Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 33

Naruto suddenly starts to stir once more in his sleep, noticing the pleasant warmth pressing on his naked body and soft moaning and stirs reaching his ears. He slowly opens his eyes to find himself in a huge bed, under the covers and once again in between the 5 beautiful succubae who "welcomed" him at Lilith's establishment, the Snake and the Apple. Confused by this until he remembered that Lilith offered him a deal of training him to use more of his Lustful powers, then the memory of him and Lilith on their lustful battle in which he lost to.

He sighs at this as he palms his forehead for some shame of himself, he accepted the challenge Lilith to satisfy her, and he failed to. For the first time, he was disappointing to a woman, and that brought him shame on himself.

Kuso, to think I would fail to please the Queen of the Succubae thought Naruto in anger of himself. when suddenly arms starts to coil around him, the 5 girls are pulling themselves close towards Naruto so that they can get warm. Naruto smiles and close his eyes so that he can enjoy this six-way cuddle. Well, at least I lived though it, meaning that I haven't offended her of my failure, and I am so tired.

Hours later

"Aahh, ahh, yes, yes!"

After getting enough rest and absorbing the lust emanating from the 5 beautiful succubae in bed with him, Naruto is finally rejuvenated and woke up with a bad case of morning wood. Luckily Verosika and Milky were kind enough to ease this discomfort with their mouths, which later resulted them in a rather heated passion of sex. Verosika is currently laying the bed with her cream filled ass in their air while Stocking is cleaning it with her tongue. Scanty and Kneesocks are also creampied by Naruto and they are in the middle of some passionate act of incest as they lick their pussies and assholes clean of any excess semen while their vaginal and anal mouths fail to collect and consume during their turn with the Shinobi of Lust.

The screams of passion belongs to the shortstack Milky who is now held in a mating press while Naruto mercilessly ravish her hungry lower mouths while keeping her original mouth occupied with his own tongue during their hungry kiss of passion. Compare to Lilith, these Succubae aren't hard to please, although hardy than the moral woman Naruto had in his bed. Verosika has the stamina to handle Naruto for a few hours before surrendering to the massive load he gave her. Scanty and Kneesocks, together are fun, even unusual when the cyan haired twin triggered an intense orgasm by shoving her tongue down his ass to trigger the g-spot. It felt weird at first, but doesn't mean he hated, although he wouldn't recommend being pegged, for he wtill has his pride as a man after all.

Maybe if I use my Sexy Jutsu, then I'll get away with it, was Naruto's thought after his time when Scanty and Kneesocks.

Stockings was a rather kinky goth as she asked him to bind her with rope before ravaging her, this caused him to discover more about the gothic fallen angel turned succubus, for she has a bondage fetish and some minor interest in BDSM.

And Milky? Well she's basically a horny bitch with a sweet ass, which she takes pride off and loves it with Naruto fondles and abuse it as he wants. And Naruto didn't need to use his Shinkei no ken on her to get her aroused, she is already falling for him the moment she tasted his cum on their first time, and she is yearning for more like a hungry whore she is. Milky returns the kiss while grabbing Naruto's face so that they can continue on. Naruto is finding it hard to breathe and wanted to break off the kiss so that he can get some fresh air, but Milky doesn't want the kiss to end as she is becoming addictive to his saliva, much like she is yearning for his cum. Fortunately for her she is tasting both with her original mouth via the kissing, and with her anal mouth which is sucking on his thrusting cock. Naruto is feeling a little light-headed, so he tries to channel the lust into his lungs so that he can recycle the trapped air and purifying it of any toxic carbons. Another development of his powers has been achieved for Naruto, not he can remain kissing Milky as long as they want.

Eventually, Milky broke the kiss when she is close to her limit, the quantity of cum she anally consumed has giving her a noticeable bulge and feels stuffed. This sensation of being full of cum is letting so much lust out of the succubae that Naruto is happy to let it soak into his bare skin. Milky moaned when she finally orgasm and starts to lose consciousness with a satisfied smile on her face. Naruto gave her a kiss on the cheek and was about to pull out when Milky wrap her legs around his waist.

"Don't...leave" Milky moans while she leans on Naruto's chest and falls asleep.

Naruto smiled at the short succubus and leaves his cock in her asshole, which the annal mouth starts using it's tongue to clean him of any excess semen. A sensation Naruto is still getting use to. He leans back with Milky sleeping on top of him, he can hear her purring happily like a pampered cat, he smiled and starts stroking her messy short black hair and rubbing one of her black horns to see if the succubae enjoy that...for future references. Milky purrs even more which causes her cute little black wings to flutter and her long-pointed tail to wag. Naruto chuckles at this and leans back to relax, that is until he hears the door open and Lilith walks through.

