto tries to dodge but all he can to do is collapse out of the way, but Karui smirked while looking down and grabs him. Electricity surges all around Naruto when Karui lifted him up.

"AGH!" screams Naruto as he is once again electrocuted. The sound of his ears is music to her ears.

"Raikage-sama will be pleased to know that I succeeded in killing you" said Karui as she starts to feel hot and bother again. "Damn it now this again"

Karui dropped Naruto as she is feeling hot which she started to remove her white flak jacket and her white hitai-ate bandana. Suddenly her jutsu is dispelled and now left undefended, unfortunately Naruto has suffered so much he is now incapacitated by the flow of electricity surging in his body. Both are inactive now, Karui pants heavily as she drops on her knees as the heat is making her sluggish.

What the Hell is wrong with me? Karui when suddenly the area is slowly thickening with a pink fog, and as she breaths in it, the more she feels hot and bothered. What the…poison?

Karui tries to cover her mouth and nose but it was too late, she is already affected by it. The pink fog around her is now thick that its now harder for her to see through.

Damn it's hot thought Karui with her cheeks glowing red while she starts to take off her grey top and show off her ninja mesh undershirt. She lends back and falls to the ground as she is now too exhausted to more.

It's still hot, must…strip Karui is now wiggling her plump ass so she can take off her grey shirts and expose those soft dark cheeks between a pair of lightning themed panties. "Ah, ah"

Karui moans when her panties become soaked from her own juices and causes her to twerk involuntary. Suddenly the area around her starts to change, from the forest into what appears to be an office where the window over looks a village with a mountain tops with handing buildings poking out from the clouds. In front of the window is a chair where it's sat upon by a tanned young man wearing nothing but the Raikage Haori and Hat, the Haori is open which exposed his naked glory and his huge hard erection that's pointing upwards. The figure's face is hiddenly by the shadow of his hate, but his mouth pulls in with a wide grin as he gazes at Karui.

Karui is confused but her arousal is too much that she doesn't care what's going on. Suddenly the stranger speaks.

"Don't tell you're tired, you just got me hard after you're sexy twerking, Karui-chan"

Karui is still confused when she noticed that she is wearing something she wasn't wearing before. Instead of her Kumo uniform and hitai-ate bandana. She is wearing a torn deimen shorts which are so short that they show her plump dark asscheeks that hug well, and a dark grey vest which does up to her mid-riff while wearing a choker with the Kumo Inignia tag on it.

"Huh, what is this?" said Karui with confusion in her eyes.

"Is something the matter, Karui-chan?"

Karui turns her focus to the mysterious man and then to his huge erection, this cares her to gulp in hunger while drools seep out from her kissable lips.

"Sorry, Raikage-sama, I'll continue twerking my sweet ass for you" said Karui when hearts start to form between her yellow eyes.

What she doesn't know is that she is entranced in Naruto's Sexy Illusion while drowning in his Yokubo no Kiri, to her she believes she in the Raikage's office "entertaining" the new Raikage who is a mystery to her, but didn't care because she was entranced by the size of his erect cock waiting for her.

While Karui is distracted in her lustful fantasy, Naruto is starting to recover thanks to Kyuubi, he wasn't sure if the Yokubo no Kiri could go through Karui's jutsu, but he thanked Kami it did. His Motor Functions are still fucked but within time they be healed by the Fox, so for now he uses his Juuni-Te to help him get up and move him about. He turns to notice Karui who is now wearing nothing but her underwear, twerking and shaking her plump ass about, the twerking causes her dark cheeks to bounce and clap to together between her soaking wet panties. Karui does not seem to notice or care in the matter, for she believes to be entertaining her New Raikage.

Naruto couldn't help but watch the dark skinned Kunoichi shake that booty in front of him, the swaying and bouncing of her plump cheeks is inviting and almost hypnotic. He can feel his pants tighten and his lips soak up with leaking drool which he licked away with his tongue.

"What are you waiting for, tap that ass!" said Kyuubi for she is getting horny from watching the twerking.

