Ever Story Begins With a "Tail" part 1/3

CHapter 1: The Two are Born

September 21, 1997 Toronto Holstbitle

"miss can you help us" a grey cat said to the front desk hound "my wife is about to have a baby and we drove for about 10 minutes"in a sumwhat british accent

"yes sir let me just call the baby floor" as the desk lady makes the call, the grey cat is trying to calm down a tanish cat

"its ok susan, these people can help us, in a matter of minutes, you shall be fine." susan replyed to with just saying "says...you"

after a moment or 2 some doctors showd up to take susan.

at room 119

the grey cat is walking back and fourth wondering what will happen, "i know she isint ok but the doctors said i shouldint be in there, like bloody hell, when i was born my father said 'i held your mothers hand when she was giving birth to you' what happened" then a doctor came and said that the grey cat can come in

", you can come in"

the grey cat walked in and saw susan all calm and happy holding a baby infant, she looked up to see her husband "leo leonardo the 2nd, meet eo leornardo the 3rd" raising another grey soul

"tea and crumpets, this boy is wonderful, if only his brother could see him" leo said in a sad voice

"its ok, james wanted to go to africa to help those saddened souls, we should be happy"susan said

"ok mr and mrs leonardo, you and your son will be able to leave first thing in the morning" a doctor said

"thank you kind sir" leo said

December 6, 1997 toronto hostbitle

"hold on stacey, we are almost at the room" a white cat told a red cat "these doctors can easly help you"

"i know rick, but this hurts too much to enjoy it" stacey said back with a sigh.

at room 125

"everything apears to be going to plan mr and mrs cole, just one problem"

rick was about to punch the doctor in the face "if you do anything to fuck up my daughters life, i will kill you, like you killed this soul"

the doctor was frightened by this"w... what i meant was that your daughter will have a really bad temper, it wont take full effect until high school, but she may have issues till then"

"oh, um sorry i cant really control my temper either, i was in the army so i could have killed you in a snap" rick said putting the doctor on his feet

"its ok, it always happens, except for this britsh guy a few months ago, he was happy and so was his wife, she was happy through the whole thing, just like your wife"

"well, thanks doc, and about how long will it be until we can leave" rick asked

"in about 12 hours sir" the doctor said and rick just did a simple thanks

"rick, come see our daughter" stacey called

rick came in and saw stacey holding a pink soul and all he could say was "...the hell" he got closer and asked "did you have the doc dye her"

"no silly, she was born this way, and her name is aeris blackheart cole"

"oh great, everyone picking on her, and every boy imaginable hiting on her" rick said picking her up " we have to make sure noone gets in her pants unless i say so... at a certain age"

"you sound like my father when we where dating" stacey added

"yeah, whats with girls parents huh"

they bothed laughed for a bit, "well" rick interupted "doc says we can leave in the moring, so we have 10 hours till our new lives begin"

"im soo excited"stacey said

rick sat down "well, im gonna catch some z's on this chair, its not my comfretable one at home, but it will do."

sorry if this was a bit short, but this is just the start, i hope i didint do to badly of a job, review, read, do what ever ya want. tell me your thoughts so far and what not.