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Chloe gazed at the vial which supposedly had the cure in her hands. It'd been something new being distributed in Metropolis, with most vampires destroying any they could get into contact with (such as Kal) but a very small group of others had instead chosen to take the cure and return to humanity (such as Lois). It was Karen Jansen, Lois' hematologist friend, who'd been able to patent this cure which was, admittedly mostly detested by vampires, especially the half-bloods. Those who'd turned had grown used to their lives and preferred how things were for them, and thus the fear of being human once more had turned them against the creator of it. Karen had had to go underground immediately after distributing the first batch, the laboratory she'd been working in at the time ransacked and burnt to the ground within the week.

The blonde had to admit that she was relieved that the vampires had this 'crisis' to keep their attentions and not fixate on the fall of the House of Frost. With Kal and Chloe the only vampire survivors they'd been able to fabricate a story in which they'd barely made it out alive after the big bad Daywalker destroyed LaMagra incarnate. The Temple of Night and the Bone Pits were completely destroyed and nothing could be salvaged from the wreckage which was quite fortunate as then no one would ever know that LaMagra had been sent back to sleep long before Blade ended Deacon's life.

The House of Frost had fallen, Deacon's minions scattered, no one daring to go back to the House since it'd been compromised and the dreaded Daywalker now knew of its existence. Most of the vampires had left and disappeared, all scared, all preferring to be as far away from the city of the blood-god killing Daywalker as possible. But there were some who stayed behind, and while they were all hiding in different places they'd sought out and found Chloe and Kal where they were staying at an abandoned apartment block. Despite how young he was the vampires had known how strong Kal was, and the fact that he'd survived the Daywalker when Deacon hadn't made him more fascinating to them. He was a natural born leader, and those leaderless minions (or at least the ones who weren't fighting for dominion of Frost's territory themselves) flocked to him.

Kal was obviously enjoying this tremendously, and had grand ideas on where to take things from here.

"Are you going to take it?" Lois asked as they sat together on her sofa in her Metropolis apartment.

"I don't know." Chloe admitted, gazing at the vial of cure and at the syringe sharing its plastic bag. "I don't know if I could go back to the person I was before."

Lois lowered her gaze. "I understand...I...I did transition to a vampire you know."

"You only fed from one person before the cure was available." Chloe retorted. "I've lost count of my kills."

Lois held her mug tightly. "Smallville 2.0 isn't going to take the cure, huh?"

"Not a chance." Chloe replied with a sigh, still eyeing the vial.

"Poor Mr. and Mrs. Kent." Lois whispered, shaking her head. "They're still looking for him, you know. Just like Uncle Gabe hasn't given up on finding you."

Her heart hurt at the reminder of her father, but was it enough?

And would it even work?

According to Lois, Karen had said that the cure wouldn't work for Blade because his genetic makeup was different from a vampire's, she'd even gone as far as to say that she wasn't sure it was even possible for there to be a cure for him. And if Blade was a Daywalker, and so was Chloe...didn't that obviously mean the cure wouldn't work on her either?

Chloe reached into the small plastic bag and pulled out the syringe, filling it with the liquid before straightening out her arm and injecting herself with the cure.

Lois gasped, eyes wide, sitting up straight, expectant, a smile growing on her face.

Chloe waited, waited for the pain Lois had described, for the feeling of one's fangs being pushed out of one's mouth to accommodate human teeth. Chloe waited for the burn, she waited for the pain in the joints, she waited...and waited.

And then she shook her head. "It didn't work."

"What?" Lois whispered, shaking her head. "No. That's not possible!"

"Obviously it's not a hundred percent accurate." Chloe declared, standing, having already known before injecting herself that this would have been the outcome. "I can't be cured."

"But every vampire who was human once can be changed back!" Lois cried, standing up as well.

You see, that was the problem, Chloe hadn't been 'human', and she wasn't a 'vampire'.

There was no going back for her.

"Obviously that's not true." She dropped the syringe and vial into the nearest trash can. "I need to leave."

"Cuz..." Lois reached for her hand and stopped her. "We'll find some way to get you back."

Chloe sighed and turned to Lois. "I was relieved."

"What?" Lois whispered.

"I was relieved it didn't work." Chloe whispered, running her tongue over her fangs. "I only injected myself because I knew it wouldn't work."

"You couldn't have known." Lois pressed. "Chloe..."

"Lois, I love you, and I love dad, everyone." Chloe reached out and hugged her cousin tightly. "Never look for me again."

"Chloe." Lois hugged her, voice breaking as she held tightly.

"Promise me Lois." She pressed. "Let me live my life, and live yours. Okay? And be there for my dad, he's going to need you to be there for him in my place."

Lois held tighter, choked.

Chloe hugged back tightly, silent tears making their way down her cheeks as she finally said goodbye to her old life.


Blade sat, gazing at Whistler's workstation.

He knew that he still had so much cleanup to do after the LaMagra incident, but he couldn't concentrate on the vampires here in Metropolis, even though they were now weak and vulnerable and easy pickings.

When he'd gotten back from the Temple of Night all those nights ago he'd gone to bury the remains of his mentor...and had found him gone.

Obviously the vampire venom had won out before Whistler could off himself...and now he was somewhere out there...one of the bloodsuckers he'd hated and hunted in life.

Karen Jansen had proved actually useful and had come up with a cure...and although Blade himself couldn't benefit from it he knew Whistler could.

He knew Lois had, he'd seen the brunette in the daylight the day before, but hadn't revealed his presence, still guilty for his weakness and for having tainted her in the first place.

And anyway, she wasn't important.

Whistler was.

Blade was going to find his mentor, wherever the vampires had him stashed, and he'd cure him...and if the cure didn't work, he'd do as he should have and he'd kill him.