Naruto would immediately approach Karui and fuck her, but his body wouldn't move well due to the electric current still flowing in his body that it tightens his muscles that it prevents him moving. Luckily his Juuni-Te helps him move towards the still twerking Karui while a couple of tendrils starts to approach her bouncing butt that gave it a few spanks.

"Ahh" Karui moaned, the spanks though hurt but it also brought in surprising pleasure which slithered up to her back and all across her body. "Please, do it again!"

Naruto smiled while his Juuni-Te proceeds with spanking her dark cheeks again, each spank would form sudden ripples on those plump smooth cheeks which are presented to Naruto. His cock pulses with want, and to see a wonderous sight along with a show can do that.

The area around him starts to change as he enters the Sexu Illusion and into Karui's fantasy. To his surprise his clothes vanish until he is naked apart from the Haori and Hat of a Kage. At first he thought he's the Hokage but instead of red accents on the haori and the "Fire" Kanji on his hat, the accents are yellow and the Kanji on his Hat reads "Lightning".

He isn't the Hokage in this erotic fantasy, he's the Raikage.

Ok, this is somewhat interesting for I would vision myself as Hokage with a Harem full of sexy Kunoichi. Thought Naruto with an amused smirk. But I'd never imagine Karui would fancy herself to be the Raikage's bitch.

Still amused by this, he remains aroused by the show Karui is giving him. His cock is starting to hurt with the pulsing and he balls desire release.

"Bring that ass here, my cock demands it." Said Naruto

"Hai, Raikage-sama" said Karui as she back up towards her "raikage's" hard on until her cheeks now sandwich it. She then twerks again, rubbing her ass on the erection which Naruto leans back and moans in euphoria. Karui's ass is soft between his hard cock, the desire to fuck it is growing more but all he can do is let her give him a reverse assjob. She then clench her cheeks around the erection as she can get a good hold on, causing Naruto to groan more as she starts to bounce her plump rear.

Naruto remains still, his body cannot move yet but he can feel his muscles relax every minute, the only muscle he wants tighten and stiff is the one between his legs and get hugged by Karui's dark plump ass.

"Ah, your ass is amazing, Karui" said Naruto "So soft, so plump, it's perfect."

"Thank you, Raikage-sama" said Karui as she continues to twerk her ass and clench tightly his cock. She can feel it pulse between her cheeks and grinned happily to know that her new Raikage is close to a climax.

And she is correct, Naruto can feel a climax and suddenly starts to erupt, cum shoots out and starts to paint all over Karui's perfect ass. Naruto and Karui while the climax continues for a one more jolt, the feeling of cum covering her ass has caused her to climax herself, drenching her shorts, but in truth her already soaked panties.

She released her anal grip on Naruto's cock and turns to lower down to face it. Karui starts with licking the shaft while pressing her nose in to take in that intoxicating musk. She inhales to intoxicating stink of Naruto's penis before guiding her mouth to the tip and engulfing halfway to savour the taste. Swaying her tongue to get the flavour, Karui moans at the taste and starts sucking while going further until her chin rests on Naruto's blonde pubes and hanging balls.

Naruto grunts in delight, Karui's warm tongue and hot breath covering his cock a pleasant. He is starting to get the feeling back on his arms and move them willingly now. He slowly reaches out for Karui's head and hold it so she can continue blowing on his pulsing manhood. 10 minutes of sucking and licking slowly builds up the climax within him and gets ready to fire another round of white baby batter now aimed down her throat.

"Ah" Naruto moans as he climaxed, injecting his cum right inside Karui's mouth and she swallows it. The sound her gulping as she let the flow of semen pour down her throat, moaning at the salty but delicious flavour staining her tongue. She continues to swallow and slurp until Naruto finished, she pulled him out but cleans his shaft with her tongue, and also lubricating it for what's next to come.

