Heirs to the Kuroba Legacy

A Lost Child

失わ一 子

Kuroba Kaito was many things. A rather well known Magician in his own rights, he was the epitome of normal...

If you didn't count his night job. You see, the one thing that Kaito's family had striven to keep under wraps was of the identity of one internationally wanted phantom thief. Being a Kaitou was not a new thing to the Kuroba clan and the current Kaitou Kid was no different. It was in their heritage ever since the feudal era and onwards.

But the Kuroba were much different then the normal thieves that ran afoul with the law. They actually gave back the things they stole, "No One Gets Hurt" was a motto that had been passed down from generation to generation, Kaitou to Kaitou, parent to child.

They were the Guardians of the treasures, for once the thing stolen was returned, the security usually rose to such a level that the other less skilled thieves had no chance to get the treasure (the Kurobas had gained plenty of rivals and enemies by that rout).

And another thing that the Kuroba clan loved to keep quiet was that there was real Magic in their tricks. To put it simply, the Kurobas were were Magical, real live Sorcerers and Sorceresses or as they preferred to call themselves, Magicians with a capital M.

Kaito pondered all this family history as he searched through his family's extensive library that had been hidden from non magical eyes, a fond glint in his blue eyes. It was a lazy Sunday and Kaito had the time to start learning some Magic on his own. A frown broke through his normally unbreakable Poker Face. On his own.

The Kuroba Clan's Magic was usually taught verbally. But Kaito had no one to learn from. His mother was not a Kuroba by birth (even if she knew some Healing Magic) so she could not teach him. So Kaito had to deal with trying to find hints and spells on his own. Which was a rather dangerous thing to do, he reflected wryly.

Once he had nearly burned his hand from a rouge Kaji spell. Kaito shuddered. He had been rather lucky. He had only gotten a mild burn on his palm and that hadn't even caused a scar thanks to his mother's quick thinking. She had started tutoring him in the healing arts after that as well.

Kaito sneezed, bringing him back into the present. He sighed ruefully and brushed of the dust that covered the tome that he had been holding to reveal it's title: The Kuroba History – a Journal of Kuroba Anzu and her Posterity

Kaito blinked. Our history? His curiosity got the better of him and he opened the tome.

Lists names, some dating all the way back to the Heian Period filled the pages, families branching every which way. It was enough to make the untrained eye give up. But Kaito merely blinked, being a Magician and all. It was in his nature to see things that would normally make someone very confused and to see through it.

His eyes found a passage a few pages in.

The Kuroba clan has always been kind to a stranger. Even if the stranger is Gaijin. Three Gaijin Mahou had appeared on Kuroba property. Their names are Potta Konen-dono, Potta Jini-dono and their little child, Potta Kenda-chan. They hail from a land far away from here and arrived through means of a misfired spell. Eisuke-Dono found a spell that could send them back called the Ryu Hiko Spell:


Kaze no shiyo,

Using the wind


Watashi-tachi wa kenja no kyōdai shimai wakare o tsugeru.

We bid farewell to brothers and sisters of the Magi.


A, ryu-fu

Oh, the wind dragon


Sukottorando no kaigan ni mukatte ido suru

Move toward the coast of Scotland,

ホグワーツのサイトへ 。

Hoguwatsu no saito e.

To the site of Hogwarts.


Ryu hiko!

Flying Dragon!

I am going to miss them terribly. Kenda-chan is rather cute. I hope that we will be able to keep in contact with them. I know, I'll send them a Sakusei!

Kuroba Anzu, Apprentice to Tomoi-dono

黒羽 杏

As Kaito read the Journal of Anzu he realized that even though the Potta family was Clan-Kin, they well could have been from the way Anzu spoke of them. Then, after Anzu wrote of her final remarks, it was her children who kept the Journal updated.

Kaito read on reading accounts, century or century, not realizing that hours had passed since his first wandering in the Magic Library. Soon he got to his time.

The Pottas are going into hiding because of He Who Brings Chaos and a prophecy. The Kuroba clan has offered them sanctuary during their annual visit to our Grounds. Sadly, they have declined. But if anything were to happen to them and their child, little Hari is left orphaned, our vengeance will be swift, as will our aid be. They are family in all the things that count, and blood is not one of them.

Lilli and James have been killed but Hari has disappeared. I fear for his safety.

Hari still hasn't been found. The clan is still searching. Hari should be six by now. I pray that he is alright.

Kuroba Toichi

Kaito shut the tome with a frown. That last entry by his own father was dated only a few days before his death, before he had been murdered. But also, where was little Hari? He would be thirteen – no fourteen by now... Kaito thought with a deeper frown. I think I need to research these Sakusei... and so Kaito got to work, searching the ancient tomes and scrolls for an answer.

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