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Christmas Day

Blaine had woken up in the middle of the night, having gotten uncomfortable, and had carried his sleeping husband up the stairs and into their bed, carefully changing him into his pyjamas. After changing Kurt, Blaine quietly slid into his own pyjamas before snuggling in to the bed beside his husband. Kurt instantly sought out his warmth, cuddling up to Blaine, and Blaine wrapped his arms around his husband, and slowly drifted off into sleep as Kurt relaxed in his arms.

This change in location allowed their son to come bounding into their bedroom the next morning, his little feet pattering through the room. He clambered up onto the bed and crawled over to his sleeping fathers, whispering 'Daddy? Daddy its Christmas.' Having learnt from experience that Kurt was a heavy sleeper, he turned to his other Dad and crawled onto his chest 'Daddy?' he whispered.

Blaine woke up blinking, and he smiled 'Hey bud.' Toronto grinned 'Daddy its Christmas!' Blaine smiled 'How about you cuddle with Daddy and I for a little, and then we get up? It's still early and you know how grouchy your other Daddy gets when he doesn't get enough sleep.' Toronto giggled and nodded, snuggling down into Blaine's chest and closing his eyes. Blaine wrapped his arms around his son, and the two drifted back off to sleep.

A few hours later Kurt was the first to wake. He smiled upon seeing their son sprawled out on Blaine's chest, Blaine's arms cradling him protectively. He gently nudged the two awake 'Come on, boys, it's time to wake up.' Toronto blinked slowly and then grinned, launching himself at Kurt with an overjoyed shriek of 'Daddy! Santa came, didn't he?' Kurt laughed and caught his small son in his arms, hugging him as Blaine sat up slowly, smiling and leaning over to give Kurt a kiss, which Kurt happily returned.

Toronto pulled a face at this 'Ew, Daddy, that's gross!' Blaine laughed and pulled away, and Toronto grinned, bounding up out of Kurt's arms and towards the door 'Can we go open presents now please?' Blaine laughed again and said 'Fine. Go get your pillow case from your closet door. Every year, Toronto put a pillow case on his closet door in place of a stocking. Toronto would get to open these gifts in Kurt and Blaine's room before they went downstairs to open the rest.

Toronto came scurrying back in to the room and dived back on to the bed, pillow case clutched in his little hand 'I got it Daddy!' Kurt smiled 'Come on then, kiddo, open your presents.' Toronto excitedly opened the pillow case, pulling out three presents of varying sizes. He instantly started pulling the brightly coloured paper off the first, revealing an action figure in a box. Toronto grinned happily and hugged his Dads 'Thanks Daddy! Thank you!' he squealed excitedly as he hugged them both.

Toronto settled back down on the bed and opened the other two gifts that were in the pillow case. One was a DVD of Toronto's favourite cartoon, and the other was a soft toy of one of the characters from the cartoon. Toronto snuggled up to his Dads and grinned 'Thank you. I love them.'

Blaine smiled and said 'Come on Tor, let's go downstairs and open the rest of your gifts, okay?' Toronto nodded and clambered off the bed, his Dads climbing off after him and following him down the stairs. Toronto immediately dashed in to the front room and grinned, seeing his pile of presents under the tree, as well as a larger gift propped up against the wall.

Toronto instantly darted towards the larger present but Kurt caught him 'Not yet, son. You need to open the little ones first. That one is the best present and should be opened last.' Toronto pouted but nodded, his little arms winding around his father's neck as he walked towards the tree, setting him down before sitting on the settee beside Blaine.

Toronto immediately dived into opening his gifts. Kurt and Blaine grinned as they watched him unwrap soft toys, DVDs, games and books, all the while Blaine snapping photos of their small son unwrapping his gifts. After he had finished opening his small gifts he bounced open to his parents 'Daddy, Papa, can I open my big gift now?' Kurt smiled and nodded 'Go on, kiddo.'

Toronto ran over to his larger gift and pulled of the wrapping paper, gasping and bouncing slightly when he revealed a shiny new bicycle. He ran back over to his Dads, hugging them both 'Thank you! Thank you! I love it.'

Blaine and Kurt smiled, both of them hugging Toronto back 'You're welcome, kiddo. We love you.' Toronto beamed 'I love you too Daddy, Papa. I love you so much.' Instantly he dashed off, coming back with a messily wrapped gift clutched in his little hands 'Here, this is for you two.'

Scrawled in Toronto's messy handwriting across the packaging was 'To my Daddies'. Kurt and Blaine both smiled 'Thank you Tor.' They immediately opened the gift, which contained a handmade photo frame with a picture of the three of them in it.

Blaine instantly stood, placing it on top of the mantelpiece and Toronto beamed 'Oh, you really like it, Daddy? Do you, Papa?' Blaine and Kurt both smiled 'We love it. Thank you so much, sweetheart.'

Blaine walked back towards Kurt, another present clutched in his hands 'Here baby, this is for you.' Kurt smiled and reached over, picking up a gift and holding it out 'And this is for you sweetheart.'

Blaine smiled brighter, leaning over and pressing a quick kiss to Kurt's lips as they exchanged gifts. Blaine sat down again and opened his gift, beaming when he saw the neat little red bow tie nestled in amongst the material, accompanied with a bookmark that could hold a photograph.

Kurt meanwhile was opening his gift. He pulled off the wrapping to reveal a new waistcoat with tasteful detail. Blaine and Kurt looked at each other and simultaneously beamed at each other. Kurt broke out into a series of little giggles 'Even after all these years, you know me so well.' Blaine smiled and leaned in to kiss Kurt 'And I could say the same about you.'

Toronto wriggled his way on to the sofa with them 'Daddy, Papa, can we watch cartoons for a little?' Kurt smiled 'Just until I have to start cooking dinner for when Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Finn and Auntie Rachel get here, okay?' Toronto nodded and nestled against Kurt as Blaine switched on the television. Blaine settled against the back of the sofa, wrapping his arm around Kurt's shoulder and using his other hand to stroke his small son's hair, and he and Kurt exchanged a smile. They knew, right in that moment, that there was no place they would rather be.

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