Only once that was over he could concentrate on the vampires of Metropolis once more.


"So, it didn't work, huh?"

Looking up as she exited Lois' apartment, Chloe wiped at her face, surprised to find Kal leaning against the outside of the building waiting for her. "How did you know I would try it?"

He snorted, turning his head towards her and passing her a helmet.

She made a face, slowly accepting the helmet she hadn't noticed before, before her gaze went to the ducati he was walking towards. "Since when do you have a motorcycle?"

He didn't answer, instead straddling the seat as he started the engine.

"Where exactly are we going?" Chloe wanted to know, amused at the helmet given the fact that should she receive a head trauma she would be fine...nothing a little blood couldn't cure...but she secured the helmet on nonetheless and climbed on behind him, arms going around his waist.

"Better hold on tightly." He declared. "I like to go fast."

And with that he sped into the street.


Sitting in the darkness of the run down, abandoned house she was squatting in, Lana gazed at the syringe with cure she'd managed to procure. There were only a few of these syringes around, most of the vampires who found them destroyed them immediately, but she'd managed to get her hands on one and had been eyeing it for days now. It wasn't the nights that made her tempted to go back to being human, it was the days. She hated having to hide from the sunlight, being forced to remain in basements or cellars, hated the confinements. Ever since the fall of the House of Frost things had quickly gone to the shitter, and she didn't know how much longer she could handle this.

She couldn't do it, couldn't live the way she had since Deacon's death.

"This is a dump."

She gasped and looked up, eyes narrowing at the vampire who'd managed to sneak up on her. "Who are you?"

The male raised an eyebrow, pointing to his house's tattoo.

Lana's eyes widened as she stood, pocketing the capped syringe with the cure. "You're from the House of Damaskinos."

"And you're from the newly fallen House of Frost." He nodded, tall and intimidating. "The name's Reinhardt."

"Lana...Lang." She cleared her throat, unsure as to why he was there.

"So..." he leaned his hip against the wall, smirking at her. "I heard you've seen the Daywalker."

"Blade." Lana made a face, nodding, more intrigued than before. "Briefly."

"How about we go out for some dinner and we get to know each other?" He offered, lighting a cuban cigar and letting out some puffs of smoke.

Lana pressed her hand against the cure in her pocket, before her curiosity gave in and she smiled, flashing a glimpse of viper-like fangs. "Dinner sounds great."


"Why exactly are we here?" Chloe wanted to know, curious, gazing up and down the darkened streets.

"Isn't it perfect?" Kal asked, gazing up at a building.

Chloe joined his side and gazed up at the large Clocktower. She sent him a sideways glance, not exactly sure what this building was perfect for, but as her gaze returned to it she had to admit that it had some charm. "I like it."

"Good." Kal rubbed his hands together. "Because if you didn't like it you would have lucked out."

"How exactly?" Chloe asked, curiosity growing. "What exactly is this place?"

"Tsk tsk, Miss Sullivan. I'm surprised you haven't figured it out already." Kal grinned, placing an arm around her shoulder and using the other to span in front of them, displaying the Clocktower. "It's our new home."

"New...?" She turned to look at him, eyes wide.

"I made a...withdrawal...from a bank in New York and paid for this place in full today." He replied, reaching into his leather jacket's pocket and pulling out a large set of keys. "Of course I'm going to need you to take charge of handling the renovations and upgrades, and I leave our security system to your discretion as well. I'll be busy with securing minions, just a few to start out with, a few familiars as well, and start making a name for the House of El."

"The House of El." She echoed, realizing that this was something he'd had planned all along, and only mildly annoyed that he hadn't shared it with her until now. "Have you figured out what your tattoo will look like?"

"It will be the symbol of my family." He replied, pride obvious in his tone. "Our name shall never be forgotten now."

She gazed down at herself before raising her inner wrist. "I think I'll get it here. Where will you get yours?"

His gaze went to her as his hand raised to clasp easily around her smaller one, his finger trailing over the inside of her wrist. "I like this."

Chloe gulped, her heart skipping a beat at the soft, barely there touch.

Kal brought her hand and laid it over his heart. "But I like this too."

Chloe's wide gaze rose to his, hating herself for the blush she could feel creeping up her cheek. "I like this too..." she suddenly turned crimson and shook her head, pulling her hand free. "I mean I like the idea of you getting your tattoo there." She nodded as she cleared her throat and folded her arms over her chest, turning to look at the Clocktower. "It makes it seem more personal, especially considering you say that it will be your family's symbol."

Kal watched her with a knowing smirk.

She ignored him, eyes on the Clocktower.

He passed her the large key ring with all the keys to the Clocktower. "You're going to have a lot of work ahead of you. We both are." He turned to gaze at the Clocktower as he slipped his arm around her shoulders once more, satisfaction emanating from him. "This is the beginning of our Empire."

She gazed at him, surprised that he'd said 'our' and not 'his', but she liked it...it made her feel like he planned on their being together and working together for years to come...something she hoped was true because eternity would be lonely as hell without him.

"Don't think I'm going to let you slack off on your share of the work." He replied warningly, gaze still on the Clocktower. "This is going to be our Home, and I will accept nothing but your best from you, and if I feel that you are not giving all you can I will call you out on it."

She smiled, her fingers closing over the keys as she smiled at him. "Home." Her gaze went to the Clocktower. "I like the sound of that."

He gazed down at her. "Ready yet to hear what I call you?"

Her green gaze met his and she was tempted, truly tempted, to finally give in and ask what his petname for her was...and yet she just shook her head. "Not yet."

He paused before nodding, giving her a little squeeze. "Let's go see inside."

Excitement built inside of her as she nodded, grinning as she leaned into him. "Let's."

Together they walked towards the Clocktower, their new home, and the first step towards their future.


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