Shinobi of Lust

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Forest of Death

After dealing with the summon Aoda, Naruto is going as fast as he can but not fast enough because the battle against that serpent (and Karui with sex) has drained a large portion of his energy and is in a dire need of a break.

Naruto stops for a moment when fatigue has built up and he needs a breather, dropping to his knees while leaning on the trunk of the trees.

"Kami help me, it's only been half a day and I'm already tired" said Naruto taking off his hitai-ate so he can wipe the sweat of his brow. "I…need to, I can't go on much further."

"I'm sorry, Naruto-kun. I can't pep you up anymore" said the Kyuubi with an apologetic tone. "I used up as much as I can to keep you alive without corrupting your body during your battle against that Kumo kunoichi."

"It's okay, I'll just take a break for a while to get my energy back" said Naruto as he heads to the leafy part of the tree and rests in there. "Besides, the Teme will be fine on his own."

"But this is Orochimaru, one of the Sannin, an elite ninja that rival the Hokage" said Kyuubi "If you barely defeated that kunoichi and that summon, how can you and he have a change against him?"

Naruto frowns when the Kyuubi made a point, Orochimaru is beyond his league and then change of defeating him is extremely unlikely, almost impossible.

"Sasuke wouldn't be foolish to fight him" said Naruto


"Guh!" Sasuke winces in pain as the recent bite mark gained from Orochimaru starts to burn and form a mark above it. The young Uchiha drops on his knees and his body froze in paralysis, his face shows immense agony when his eyes close tight and his teeth grit so hard it starts to hurt his jaw. The cold sweat starts to seep out on is now pale skin and verge of vomiting is threatening.

Sakura rushed towards the Uchiha to check up on his, she calls to him for any assurance, but none were given to her. She looks up at the grinning serpent who is licking his lips in a hungry fashion.

"You bastard, what did you do to him!" said Sakura as she pull out her kunai in a futile attempt to intimidate the Sannin.

Orochimaru only chuckled at the pink haired girl, finding her attempted display of intimidation laughable.

"Just a simple parting gift, but we shall see if he survives the process" said Orochimaru as he slowly sinks into the trees. "But in the meantime, do try and pass the Chunnin Exams. Good Luck, Kukuku"

After that, Orochimaru is nowhere to be seen, vanished without a trace. Sasuke remains in pure agony as the burning from the Sannin's venomous bite lingers on, causing all his nerves to overload as if his entire body is on fire and electrocuted at the same time. The young Uchiha is trying to fight, but the more he fights the more he will suffer with the pain until suddenly his body cannot take anymore and collapses and falls out cold.

"Sasuke? Sasuke?!" said Sakura as she managed to catch Sasuke before hitting hard on the branch they're on. Now looking pale and sweat drenched on his forehead, the look of discomfort on his face, something Sakura wouldn't want to see on her crush/teammate's face. "Naruto! Naruto, quick we need you!"

Back with Naruto


Hearing his name, Naruto slowly lift his head out from the leaves and look over to the direction of the cries belonging to Sakura.

"That sounds like Sakura" said Naruto sitting up a bit. "Sounds like trouble"

"Careful, it may be a trap" said Kyuubi "Plus, you're not in any condition to move at the moment."

"…Hai" said Naruto in irritation, though he hated the truth, he cannot even help his team as he is right now. Also, he cannot take any chances while both scrolls are in his possession, so he remains in the leaves until he recovers. "I need to be sure…I just hope I got enough chakra."

Naruto performed a hand sign and managed to create one shadow clone; one is enough to do some reconnaissance while he rests.

"Go to where Sakura is calling" Naruto instructs is clone, who is also showing some fatigue but can still stand on his two feet. "Make sure if she and the Teme are alright, dispel if it's a trap."

"Got it" said the clone before heading to where Sakura is calling to him. Naruto groans tirelessly after performing that jutsu, the combined hours of intense battles (and sex) has indeed took its toll on him.

"I hope I'm at 100% soon" said Naruto

"Just get some sleep, I'll alert you if I sense any danger" said Kyuubi "I'll use my chakra to deter any unfriendly beasts who might eat you."

"Thanks" said Naruto before leaning back into the leaves and falls asleep.

With Sakura and Sasuke

Sakura held Sasuke on her back while climbing down the trees so she can make camp beneath the exposed thick roots. After calling for Naruto and getting no response, Sakura has no choice but to deal with this situation on her own.

