This story takes place in the fifth season of Supernatural and pre-season two for Dark Angel, while Alec is still inside Manticore.

I don't own Dark Angel or Supernatural

"So, we're up to kidnapping now?"

The incredulous words escaped Dean's mouth as he stared down at the teenager sleeping on one of the twin beds of the motel room he and Sam had stopped at the night before. Sam had gone out to find some food about five minutes before Cas had called, and then shown up with the already unconscious kid.

"I could not allow Zachariah or the other angels to get to him." One of those slight frowns crossed Cas' face. "He was most combative when I found him."

Dean snorted. "Yeah, well, most people aren't real happy when they're kidnapped. If they were, it wouldn't be kidnapping." Dean cocked an eyebrow at the angel. "You knocked him out, didn't you?"

"I explained my reasons for bringing him here."

Dean couldn't help but to be amused. He was reminded of the time when he and Cas had been searching for Raphael and Cas' belief that the truth would always work better than a lie and then shook his head. He needed to get back on track.

"He's not a shifter?" Dean asked, to be sure. Cas had already assured him that there was nothing supernatural about the kid. It was the first thing the angel did.

"No. He is not supernatural."

At those words, Dean was back to how the kid looked. The hair was longer than Dean's and, at that moment, a mess. It was a lighter color but Dean's had been the same when he was a teenager. His features were exactly the same as Dean's had been when he was that age. Those features were marred by bruises and the knuckles on the one of his hands were scraped raw and bloody. Dean seriously doubted Cas had caused those injuries.

"But you knocked him out and kidnapped him?" Dean clarified because even if the kid did look like him, according to Cas he was just a kid and Dean trusted Cas' judgment on that. Dean trusted Cas.

"Yes," Cas answered like he didn't get what the problem was.

Dean rolled his eyes. "He's a kid," Dean pointed out. "You can't just go around kidnapping kids." He paused. "Or knocking them out," he tacked on. The teenager probably had family. Family that most likely wouldn't appreciate someone knocking him out and taking him away. Even if that someone was an angel.

"It was necessary."

"Okay," Dean conceded, crossing his arms. "Why?"

"He is a potential vessel."

"For?" A feeling of dread invaded Dean's chest. He was pretty sure that there were only two angels that could drive Cas to kidnapping.


Dean opened his mouth…then closed it, once again studying the kid. He was supposed to be the only vessel left for Michael. It was why Zachariah had been coming after him so hard; it was why Zachariah had sent him to the future to witness the so called consequences of not saying yes to Michael.

"He's not..." Dean didn't finish the sentence. He'd already been surprised by one brother he hadn't known about. One brother that had been killed before either Dean or Sam had ever found him. Cas seemed to guess what he was thinking.

"Not in the traditional sense," he said in that vague way that he liked which also never failed to irritate Dean.

"What the hell does that mean?"

Cas was cut off from answering when the door to the motel room opened and Sam entered. He took one look at Cas and then the look on Dean's face and Dean saw him tense.

"What's going on?"

Dean shrugged, gestured to his bed. He turned his gaze back on the kid, expecting to see him still asleep. Instead, Dean found himself staring into a set of green eyes the same color as his own.


He was not in his bunk in solitary anymore. He knew that without even opening his eyes. The bed he was lying on was a little too soft. He was a little too warm. The room smelled different. The lowest level of Manticore, which was where he'd been sleeping for the last six months, smelled of blood, body fluid, and mold.

His body still ached from the last beating the guards had delivered and his head was still pounding. He'd spent all day in Psy-Ops. He hadn't been given anything to eat in days and hours in front of the laser left him feeling hardly able to stand on his own.

There was a conversation going on somewhere near his feet. He recognized the voice of the strange man who had shown up near his bunk. And he'd thought he'd been hallucinating when the guy in the trench coat had shown up, claiming things that were not possible.

He had to fight to keep his face impassive as he wondered what the game was this time. It had to be some sort of test. Usually, they just forced their way into his head, tore away at his mind and he wondered a moment if he really was still hallucinating.

Either way, pretending to sleep wouldn't get him anywhere and he reluctantly opened his eyes and managed to prop himself up on his elbows just as he heard a door open. He found himself staring into green eyes the same shade as his own.


The kid's eyes were wary as they stared into Dean's. There was a flicker of surprise in those eyes as he looked Dean over but it was gone as fast as it came.

"Cas…" Dean ran a hand over his face, and then he surged towards his brother. "Sam, don't." Sam had already been reaching for his gun.

