I'm soooooooooooo sorry for not updating just had major writer's block!

After a few weeks of taking care of a miserable Carlos due to the double ear infections. it turns out that Logan

caught the sickness from Carlos which made him miserable since he was the only person taking care of him.

Logan let out a groan as he woke up Monday morning to get ready for school, as he swayed his legs over to the

side of the bed to get up, he got lightheaded and slowly felt the bile rising up from his throat, he clamped his mouth

shut wishing it'd pass. He slowly walked out of his room he shared with James to go take a shower before eating

breakfast in hopes it'll calm his illness that is taking over his body.

The guys was already up and eating breakfast as Logan walked out of the bedroom fully dressed in his jeans

and long t-shirt in hopes he wouldn't be cold during classes and rehearsal, "hey guys" his voice cracked as he tried

to speak out, "what are we doing today? I seem to kind of forgot." He let out an annoyed noise as Carlos fake

gasped and fell onto the floor spazzing out 'OOOOH LOGIE FORGOT LOOOGIE FORGOT" cried Kendall as he was

snickering which made Logan cringe at each word, "Kendall can you please keep it down? I can't seem to

concentrate with your yelling and my head hurts" he let out a whimper as his head pounded with each little noises.

James looked over to Logan with concern in his face as he felt Logan's forehead, he let out a low hiss of disbelief,

"dude you're burning up," Logan slapped his hand away and made a grunt like noise to indicate he didn't care at

this moment, he just wanted more sleep. Kendall felt his forehead and neck as well before cringing, "Loges you

should go back to bed and see if you can get better, come on" he said before picking his sick friend up and carried

him to his and James' room as Carlos fidgeted around the kitchen to clean the mess the guys made so Mrs. Knight

wouldn't get mad at them.

Carlos quickly grabbed the thermomenter to put in Logan's mouth in which he protest, but Kendall gave him a

stern look in return, "don't even think about it Logan Mitchell" he warned as Logan pouted.

Kendall took the stick out of Logan's mouth once it beeped and read "104.3 ooh that's high even for you Logan

you might as well sleep in because you aren't going anywhere."

Logan nodded weakly before sitting up quickly and clutched his stomach "ugh" he moaned out as his stomach

twisted and turned. James quickly grabbed a bucket from out of nowhere and thrust it into Logan's hands gently just

in time for him to release the contents from his stomach. Kendall rubbed his back as Logan let out a few whimpers

while he was puking, after what seems like a few minutes he stopped and laid back on the bed with a relieved sigh.

"Feeling good now Loges?" James asked as he put the bucket in the bathroom to clean it out to make it smell fresh

so it wouldn't stink up the apartment, Logan nodded as a shiver rand down his spine and he groaned "I'm so cold

guys" he whimpered out a little.