"Raikage-sama, my ass begs for your cock"

Naruto smirks at this as he stands up from his throne and pulls her close to her, his hand fondles her dark cheeks while two fingers starts teasing her wanting anus. Karui couldn't take it anymore, she planted her lips onto his, the Raikage hat slides off with Karui's hand moves to his face and then his hair. She didn't notice who the Raikage is when her eyes are close so she can savour to deep passionate kiss.

The broke the kiss for air, Karui slowly open her eyes and suddenly gasped at who the Raikage is, this causes her to snap out of her trance and shatter the Sexy Illusion.

"So you think you can have your way with me" said Karui as she tries to break free from Naruto's hold, but her struggling only caused her to moan when Naruto's fingers prod her anus. "Ah, ah…"

"Oh come on, don't tell me you didn't enjoyed it" said Naruto with his foxy grin while his blue eyes turn pink of his Shinkeigan. He squeezed Karui's left butt cheek which triggered many pleasure points while caressing her face which trigged more pleasure points. Karui moaned deeply as her body starts to shake her booty further to Naruto's hand.

"Don't think…this… changes…ah…nothing" said Karui "I will…kill you…"

Karui then plant her lips onto Naruto's while wiggling her tongue for entry, Naruto invites her tongue to his and allows the kiss to deep and flood with passion. The glowing pink saliva in Naruto's mouth mixes with Karui's causes the kunoichi to moan further and further until she is completely enthralled in her own lust and euphoria.

Karui broke her kiss and tries to snarl at her target, but her desires is too great for her that she then turns around so that her ass is now rubbing on Naruto's erection.

"But before I do…fuck my ass" said Karui "Stuff that damn Uzumaki cock up my fat ass."

Naruto chuckled at Karui as he then lowers her to the soft cold ground, Karui is now on all fours and starts shaking her ass seductively for Naruto to stuff his in. Naruto mounts behind Karui and wasted no time fucking her ass.

"Ah, Ah, it's so long and thick inside~" moaned Karui as she lower her head on the ground and remains in her position for Naruto to proceed. Naruto held Karui's hips so he can remain inside the kunoichi's anus while thrusting in and out, his length and thickness is surprisingly idealfor Karui's plump ass for he can feel the walls hug softly around his rod.

"Her ass is amazing" said Naruto, thrusting faster and faster with excitement. "I can't get enough of it."

"Ah, Ah, deeper, deeper!" said Karui with her face flowed with pleasure. "kneed my ass and spank my cheeks!"

Naruto move one of his hands and starts kneading Karui's hands, enjoying the plump softness as it nearly buries his hand into that dark soft flesh. He then starts massaging and kneading those cheeks like he's kneading bread dough.

Karui moans as the pleasure points on her ass are activate at once, her euphoric pleasure ha caused her insides to clasp hard on his thrusting penis as it intends to milk him. Naruto does not mind, for he is enjoying fondling this amazing ass Karui possessed. Karui loves the attention her ass is getting, all of her pleasure points in her ass is overloading, making her legs lose their strength but she was fortunate when Naruto still has hold on her waist while ramming his hard dick mercilessly in her. Juices starts to seep out of her pussy, dripping all over the ground and also on Naruto's swinging balls.

"I know you like it, having your ass ravaged" said Naruto as he then sensed a climax coming. "Well, you're about to enjoy this, here I come!"

Naruto climaxed, his cock starts fulling up the Karui's ass like a hose filling up a balloon. She gasped at the thick warmness filling her plump dark ass and suddenly to her stomach. Naruto's ejaculation doesn't stop, it keeps going, causing cum to both bursting out and also stuffing her until her toned belly bloats. The bloating is painful but the pain goes away when Naruto starts massaging her bloated stomach and exchanging the pain for pleasure. It was weird for her, but the strangeness is welcoming. Naruto finally finished but Karui now looks pregnant with her belly full of cum.

She suddenly collapses when her legs give out, her bloated belly crashes to the ground and cum pours out from her ass while mixing with her juices pouring out from her pussy. Naruto sighs in relief while stepping aside from the puddle of glowing pink semen.