I hope you're okay too, Naruto…kun Sakura thought would she unintentionally added the suffix at the end of her blonde teammate's name. She's too upset and worried for her inner Sakura to react and have the last say in the matter, both her and her inner self is worried for her teammates, and not just for the sake for the exam but in general.

She was lucky that the moss makes good bedding, but she pulled out a couple of sleeping bags out so that Sasuke can get some additional comfort as possible. Sasuke lays there still in discomfort on his face as if he is having nightmares, then again nightmares are nothing new to the Uchiha ever since that night his entire Clan died by Itachi.

But Sakura did all she can to help Sasuke recover and hopefully regain consciousness from Orochimaru's attack. She carefully treated the physical wound on Sasuke's neck with an emergency kit and dressing it with bandages, she even used what's left to drench it with clean water and place on Sasuke's forehead to keep the fever in check.

"There, that will do it" said Sakura with a sigh as she turns to look out with worry still on her face. "Please Naruto-kun, hurry"

Suddenly the sound of rustling reached Sakura's ears and alerted her, she pulled out a kunai and stands in front of Sasuke to defend him. She frowns with caution as she waits for an attack from rival candidates of the exam. Suddenly, emerging from the thick foliage, a familiar face is sighted.

"Sakura, thank Kami you're alright" said Naruto's clone as he exits the forest foliage and make his way towards Sakura and Sasuke.

Sakura sighed in relief to see the blond. But, remembering how Orochimaru imitated Naruto like last time, she regained her guard and gets ready to throw her kunai at him.

"Hold it, how do I know you're actually him." Said Sakura with a warning frown.

Naruto's clone stopped as he noticed Sakura on her guard and remained still so not to cause any trouble. In a situation like this, you cannot trust anyone.

"I can't be too careful around here, I need proof to confirm you're the real Naruto" said Sakura

Naruto's clone remained still, frowning sadly as he saw the fear and paranoia of the pink haired girls face. He turns to think of a way to prove himself, anything that may to ease Sakura of her worries.

I can't believe I'm doing this, but here goes nothing thought the clone as he starts to perform Yakubo no kiri which surrounds the area with the intoxicating pink mist. Sakura is suddenly entranced with the pink mist flows with her nose and puts her in an alluring trance.

"Sakura-chan, you know its me" said Naruto's clone, being a natural prankster hw couldn't help but do some teasing. He calmly walks towards the pink haired kunoichi until he is now behind her. He then then grabs her hand so he can remove the kunai away, next he brought her hand to his mouth starts to kiss the back of it. The kiss on her hand, causes Sakura to shudder as the Ekiaiyoku gets absorbed into Sakura's skin. "Only I can do this."

Sakura was entranced in her own lust, which was wakened by Naruto's kekkei genkai, make her body hot and bothered while the craving for his touch increases. But Naruto didn't nothing as he doesn't want to take advantage of this, making the enchantment on her to wear off. Sakura regained her senses and noticed that Naruto behind her with his arms around her. This caused a deep blush which would put Hinata's to shame and reacted the only way she can.

"Naruto, you BAKA!" Sakura yelled while punching the clone in the cheek.

The clone winced at this and already regretted when he starts to collapse on the ground and poofs into a poof of smoke. Realising this, Sakura widen her eyes and covered her mouth in shock at both her outburst and dispelled the ONLY clone Naruto sent to see if she's alright.

"Ah, what did I do?" Sakura panicked gripping her pink hair and her face showing disbelief at what she did. "Grr, you had to do that! you knew what I was thinking, and you had to choose THAT to prove you're real."

"CHA, I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS HUMILIATION, YOU BAKA!" Sakura's inner self roars in an outburst for that humiliating, but deep down she admit being in Naruto's arms is welcoming and the idea of being in his embrace…and maybe kissing him causes her to blush like a certain hyuuga.

"Whew, it's a good thing that clone performed another clone just in case" Suddenly another clone emerges from the foliage and held his hands high to show Sakura he means no harm while sweatdropping at what his other clone said to prove himself to Sakura. "But I never thought he'd do that."

Sakura frowned and turned her head away so she can hide her blush.

"You could've thought something else, rather than embarrass me, Baka" said Sakura with her blush still on her cheeks. "Anyway, where are you and what happened?"

The second clone sighed as he can get close to Sakura so he can explain.