"L-Lilith-sama"said Naruto as he is about to get up, but Lilith stops him with a simple hand gesture as she knows that Milky looks comfortable sleeping on him, with his cock still up her ass. "Listen, about what happened..."

"Don't worry about it, I was not offended by that first attempt" said Lilith with a sincere smile. "In fact, I was not expecting you to last that long and make by loins burn with desire from your first time."

"But I didn't satisfy you"said Naruto with an ashamed frown.

"True, but I enjoyed it nonetheless" said Lilith as she sits down on the side of the bed. "They way you use the knowledge of our anatomy is clever. No one, not even my dear Luci would have thought of that, which is no surprise since he HATES to share me. Even with Asmodeus"

"Still, I won't be getting that offer from you" said Naruto

"I didn't say that, all I said is taht if you can satisfy me, I will reward you" said Lilith "Failing to satisfy me doesn't mean that the offer in training you is null and void. And I truth be told, I was not expecting you to succeed on your first time."

Hearing this help cheer Naruto up and looks up with hope on his face.

"You mean, you'll help me?" said Naruto

"Of course, but for a price," said Lilith as she pulls an alluring smile at her avatar.

"A-And what... I must do, unless the price is unreasonable then..." said as he felt flustered only by Lilith's smile. A simple smile and it suddenly got him warm around the collar...despite the fact that he is completely naked in bed.

"Oh don't worry, I'm not asking something far extreme, it's not like I'm asking you slay that prick Michael up in his golden palace at the 1st Sphere of Heaven." Said Lilith "Oh no, all I want in return is your cum."

This caught Naruto by surprise and suddenly his previous actions with Lilith starts to flashback in his mind.

"My cum?" said Naruto

"Oh yes...if you feed me that sweet pink nectar brew in those magnificent balls of yours, thrice weekly, then I training you how to use more of my powers." Said Lilith "Plus, you can get to choose which of my mouths you can feed me with."

Hearing that, Naruto is relieved and is happy with the price, plus the transaction sounds...interesting as he managed to interest the Succubae Queen to make that happen.

" I need to make the payment now or.."

"Oh, I think you paid enough for me to cover the couple of weeks" said Lilithas she starts patting on her still bloated belly that full of Naruto's cum. "Plus, if I have more, then it'll be rather difficult to burn off calories."

Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at this, he did give Lilith so much that she is completely stuffed.

"And as promised, I will give you something to learn" said Lilith as she then starts crawling on the bed and make her way towards Naruto. "But only if you permit me."

"Hai, of course"said Naruto as he nods in consent.

"Thank you" said Lilith as she then opens her mouth which fangs starts to protrude out from and sinks them into Naruto's neck. This causes Naruto to wince in pain slightly until the pain gety worse as it feels like his blood neck is on fire. After those short put painful moments, Lilith removed her mouth from Naruto's neck and a black mark starts to appear on where she bit him. The discomfort lingers on for a while until Milky's anal mouth's continuous suckling of his buried cock help him ease from it. He sighed when the pain is cone and looks at Lilith.

"What was that? Why did you bite me?" said Naruto

"I have given you access to use the form by branding you with the Incubus mark" said Lilith "It is a Cursed Seal of my design, but it's undetectable and your mentality will still be intact when you use it."

"But I thought Lucifer doesn't share his secrets with anyone" said Naruto while rubbing his neck where his new mark is located.

"He doesn't, but that doesn't mean I haven't got my own Cursed Seals to give" said Lilith with a cheeky wink at Naruto. "The Cursed Seal that serpent gave to the boy cursed of Hatred belonged to Lucifer. The one I give to you is mine, and unlike Lucifer's, it only requires Lust to be used and the form temporary depending on how much Lust you absorbed in your body."

"And I'll have full control of it, no horrible consequences at all"said Naruto with reluctance in his voice. He has been told how horrible Cursed Seals can do from Anko and saw that it did to Sasuke during their battle in the Forest of Death.

"It wouldn't be call a cursed seal, but I assure you, your sanity remain intact" said Lilith as she wave her hand at where the Incubus Mark is placed, and Naruto suddenly transformed into his new demonic form. Milky immediately moaned delightfully in her sleep as she can feel his cock grows longer and thicker inside her asshole, and shudders in joy by the sensation. Naruto on the otherhand was caught off guard by this but is not worried due to being among Succubae. "Oh my, don't you look so handsome, Naruto"

Lilith suddenly makes her way towards Naruto and snuggles by his side while eyes drink up the lovely sight of the transformed Naruto. Once more, her lust is being let out and absorbed into Naruto, even Milky when she starts to wake up suddenly noticed Naruto's changed form and is suddenly enthralled by more want and desire for him than ever due to the hearts forming in her eyes.