"By Kami, I never knew I held that much before" said Naruto, surprised how long he came in Karui. Karui remained on the gound, her eyes rolled back and her mouth agape with droll pouting out of her lips. Suddenly the electric barrier around then starts to dispel, which is fortunate for Naruto as he can clean up him, and Karui since it's the least he can do for her.

Naruto bought Karui to the spring and starts washing her and himself, Karui moans in pleasure when Naruto washed her body while activating her pleasure points, and even gave her ass one last fondle along the way. Karui is entranced in her own pleasure to notice, even if she did she wouldn't mind because the treatment from Naruto is surprisingly pleasant, taking responsibility for his actions. But right now, she is in the state of oblivion while Naruto cleaned her up and then give himself a wash.

Naruto let Karui lean by the bank of the spring while he starts washing his own body, to wash off the sweat off his body and also the cum off his cock. But what he doesn't now that the Eki Aiyoku in his sweat and semen causes the area within the spring to glow pink, and Karui is within that area. The sensation of the now glowing pink water is like a perfect soothing bath, the aroma is both sweet and musky with Karui inhales it.

There is no limit on how much pleasure Karui can tolerate, it's like she's in heaven. She unconsciously move her left hand towards her submerged pussy and plays with the lips and finger in between. Karui moans subconsciously, catching Naruto's attention and also noticed the pink glow on the spring he is in.

"This must be the cause of the Eki Aiyoku" said Naruto and then look up to Karui who is moaning passionately while fingering her own pussy. "Now this is interesting"

"Hai, taking baths will be more fun now" said Kyuubi

Please, I need to focus on the exam thought Naruto as he exits the bath to get dressed, the spring remains glowing pink when mixed by Naruto's Eki Aiyoku. I think the effects of my Eki Aiyoku in the water will last for a while, distracting Karui before her sense returns to her.

Naruto starts getting dressed while watching Karui playing with herself in the soothing pink spring. Naruto turns to Karui's discarded clothes and goes through them, he smiles with he pulls out her "Heaven" Scroll which will pair to his "Earth" scroll.

"Now all I have to do is regroup with Sasuke and Sakura and head for to the tower" said Naruto while putting the scroll in his pouch. "No hard feelings, I hope we meet, we don't end up fighting. And perhaps get to know you better."

After that, Naruto leaves Karui so he can regroup with his team.

Karui's dream

Karui moans while laying on a soft mattress with her ass sticking out and getting ravaged by a large thick cock thrusting between her plump ass cheeks. The room is dim, windows draped with thick curtains so hardly any light can illuminate the area. But light isn't needed in the passionate love making, Karui turns her head and shift her eyes so she can see her lover, a handsome man with tan skin, short but spiky blonde hair and a spiral tattoo around his navel.

"Ah, my ass will never stop loving your cock" said Karui

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing, vice versa"

Her lover then grips her waist and and thrusts deeper, causing Karui to life her head high and moan loudly in the room.

"Ah…I love you, Naruto-kun"

Her lover, Naruto smiles as he lowered down so he can kiss Karui, both moaning in passion while their love making continues.

"And I love you, Karui-chan"

Forest of Death

Later, Karui's senses start to return and found herself naked in the spring, at first, she was confused at why she is naked in the spring when suddenly all has come back to her. She blushed deeply and snarls in anger, a mixture of embarrassment and fury is shown on her face.

"That son of a bitch" said Karui standing up the spring, only for her to drop on one knee and moaned when a sensation in her ass felt. She ignored the pleasure and heads for her clothes, first she checks her pouch and and snarled when her Heaven Scroll is gone. "DAMN IT!"

Karui slowly stands up while a shroud of lightning chakra surrounds her still naked body.

"Take advantage of me and then run away with MY scroll?" said Karui when sparks of lighting strike the nearby trees. "You have not seen the last of me, Uzumaki."

With Sasuke and Sakura

Sakura and Sakura are drawing near to Naruto, but the closer they get the more anxious they are, the journey is quiet…too quiet for when the area they are in is extremely hostile.