"I had a problem, got caught in a trap made by a Kumo Kunoichi with dark skin, red hair and a fine ass." Said the Clone as he smirked at that last description. Sakura sweatdropped when she heard that last part. "I struggled in that fight and had to subdue her but not without gaining damage of my own."

"is you alright?" Sakura asked with concern.

"I'm alright, but that fight (and sex) wore me out, but I was later ambushed by a giant snake on my way to you, the snake which happens to be a summon sent by Orochimaru. Speaking of, are you and Sasuke all right?"

Sakura is hesitant to answer that question while look back at the unconscious form of the Uchiha, she sighs with worry and returns her attention to the clone.

"I don't know, Orochimaru did something to him, he bit him and now he's got that strange mark on his neck."

Naruto's clone frowned at this and started to look worried.

"Damn, not him too?" said Naruto's Clone

"What do you mean?" said Sakura

"Sakura, I need you to watch over Sasuke and stay hidden" said Naruto's Clone "I'll explain later once I get to you once I'm fully recovered. What Orochimaru did to Sasuke, I hope it's not bad as I believed."

"I don't understand" said Sakura

"You will, I promise you" said Naruto "What Anko-chan told me about him, I hope we never see him again."

Knowing how serious Naruto looks, she must trust him and listen to his warning. She nods at the clone to show she understands.

"Ok, I'll stay here and remain hidden, just get here as soon as you're able" said Sakura

"Got it" said Naruto's Clone nodding at his pink haired teammate before he poof into smoke.

Sakura quietly returned to hide in her camp and sit next to Sasuke, she looks down at the Uchiha boy with concern on her face and sighed.

"To quote Shikamaru, this is troublesome" said Sakura with a sigh and keep watch outside. Suddenly her eyes start to fall heavy and slowly closes them so she can sleep.

Unaware that Naruto's clones were not the only ones hiding in the foliage, 3 pair of eyes of the Sound Trio leers at the hidden camp of Team 7.

"At dawn, we'll strike" said the hunched mummified genin Dosu shifting his lone exposed eye to his team.

Zaku and Kin nods at Dosu, tracking team 7 took a while and it did tire them out if they hadn't this would've been a perfect opportunity to attack. But for now, both teams rest, rest for the battle yet to come.

With Naruto

Naruto is sound softly asleep in the thick leaves that hides him from any rival teams in the exam who might take advantage of this and steal the scrolls. Even the hostile fauna from leeches to giant centipedes keep their distance from him because the Kyuubi is deterring them with her chakra.

He is too exhausted to even dream, much to Kyuubi's displeasure because she would love to make Naruto's mind comfortable but he needs to replenish his chakra and energy by morning so he can regroup with his team.

It is now night, the moon beams through the leafy canopy of the forest, partially lighting the area. Fortunately, the moonlight doesn't beam down where Naruto is for everyone to see him…of so he thought, as he is being watched by a familiar pair of snake eyes.

Orochimaru slowly emerges from the trees, but only his upper body is emerged while his midriff stretches as he starts to dangerously approach Naruto like a snake to a prey. The moonlight beams out to shine on the snake, showing that his skin is starting to shed and flake out like a snake's skin. Even the clothing he is wearing is falling apart as if they are also made of skin.

He tears off the skin off his upper body, clothes and all and reveals to have a more feminine form, slender arms, smooth pale skin, slim waist and a pair of perky breasts, between the size of a high C-Cup and a Low D-cup. After shedding off the burned and damaged skin and clothes, Orochimaru's true form is revealed to be female. She ended her shedding by finishing off ripping off her "male" face to reveal a pale feminine one.

"Ah, much better" Orochimaru while clearing her throat so she can stop speaking like a man and once again talk like a woman. "It's been many years since I had to pose as a man, but I must wait until I can graft another male skin to wear."

She slowly coils around Naruto and the branches beneath him so not to fall off, this causes to reveal her lower form, a long pale snake's tail and but no legs at all. The form of a Lamia, a half snake creature with the woman's beauty above, and still deadly as any venomous serpent. She finished coiling around Naruto without waking him up, the cold smooth scales on her lower serpentine form presses on Naruto's warm body and her pale human form is now behind him so she can warp her slender arms around him and press her breasts on his back.

"You had a busy day, haven't you?" said Orochimaru whispering in Naruto's ear, but Naruto doesn't respond as he is deeply asleep. "You truly are worthy of being Sasuke's rival, but you have something he doesn't."