This causes the shortstack succubus to bounce her plump ass hungrily on his buried cock once again, causing Naurto lean back on the pillow and looks up to see Milky giving him the reverse cowgirl. Lilith giggled from this as she starts to snuggle more into Naruto's side, this cause Naruto hesitantly wrap his arm around her which she welcomes by kissing the back of his hand.

"See, the only changes you'll get from that mark is physically while it only effects the mind of our targets." Said Lilith "I can if you agree with the offer, I teach you more ways on using my power, in change of feeding my 3 days a week."

"Well, I am free on weekends" said Naruto with an amusing smile. "Do...mmm...come to you or will you be giving me a visit?"

This made Lilith giggle and happy to hear that Naruto has accepted her offer to teach him more to use her powers. She pulled Naruto into another kiss which he accepts and joins in, and while the Queen kiss her avatar, Milky continues on bouncing on Naruto's cock buried in her plump ass. The succubus's moaning continues on while she remains in an enthralled stupor as the sensation is overwhelming her, with heart-shaped eyes and a beep blush all over her already red face.

Milky finally climaxes while her anal mouth slurps up the cum ejaculating from Naruto's cock, the tongue swirls around it to clean this mighty incubus rod of any excess semen before she pulls out and collapses onto the bed with a happy and satisfied expression. Lilith broke the kiss for a moment to see the shortstack beauty happily fucked our of her mind and smiled. She then resumes the kissing which follows up with a passionate embrace.


Lilith and Naruto once more begun their passionate love making which left Naruto exhausted and is now sleeping in the Queen's arms. She smiled at the boy while she strokes his spiky blonde hair. Suddenly, Naruto slowly starts to fade away, quite literally from her embrace until he is no longer with her in bed, only to be alone with the 5 sleeping Succubae in her bed. She sighs at this while pulling the still sleeping Verosika and proceeds to cuddle her, which the white-haired succubus smile in her sleep when she feels her Queen embrace her.

"We'll meet again, Naruto-kun...huh, cute suffix. I hope you don't mind if I call you that when we see each other again" said Lilith while she leans back and starts to fall asleep, with Verosika still in her arms.

Forest of Death

Naruto slowly wakes up and finds himself once again at the forest of death, he looks around to see everyone is now ready, he sees that Lee is recovered from the attack from Dosu, but he'll be half deaf for the moment as his left ear is suffering from tinnitus. As he gets up, Naruto suddenly hears the very concerned voice of the Kyuubi.

"Naruto-kun, oh thank the Sage you're here. I thought I lost you"

Naruto was confused by this until he felt a slight twinge on his neck and placed his hand on it. He immediately remembers that Lilith the Succubus Queen brought his soul to Hell and offered him to learn more of her power from the amulet. Kyuubi must've thought he'd died during that and got worried, especially when he can hear her crying in his mind.

Sorry for worrying you, Kyuu-chan thought Naruto with a sad and an apologetic frown, feeling guilty for making the Biju worried sick for him. But you can see, I'm fine.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!" Kyuubi exclaimed as she turned angry at Naruto making her worried for his life.

Naruto flinched by this, and he doesn't blame her for being angry at her.

Sorry for making you worry, but I what happened to wasn't my fault, thought Naruto as he tries to explain the fox of what happened. I was dragged down to Hell, by Lilith.

Kyuubi suddenly stop being angry and is now sweating nervously when the mention of Lilith was spoken by Naruto. The demon fox has live long enough to know exactly who Lilith is as she has spread so much influence to the mortal world for she is well known for creating one of Hell's most deadly demons of all, the Succubae, along with the rest of the well known demons due to being the Mother of all Demons. She is old time, created during the dawn of humanity who she is meant to be the mate of Adam, but she defied the Creator and was banished to hell for it.

Of course, she goes by other names in various faiths across the world, but Lilith is her preferred and well known name. Kyuubi gulped nervously by this and returns her attention to Naruto.

"W-What did she want?" said Kyuubi

All will be explained later, for we need to get ready to leave for the tower thought Naruto as the Kyuubi's scared tone from her voice didn't go unnoticed, so he decided to tell her later when she is calm enough to listen.

Kyuubi nods with understanding, she is still shocked and nervous to hear about Lilith's interest with Naruto, and to be honest she is rather unsure if Naruto did the right thing.

