ESBWA"T" part 1 of 3

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chapter 15: HALLOWEEN TERROR ending

leos house, 11 PM

leo, max, and aeris have entered that house, max in front with his light, as they made their way to the basement

"fuck, i hope this is soda" leo said shivering as they stepped over some sorta fluid

"just try not to think about it" aeris said

"guys, look at this" max said pointing ahead

they all looked at the door, and it had some dark fliued and a claw mark on it

"aw fuck me" leo said pissed, yet scared

leo opened the door, and walked down the stair, almost tripping

"oh this is soooo bad, i thought this life was behind me, but here i am, stuck trying to keep another life alive, lets see, this would probebly be my 4th failed one, oh well, maybe it could be my first"max thought to himself

"yo max, stand behine me while i turn this generator on" leo said

"uh.. oh yeah" max said snapping out of thought

max stood behind leo as he worked on the machine

"hopefuly tech science has tought me something" leo said as he flipped some switchs

after some time, the lights came on

"oh thank god, now lets go back upstairs" aeris said

the three went upstairs to see the terror they didint want to ever see

"OH!" max said

"MY" aeris said even louder

"GAWD!" leo yelled and fell on his knees

in front of them was puddles of blood and furnitur ripped up, and thank goodness his 360 untouch but he wasint focused on that, oh no, every sight of terror before him was a scar

"oh no, oh no" leo said picking up a ripped bloody top hat

"leo?" max said

"this...this is my fathers hat" leo said


"yeah, lets do this" max said

" yeah, lets get to the bottom of this" leo said pulling out his hidden blade

the three went up the stairs, fallowing the carnage to leos parents room

leo kicked the door down, pissed off to know whats in there, but was frozen to see a creacher unkown, with long claws, then jabbed them into his mothers stomch area, ripping her in two

"..." leo was speechless as so were his friends

the creacher then turned to see the three

"ooooh company, i just LOVE company!" the monster said in weird multitone speech patterns

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!" leo yelled running at the monster

"this" the monster said punching leo sending him into the wall, making a hole with his feet hanging out

"leo?" aeris said, seeing he was down she ran at the monster, this time hitting the sick fuck right in the face, blinding him

"OW, YOU DUMB FEMALE CAT!" the monster yelled and back handed aeris, knocking her out

"jeckle!" max yelled

the monster stopped cold in his tracks"ri...rick... is that you" the monster said

"my name is max now, i thought i had you locked up in space" max said pissed

"well, i escaped" the monster said nervouse

"i told you to stay there for internity, and more, and you disobeyed me, when i die, you could come back, that was the deal!" max yelled pulling out a box

"but..but... but sir, please" the monster pleaded

"no, your done, forever" max said





after that fateful night, leo and aeris were in a coma for a month, and woke up a week before christmas, both of them lost their memorys, max had moved to a new country, so leo and aeris never knew who he was and every exist to their memory loss, all they remember who they are, and what they do, they only lost the memory of leos parents and max, and that halloween night, leo now lives with his uncle scott, still in canada, the only ones who know of this halloween terror is the police force, max, scott, and the hostbittle

leos house was demolished so he would never see the horrible things in that house, leo and aeris continue their happy lives, leo always wonders who his parents are, but scott said they live in england, and he has to watch over leo forever, leo is fine with living in a mansion, but misses his parents, all he has is a picture

leo also became abit retarded after hitting his head, so hes 50% smart and 50% stupid, and anything else is there, he just isint s great as he use to be, but hes still great

they have entered their teen years, and are going to have a long road of trials ahead, until the end, this is the the end of part 1

soooom how was that, hoped you guys liked the horror that was entered in this chapter, if it suckedm deal with it, until a new begining, i bid you, a-do, oh, and lastly, im gonna do alot of chapters after each part, so like new storys, goodbye... for now