Naruto is unaware of the situation he is now, bound in the Snake's coils and in Orochimaru's mercy. She pulls a dangerous grin as she starts to caress Naruto's chest and slowly licking his neck hungrily while her teeth is close to biting.

"you're more…tasty"

Suddenly a kunai was thrown and landed near Orochimaru's head, but also grazed her cheek just to get her attention. She looks over to see a furious Anko with her arm outstretched, showing that she threw that kunai as a warning.

"Get away from him, you bitch!" Anko said with fury and in defence for Naruto's safety.

Orochimaru smirks at her old apprentice and uncoils her Blond prey.

"Hello, Anko-chan" said Orochimaru. "It's been a while."

"So, you finally showed your true self" said Anko "I always knew you were a serpent, but I never expected you to be half of one."

Orochimaru chuckles at Anko's so called insult

"Years of meditating in the Ryuchi Cave does wonders to the body, and I even manage to discover the secrets of youth and immortality." Said Orochimaru "Now I can just shed old age away like a snake's skin. You should try it, be young and beautiful like me."

"I'll take my changes, thanks" said Anko "I like to keep my legs."

Orochimaru sighs and shook her head at her apprentice.

"Once again you disappoint me, denying the opportunity for power, have I not taught you that?" said Orochimaru

"What I learned from you is what the kind of creature you really are, Sensei" said Anko pulling out her kunai. "I don't know why you returned, and I do not care. So, stay away from Naruto-kun or else I'll skin you alive."

Orochimaru chuckles again while looking back at the sleeping blonde.

"Oh, I can't do that" said Orochimaru while hungrily licking her lips and moaning erotically "I am too interested to ignore how delicious he is."

"What?" said Anko

"It's strange really, to be completely fascinated after tasting his blood, the blood stained your kunai which you threw at him" said Orochimaru as she starts to get more aroused as she stick out her tongue she can taste the intoxicating aroma of the blonde. "Oh, I cannot forget that taste, I tried to ignore the desire, but I just can't resist it any more. I want more, I want to taste more of his sweet flavour."

Anko snarls at Orochimaru after what she said, she then reaches out her sleeves and a few snakes shout out.

"You'll never have him!" exclaimed Anko as her snakes wrap around the Snake Sannin and yanks her. "Get over here!"

Orochimaru is yanked towards Anko, but the pale she-snake isn't worried, she then tries to warp her tail around Anko and constrict her but the purple haired Jonin dodged the snake tail and counters by slashing her old teacher's face. Orochimaru hisses in pain and anger, forcing her to back away while she is touching her now bleeding cheek.

"Bitch" snarled Orochimaru before dropping down to slither fast and starts crawling under the branch so she can strike Anko from below. She almost did but Anko dodge it and counters with another slash on the pale serpent's back. "Gah"

"You're getting rusty there, Sensei!" said Anko "I thought you'd be faster than this."

Orochimaru hisses at Anko and lunches at her, but Anko dodges the strikes and in return swings her kunai at her and leaving more wounds on her partially scaley body. Anko had enough of this so she then pins Orochimaru's serpent tail to the branch with more kunai so she could not move. Then she tackles the pinned serpent and pressed her kunai to Orochimaru's neck and smirks in triumph.

"I must say, you were disappointing" said Anko while smirking, "Looks like the student surpassed the teacher."

Orochimaru can feel the cold sharp steel press on her pale neck, she looks down at the kunai and then looks back at Anko. She then starts to chuckle and smiles in a calm expression which Anko is now confused at.

"What's so damn funny?"

"Oh Anko, you are so naïve" said Orochimaru with suddenly her body breaks up into a nest of pale snakes, wrapping around the Jonin and even biting her with a paralysing venom. The venom quickly spreads into her system, and freezes her in place, normally the venom would kill but the experience as a Jonin, following with the training with Orochimaru, the venom only freezes her while her body resists the potency from causing any damage on her vitals.

"D-Damn you" said Anko "Where…are you?"

"Over here"

Anko looks up to see Orochimaru is once again coiling around Naruto, who is still asleep. The wounds start to rapidly heal and she starts peeling off the scars off her body as it they are flakes of dried-up skin.

"Ah, I love this form, no ugly scars to ruin this smooth flawless skin" said Orochimaru after peeling off the scar on her cheek until there is nothing to show she was wounded. "Training in the Ryuchi Cave was worth it; the White Snake Sage is indeed kind."