Lilith is no mere demon, she is one of the OLDEST, POWERFUL and possibly DANGEROUS of demons which even par with the Lucifer, the DEVIL himself.Thought Kyuubi as the cold sweat starts to drip from her human brow, not to mention the cold shivers all over her body when a the mental image of Lilith, emanating with a dominant aura around her. I do hope you've done the right thing, Naruto-kun.

Naruto makes his way towards his teammates who are near the tree which Sakura made camp of, both Sakura and Sasuke seems to be ready now that their wounds are treated and got enough rest. And fortunately Team Gai didn't go and take advantage of their vulnerability after the clash of the Oto trio and the cursed Sasuke.

And although he doesn't trust Neji since there is some bad blood between the Hyuuga and him, Naruto knows that Tenten and especially Lee wouldn't betray a fellow teammate, disrgarding the exams, since they also got their own pair of scrolls so attacking them would be a waste of time and a risk now worth taking.

"Is everyone ready to go?" said Naruto, he ask of this as he wants to be sure if things are back to normal. Considering what happened to Sasuke, some caution is required as he may act out and get influenced by the evil within the cursed seal. Speaking of, Naruto has some shame of being a hypocrite as he is branded with his own, albeit it different to the one Sasuke has which warps his mind while Naruto's don't.

"Hai, luckily I know the basics of first aid" said Sakura, althought not showing any confidence as concern and doubt starts to fill her mind. "I mean, it's the least I can do for the team."

Naruto wanted to cheer her up, but considering what happened to Sasuke, optimism will only make things worse for the moment. He hates it, but the truth is a cruel teacher to Sakura since she experienced how weak she is comparing to both Sasuke and himself. Naruto isn't the one to look down on everything since he's been looked down by mostly everyone in thing for 15 years, and he tasted the cruel reality of the true world.

Even Sasuke had to face the harsh truth sometimes, Lilith did mention that there is a reason why Itachi murdered his clan and Sasuke's torment is only the beginning.

"Alright, we best head off to that tower then" said Naruto before turning to Team Gai. "Thank you for aiding us, even though your presence were...purely coincidental."

"It's no problem" said Tenten with a short smile, noticing that Team 7 are going now going through what just occurred to them. "But look on the bright side, we're almost done and close to passing"

"Tenten-chan is right, my eternal rival!" said Lee pumping his fist in the air and stares hard at Naruto with determination. "No matter the hardships, let the flames of youth burn bright and lead you to victory."

Tenten sweatdrops at the cheesiness of what Lee said, but he does have a point.

"Yeah, so enjoy your victory for the moment and push on." Said Tenten before she approaches Naruto and gives him a hug. Naruto is hesitant to return the hug but ends up returning it anyway for it did cheer him up. They broke up but not without Tenten kissing him on the cheek before returning to her teammates. "We'll be on our way and wait for you, Team 7. You better pass so that we may get the chance to fight you!"

"YOSH!" exclaimed Lee with fire in his eyes. Neji however remains silent and gives Naruto a rather discreet frown.

After that, they left. Naruto and his team decided to wait for a while so that they can go their separate ways, two teams will look conspicuous and heightens the chance of being ambushed by other teams during the journey to the forest tower. He looks around at the area when he noticed the discarded pair of bracers that he removed from Dosu, he approaches them so that he can pick them up.

He places one in his right arm and hides it under his sleeve in discretion, then he turns to Sasuke and presents the other bracer to him.

"Here" said Naruto as he offers Sasuke the second bracer "To the victor go the spoils, and it's best to share."

Sasuke raised his brow at Naruto but accepts the bracer anyway, he puts it on his left arm. The Uchiha looks curiously at his new item and starts scanning it with his recently active Sharingan, trying to figure out how the Oto nin manage to manipulate sound waves and use them as a weapon.

"I'm sorry that there is nothing for you, Sakura" said Naruto "That is all I can find from them."

"It's alright, Naruto" said Sakura with modest assurance to her teammate. "It's not like there is anything of use for me from them to begin with."

"Hn" is all Sasuke has to say while he concludes his examination of his new bracer.

"There might be something else of use later" said Sasuke "If we're lucky"

"Hai, so shall we go then?" said Naruto to Sasuke and Sakura

"Hai" said Sakura still disheartened by her own incompetence.

"Hn" is all Sasuke can give out but it's enough for Naruto to know that he is ready.

"Right, let's go then" said Naruto as he and his teammate heads off into the thickness of the forest and heads for the tower, right in the centre of the forest. However, Naruto felt a slight twinge of his neck and starts to massage it, remembering that it is where Lilith bit him and branded him of her own malevolent mark, luckily it's not visible like Sasuke's cursed seal so Naruto has some assurance that the deal Lilith offered to him bare him no regrets.