"What the hell is going on?" Sam asked, staring at the kid on the bed, who still hadn't said anything.

Dean turned his gaze back on the angel. "That's a good question."

"He shares your blood," Cas answered. "As for the rest, I believe that is his story to tell." Cas turned from him and walked closer to the bed. "I know what you think. However, you are wrong. I have taken you away from there. What I told you was the truth." A second later, he was gone and Dean was swearing. He calmed down after a minute and turned back to the kid.

"So," he started reluctantly. "You got a name?"


494 assessed the situation, unsure of how to answer the question. Men in trench coats disappearing into thin air. The guy who looked just like him, if a few years older. Still, this wasn't Manticore's usual procedure during re-indoctrination.

He stared down at his hands, saw the bloody knuckles. One of the guards had brought his foot down on it earlier that day. He was a big disappointment, apparently. He'd already been down twice, both times because of 493. This time, however, it hadn't had anything to do with 493.

His thoughts went immediately to why. Too why he'd been sent in for reindoctrination this time, for the third time. He blinked when Rachel's face swam in his vision and suddenly it didn't matter. It didn't matter that the two men in front of him might not be real. It didn't matter that they might be.

For a moment, all he could see and hear was the explosion.

A hand landed on his shoulder and he almost jumped, chagrined that he hadn't noticed the one who looked like him coming closer.

"You alright?" The man asked and he was surprised at the look of actual concern in the guy's eyes.

"Yes." He knocked the hand easily from his shoulder and sat up straighter.

"Okay." The man raised an eyebrow. "You gonna tell me your name?"

He considered the two men a moment before struggling to his feet. They didn't stop him from going to the window. He stared out at the parking lot of the motel, at the highway beyond. When he turned back to the two men, caught sight of the bag of takeout food in the taller ones hand, he was struck with the idea that maybe it was all real.

One particular memory came back to him, one of what Manticore did to escapees. He'd been dragged down to Psy-Ops himself back when he'd been younger because he'd been twinned with 493. He hadn't even known about 493 until that point.

He'd also seen, firsthand, what happened to the escapees that Manticore managed to capture. It had been Lydecker's way of wiping any thought of doing the same from the minds of the rest of them.

He couldn't go back. That thought struck him, made him still. He wouldn't survive it. Renfro had made that clear after he failed his last mission. If this was all real, he was stuck.


Dean exchanged a look with Sam before they both turned their gazes back on the kid. The boy seemed to be having some sort of battle with himself but he wasn't running. Dean doubted he could. The kid's eyes were bloodshot and he was teetering on his feet. Someone had beaten the crap out of him and Dean was willing to bet he hadn't slept in a few days. He knew the look.

When the kid's knees began to collapse, Dean pushed aside any reservations about approaching skittish teenagers who'd been taken against their will and stepped forward, taking the kids weight.

He steered the kid to his bed again and sat him down. He tilted the kids head, studying the bruises that stood out starkly against pale skin.

"Somebody at home do this to you?" Dean asked, without even thinking about it.

"You're the one who kidnapped me," the kid said.

"Actually, that was the dude in the trench coat," Dean countered.

"He disappeared." A frown formed on the kids face.

"Yeah, he does that."

"It's not possible." He turned his glazed green eyes on Dean.

"Yeah, well, you saw it. Isn't seeing believing?"

"Not always." He blinked and Dean was sure he was about ready to pass out. He was proven right when a moment later the kid slumped against Dean. Sam helped him move the kid into a more comfortable position and they both stared down at the kid.

"You think his family did that?" Sam asked with a frown.

Dean shrugged. "We don't even know if he has family," Dean pointed out, a little angry at Cas' disappearing act and at the angel's seemingly spontaneous decision to kidnap a teenager without at least telling Dean and Sam first.

"Why would Cas take him?" Sam asked, reminding Dean that he hadn't been in the room for that explanation.

"He says the kids a potential vessel for Michael," Dean revealed, moving his gaze to Sam.

Surprise crossed Sam's eyes. "But…" And Dean knew that Sam was thinking the same thing Dean had been since Cas had shown up with the kid.

"Yeah." Dean's mind went to Adam, to how he'd failed that boy. To how he'd died horribly before Dean had even gotten the chance to meet him and he made the decision instantly. He didn't even have to say it. Sam could see it in his eyes.

"Okay." Sam nodded. "Okay. We protect him."