"Any sign of Naruto?" said Sakura

"No I…wait, I see him." Said Sakura making a turn when she saw the familiar blonde hair.

"huh?" said Sasuke as he noticed Sakura make a turn and followed her, he also noticed Naruto, but he frowned at the blond and kept silent until they reached him.

"Oh hey guys" said Naruto with a grin. "Good news, I managed to steal the scroll from a team, cool right?"

"But how did you manage to do that?" said Sakura

"Does it matter?" said Naruto as he walk towards Sakura. "We got two scrolls now, we'll pass the exam in flying colours."

Sakura sighed in relief at this, but Sasuke isn't convinced and charges at Naruto with the intent to kill. Sasuk swipes with a kunai, forcing Naruto dodge with ease.

"Sasuke!" said Sakura "Why are you attacking Naruto?"

"Yeah, what the hell, Sasuke!" said Naruto in anger, but the tone Naruto does at Sasuke isn't the same.

"Just what I thought, you're not Naruto" said Sasuke

"Huh?" said Sakura as she turns to Naruto. "I don't understand."

"Yeah, what's the problem, Sasuke?"

"You said my name, you NEVER say my name" said Sasuke "Plus, you dodged my attack so easily without getting a scratch."

"Huh?" said Sakura

"Sakura, what does he smell like?" said Sasuke turning to Sakura. "You're not feeling flustered as usual when Naruto's around.

"I-I don't know what you mean?" said Sakura with a blush and lying out of her ass.

"Enough, tell me if Naruto's scent is the same." Said Sasuke impatiently.

Sakura groaned with embarrassment and starts sniffing, suddenly she noticed something strange.


"he smells…normal" said Sakura

"Thought so, when Naruto's around, you unconsciously become flushed which is caused by his Kekkei Genkai's pheromones which affect you and other girls who are neaby, but you're not flused when you're near Naruto." Said Sasuke "Also, Naruto would have some trouble in battle, even with experienced kunoichi who are taking this exam."

Sasuke turns to face "Naruto" and frowned at him.

"So who the hell are you?" said Sasuke as he poses in a battle stance.

Naruto said nothing, but a grin curls across his cheeks and a tongue starts to stick out and lip his lips.

"Well done, Sasuke" said "Naruto" with a female voice before poofing into smoke. The form of Naruto is misplaced with the Kunoichi with her straw conical hat, grey robes with a purple rope tied behind her back. "You do have an eye on the unusual, but I thought my disguise of your friend is flawless."

"If you believe that, then you don't know Naruto" said Sasuke

"Oh you can be surprised about how I know your little friend, Sasuke" said the Kusa Kunoichi "But that doesn't matter right now."

Suddenly a giant snake emerges from the ground and sires to carry the Kunoichi on its hear while leering down at the two genin. Sakura is immediately terrified by the sight of the snake, Sasuke however is unnerved but kept his guard.

"But what will you do now?" said the Kusa Kunoichi when her extremely long tongue slithers out from her mouth while leering dangerously at Sasuke.

The leer alone causes Sakura and Sasuke to freeze in terror as the killer intent is chocking the atmosphere around them. Sudden visions of their impending doom caused this mysterious ninja flashed before their eyes, a terrifying and painful death awaits them and so close they can actually feeling happening right now.

The Kusa Kunoichi chuckles her eyes never leave her sight on Sasuke and Sakura.

"What will you do in the presence of a predator, little bird?"

End of Chapter

Naruto's Harem/ Fetish

Hinata – domination

Hanabi - Incest

Ino – Foreplay/ Anal/ Stuffing

Anko - BDSM

Kurenai - Exhibitionist

Mei Terumi

Haku- Exhibition

Hana Inuzuka – Foreplay/Doggy Style

Tsume Inuzuka – Foreplay/Doggy Style


Tsunami – Maid







Lust-Style Jutsu

Shinkeigan: Nerve Eye

Juuni-Te: Twelve Arms

EkiAiyoku: Liquid Lust

Yokubo no Kiri: Mist of Lust

Sexy Illusion