I'm already condemned with being an orphan and a hated pariah, what else can be worse than that? Thought Naruto


Dosu and his teammates managed to replace the scroll which was taken from them during their failed ambush on the once broken team 7. Although without his brace, he is still capable on dealing with the rest of the Genin with ease as they aren't as strong as Konoha claimed to be. No mercy was show to those poor souls when they crossed the Oto trio, even with the handicap which Dosu and Zaku has to deal with due to the broken arms and missing gear.

Zaku is in constant agony, not only are his nerves are triggered by the pain points which Naruto activated with the shinkei no ken, but Sasuke broke the bones of them which made him unable to use his Zankuha on anyone. Now he has to head for the tower while his arms are in a pair of slings and supported with splints to prevent any movement. This angered the Oto ninja as he feels weak and pathetic, and blames both Naruto and Sasuke for this.

"DAMN THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS!"exclaimed Zaku while wincing in pain which his now useless arms are still in. As much as a twitch of his fingers enough to trigger the pains in his arms. "I can't bloody believe those weak pathetic Konoha brats manage to take us all down."

"We've underestimated them, Zaku" said Dosu as he looks at his bare arm which is bracer was strapped on. "Not to mention the fact that Orochimaru-sama failed to mention that he was planning to give the Uchiha the cursed Seal when we were assigned to take him down."

"So that was the cursed seal, huh?" said Zaku "Spokky shit, huh?"

"You have no idea" the voice of Kin suddenly spoke which caused Dosu and Zaku to turn attention.

Kin is not doing well however, for the memories of Sasuke in his accursed form continues to haunt her. Seeing him in that cursed form triggered so much bad memories of how her friend Tayuya got her cursed seal, and how it mentally changed her into from a bad mouthed sassy bitch that she loved as a sister, into a cruel sadistic sociopath which relishes off the pain of her victims' pain.

"Funny how curiosity can turn things ugly when it's used. Especially when the cursed seal is performed" said Kin "I saw what it can do to a person, the Uchiha merely tasted it's evil but in time it will turn him into a monster, a demon in human skin."

"Hai, I heard of such rumours" said Dosu frowning which his lone exposed eye. "We all know of Orochimaru-sama's fascination of jutsus, including the forbidden jutsus which are considered life threatening if used. And the many death of our many comrades who volunteered to have that elusive mark on them."

"*scoff* obviously the ones who are dead are weak and pathetic." Said Zaku

"You forget about Kimimaro-sama, he is physically weak due to a terminal illness which is now extinct Kaguya Clan inheritably suffered from for generations." Said Kin "Forbidden Jutsus do now discriminate, weak or strong you'll be lucky to live if you survive."

"Kin is correct, strength is not everything" said Dosu as he leers at Zaku "As you can obviously see"

"Screw you" said Zaku as he turns away and scoffs in anger, still feeling sorry for himself for being bested by weak konoha genin.

"Anyway, it'd be at our best interest if we get ourselves some scrolls" said Dosu

"Huh?" said Zaku "Why?"

"We may have failed to take down the Uchiha, which turns out to be a ploy told by Orochimaru to see if the boy survives the process." Said Dosu "But I have no intention of dying in this Kami forsaken place or remain as a sacrificial pawn to Orochimaru-sama. And the only way is for us to pass since I have no intention of waiting for the deadline to end."

"Y-You'll be defying his orders" said Kin with fear in her voice.

"Better to live a fugitive than live as a slave" said Dosu "The only reason I serve Orochimaru is because he promised us power after taking us in from the streets. Power which I gained, only to be taken away from me"

"You think I'm not happy about this?" said Zaku "I maybe reckless, but I'm not fool enough to go against a powerful ninja like Orochimaru. Especially when hehas an army of loyal shinobi plus powerhouses among the Oto 5."

"I'll take my chances, and you should also" said Dosu as he stands up. "Look, don't rush to think about it, but I suggest that you keep this a secret, for both our sakes."

"Say that we do, how do you intend to get us out of his mess?" said Zaku

"I'll think of a way" said Dosu as he close his eyes while sinking in thought. I must be a foolish or a coward to consider this, but I refuse to be a pawn anymore. I NEVER trusted you, but I remained silent out of fear of what might happen if I defy you, Orochimaru. And by sending us to our deaths as sacrifices for your new cursed Uchiha toy, meaning that you have no longer use for us.

Dosu opened his lone visible eye and frowned with caution and some hesitation.

If that is the case, then consider us resigned as your genin thought Dosu

End of Chapter