Kendall Knight woke up at 2am on a Monday night the day of rehearsals feeling sick, he knew he was sick but couldn't tell anyone just yet since he was too stubborn to do so. He silently went to the bathroom and puked his guts out as he held onto the toilet for dear life, he felt a little better and forced himself to get up to go back into the comfortableness of his bed and fell asleep till it was time to wake up. Logan walked into his room and shook him awake, but frowned feeling how warm he was, "Kendall wake up bro breakfast and rehearsal time" he whispered softly as he kept on shaking him awake, thinking something might've struck Kendall down.

Groaning, Kendall woke up with a start and pushed Logan away as he raced to the bathroom and puked what he felt of his guts out and whimpered in pain as his stomach contorted in pain. "I can't be sick" Kendall thought to himself as he got up slowly, his head spinning he gripped the bathroom sink hard making his knuckles pure white with grief, he decided to brush off his illness and focus on getting to rehearsals.

Carlos and James noticed something was off with Kendall when he slowly ate his breakfast with the guys, but decided he didn't have time to tan in the sun and shrugged it off as it was nothing. When the guys got there with Logan driving their rental car, Kendall quickly ran to the bathroom to get rid of the breakfast he had with them since his stomach didn't agreed to it, with a slight moan of discomfort, he got up and brushed himself off as he walked back to the studio to an angry Gustavo.

"Sorry Gustavo just ate something bad" Kendall chuckled weakly as he shook his shoulders. Gustavo paced down the line as he looked at each member in the eye "I want you four dogs to learn this song" he indicated to the song "SOUND-BOOTH NOW" he roared in annoyance as the guys groaned in protest.

Logan quickly walked into the booth not wanting to further annoy Gustavo and yanked the others in the room which wasn't a good idea for Kendall, because the sudden movement made his stomach lurched forward which resulted in him puking and passing out moments later. Logan shrieked in shock seeing Kendall passed out on the floor "shit shit shit" he mumbled to himself feeling stupid for not realizing he could've been in danger and called 911 for help. James called Mama Knight about the situation and looked to Logan and Carlos "Mama Knight will meet us at the hospital, let's wait till the paramedics get here" he sighed softly, not knowing what to do as he stood there feeling helpless.

Carlos heard the sirens in the distance and looked over to the guys "I think i can hear them you guys" he quickly ran out to guide the medics inside of the studio room and sighed heavily as he looked at Kendall's motionless body. He looked to Logan with a sad, kicked puppy look "is the bad stuff over?" he asked mournfully as he sniffled silently as he followed them outside to get into Logan's car. The guys followed the paramedic's van that held Kendall's sickly body to the LA Hospital, Logan quickly parked the car as he parked in the parking lot so that James, Carlos and himself can be inside the waiting room quickly to be there for Kendall.