Black Mist

Rated T

Author : Goddess of the Sands

"Transylvanians always look on the brighter side of death" said Anna as she headed towards the door to begin her hunt. "There is a brighter side of death?" Van Helsing asked questioningly only just realizing that there was so much more to this women then could be seen by her appearance.

"Of course, its just harder to see" she replied. Again nothing like he expected, she was tough, quick-witted, laced everything with sarcasm, and as realization struck him, absolutely beautiful. She gave him a small smile and then turned back to the door about to leave.

He somehow felt an urge to protect her, though he was sure she didn't need him too, and found he wasn't going to let her go. He quickly grabbed her wrist before she could leave, turned her around, and quickly sprayed a sleeping gas into her face.

The black mist had not even settled before she fell limp and unconscious in his leather clad arms. Again he was struck with how beautiful she was. Her long auburn curls that framed her face, long lashes that brushed her cheeks while she slept, her heart shaped face, straight nose, and full, pink lips. And that was just her face, she also had a delicate neck, a long lean body with curves in all the right places and was dressed in a way that showed them all while still being subtle.

"I'm sorry for that too" he stated even though he knew she didn't hear him. He admired her for a bit more before lifting her in his arms bridal style and walking down the corridor.

He quickly found one of the maids and asked her for directions to Anna's room. At first she protested saying a strange gentlemen should not be taking the Princess to her chambers, it would be the talk of the town! However after quickly explaining that she certainly could not take the weight and a menacing warning that it was not to get out, she gave him directions and left with a frightened expression.

Upon entering the room he knew it was Anna's for it had a slight feminine touch but was deliberately un-girly containing her personal sword collection, a wardrobe, bed, vanity, bedside table, bookshelf, and a window seat. The bed was adorned in a deep red velvet quilt with embroidered roses, all the furnishings were a deep mahogany wood with elegant carvings, and one-side of the wardrobe was open revealing several corsets, pants, gypsy-style tops, and boots similar to the outfit she was wearing.

He took another moment to pear around from the doorway then walked in and set her down on her bed. He laid her down head on the pillow with her hair billowing in a halo around her head. He couldn't help but take a moment to admire her beauty. She truly was something special and all it took to realize was some Black Mist.

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