Anko snarls at this and tries to move but the venom is preventing her, all she can do is watch as the pale serpent caress and lick him.

"Mmm, you chose well" said Orochimaru with a smirk as she embraced the sleeping blonde while inhaling the intoxicating scent produced by his Yokubo no Kiri. "Ahh, he's so delicious."

"Stay…away from…him" Anko is finding it hard to speak due to the venom in her blood.

"Aw, but I want to have some fun with him too" said Orochimaru with a mock childish tone while pulling the sleeping genin close, her perky white breasts press on the boy's warm clothed back. "I know he wouldn't be interested in me at first, but soon he'll consider what I can do beneath the covers."

Anko finds this disgusting to hear, to think her master, a kunoichi posing has a man for Kami knows why, would be allured by Naruto. She is starting to think this Kekkei Genkai could also be a curse if it means being raped by a deadly serpent like her.

"If you think I would let you rape him."

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of violating him." Said Orochimaru while licking Naruto's neck. "After all, isn't sex better when the person is willing?"

"Naruto would never think of fucking you" said Anko

"Oh, he will, in time" said Orochimaru before bearing her fangs and sunk her teeth into his neck. Naruto winced in pain but does not wake from being bitten by Orochimaru. Anko widen her eyes in shock and horror at what Orochimaru did. Orochimaru moaned as she can taste Naruto's glowing pink blood and moans at the taste. Now aroused, Orochimaru then starts kissing hungrily at his neck while licking the blood with her tongue and caressing his warn chest which she can feel the sudden accelerated heart rate.

Her tongue starts to slither its way into his mouth and starts to coil around his own, she starts to deepen the kiss as she is hungry for more. Hungry for more she continues kissing, even slithering her tongue down his throat, causing Naruto so jolt in reaction but still doesn't wake up.

She removed her lips from his lips and moaned, her snake eyed rolled back in sweet euphoria while licking her lips so she can savour the blonde's flavour.

"Ah, so tasty" moaned Orochimaru while she pulls Naruto in a deep embrace and continues kissing his bitten shoulder. "Mmm"

Anko was expecting some mark to form on Naruto's neck, but to her surprise no mark was ever mate. Confused she looks at Orochimaru who notice and smile.

"Oh, don't worry, I want to keep him, so he's spared of the cursed seal" said Orochimaru with some unwanted assurance. "Besides, alluring me by accident is curse enough."

"What did you do?" said Anko

Orochimaru only chuckled and let go of Naruto so she can slither towards Anko.

"don't worry, Naruto-kun is safe" said Orochimaru "by the time I destroy Konoha, he will be the only one I'll take from the rubble and wrapping around my coils. Who knows, I might even take you along."

Anko can feel the venom break away in her system and her paralysis fading. She snarls at her old sensei and charges in for the kill.

"Not on your life!" exclaimed Anko as she tries to tackle her but missed when Orochimaru leans down to fall off the tree. Anko lands on Naruto, who does not wake up which is surprising to Anko but blushed at how peaceful he is sleeping. "What the, why isn't he awake."

"Just a simple genjutsu to keep him and the Kyuubi from waking, just so he can have a pleasant night." Said Orochimaru's voice echoing in the dark forest "It'll wear off in time, but I suggest you leave him be, you don't want him disqualified for your meddling, now do you? Kukuku"

After that, Orochimaru is no where out of sight. Anko grits her teeth in anger as she failed to slay that serpent and keep her away from Naruto. She quickly approached Naruto and check his neck to see if no mark is left by that snake. No mark was left, much to Anko's relief but she could not help but worry or Orochimaru's intentions are with Naruto. She knows her well and she is not the kind to have a relationship, Orochimaru is fixated on her research on Chakra and Jutsus and does not bother with having a boyfriend or even having sex.

Could she really be allured by Naruto's Kekkei Genkei, if so then she is more worried for Naruto when that pale snake is now involved.

"Oh Naruto-kun, whatever she did do you, I start to worry more for you" said Anko as she place her hand on her lover's scarred cheek. Tears start to seep out from her eyes and slowly move her lips toward his. She kisses Naruto deeply and pull him in a deep embrace, warming him in this cold night. "I'll stay with you for tonight, just this once."

Anko continues to kiss her sleeping lover for a little while and cuddles towards him so she can keep him safe for the night. It's risky, but for his safety against Orochimaru.


Sunlight starts to beam out and shine on Naruto's face, his stirs with annoyance as the light shines on his closed eyes, feeling the warmth on his eyelids, waking him up for the new day.

"Uh, wha…" still sleep, Naruto looks confused as he looks around and wonders why he's outside…it took some some to recollect his thoughts until he realised that he is the forest of death for the Chunnin Exams. "oh, right. My team's waiting for me"

Naruto gets up from inside the leaves, yawns out and gives himself a good stretch.

"Looks like I rested enough" said Naruto when he felt some discomfort on his neck. He starts to massage his neck while he is unaware of the faint bite mark located there. Assuming it was caused by sleeping on a tree, Naruto treated his "stiff" neck until he feels better. "Sleeping on a tree isn't ideal, but at least it's safe."


"something wrong, Kyuu-chan?" said Naruto

"I don't know, I've got a weird feeling that something is out of place. And why do I smell snakes on you"

"It must've been some tree snakes slithering by while I was asleep" said Naruto shrugging his shoulders. Small snakes he can deal, harmless unless threatened, and Naruto sleeping at night is unlikely threatening to common tree snakes.

"But I used my chakra to deter any form of creatures getting at least 2 metres away from you" said Kyuubi "And the scent on you is too strong to be mere pythons."

This does disturb Naruto, what could've been near him when he was asleep, then another wonder occurred when he starts to get a strange taste in his mouth, he touched his lips and noticed how slightly wet they are.

"I best regroup, Sakura's been waiting enough" said Naruto ending the subject for good, think of what happened last night will have to wait for he need to help Sakura.

Meanwhile with Sakura

Sakura slowly starts to wake up herself, realising she fell asleep she panicked and checked on Sasuke. She sighed in relief to see that Sasuke is still there, but still unconscious and showing discomfort caused by Orochimaru's bite.

She couldn't help feel the cold dread when she stared at that mark on the Uchiha's neck, something evil about it terrifies the pink haired kunoichi and this concern her more. And the fact that is also worried about, meaning he knows what Orochimaru did to Sasuke and will explain once he regroups with the team.

What do you know about that mark, Naruto-kun thought Sakura with unwanted curiosity. Deep down she doesn't want to know, but denying it will not help if she wants to help Sasuke.

Suddenly she heard rustling, Sakura puts on her guard and takes out a kunai. She is prepared for anything, but the thought Orochimaru returning to pursue Sasuke terrifies her, she inwardly prays to Kami that the Sannin doesn't return. She waits for everything, be it friend or foe.

Bursting out from the bushes, a squirrel came out and starts scurriging between the forest foliage and the tree she is under. She was not expecting a squirrel honestly and she palmed her hand for reacting at a harmless creature. But she noticed the squirrel is getting too close to her and starts to panic, and with good reason which she is keeping o herself. She tossed a kunai at the squirrel to scare if off and divert its direction away from the tree.

She sighs in relief now that the squirrel is gone, it was dumb luck that she scared off the squirrel for it held a horrid secret. Up on the high branches and overlooking Sakura's camp, the Sound Trio are watching the pink haired kunoichi and witnessed her scaring off that squirrel, which they planted a paper bomb on it's back.

"You don't think she suspected that rodent to be a trap, right?" Zaku said to his bandaged comrade.

"no, I don't think so" said Dosu narrowing his lone eye with suspicion. "It's too convenient that she scared off our little trap. She doesn't want it near her, and not because of the bomb."

"Then what is it?" said Kin

"There's only one way to find out" said Dosu as he jumps off the branches and lands in the opening for Sakura to see him. Zaku and Kin follows to assist, both smirking arrogantly as they believe victory is with them. "Hello"

End of Chapter

Naruto's Harem/ Fetish

Hinata – domination

Hanabi - Incest

Ino – Foreplay/ Anal/ Stuffing

Anko - BDSM

Kurenai - Exhibitionist

Mei Terumi

Haku- Exhibition

Hana Inuzuka – Foreplay/Doggy Style

Tsume Inuzuka – Foreplay/Doggy Style

Yoshino Nara


Tsunami – Maid


Akako (FemGaara)





Lust-Style Jutsu

Shinkeigan: Nerve Eye

Juuni-Te: Twelve Arms

Shinkei no Ken: Nerve fist

EkiAiyoku: Liquid Lust

Yokubo no Kiri: Mist of Lust

Sexy Illusion