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"Okay, hiccup so Nono-chii, Hota-chan hiccup and me had completed our hiccup dares. That leaves you, Mikan. "Anna says as she raises her glasses tipsily.

Nonoko throws her arm around my shoulders, "Come on, now. Leave your worries even just for this night, Mikan! We just graduated. Besides, it's not the time for your shyness. Remember, you three," Nonoko gave us a pointed look, "dared me to make-out with a gross bartender! Ergh. That's so embarrassing." It's funny how Nonoko's speaking as if she's a drunken old man so I can't help but giggle.

I'm Mikan Sakura, by the way. Here, as you can see, are my friends. The drunken girl is Anna. She has a really bubbly personality and has nice looks. She likes girly stuffs and is into boys. A lot of boys. Quite the contrary of her personality is Nonoko. Nonoko is a timid and shy girl who can't even look directly upon the eyes of a boy. You must be wondering why she agreed to make out with a dingy bartender. Well, I tell you, that's what an alcohol can do to you. Next is Hotaru. She's my best friend who doesn't leave my side. Ever. We just graduated from our college life and now we're celebrating our freedom away from school works, projects and thesis. Well, even for a while. Anyway, we're playing a game of dares in a bar. And now is my turn. Oh, why can't they just forget about me?

"Fine. Go ahead and dare me." I challenged before I gulped a shot of tequila. I watch with wary eyes as they whisper to each other about their dare for me.

"We dare you–" Hotaru's eyes glimmer, as if she's formulating a plan in her head. Oh, shit. I know I'm in for a huge trouble. "–to go to that guy over there," she points her finger to a hooded figure who's drinking shots after shots. "and pretend to be his girlfriend whom he stood up. We don't care how you do it as long as it's dramatic."

I gulp as I stood up. "Okay then. Wish me luck."

"You can do it, girl!" Anna whistles across the table.

I would be damned if I can't is my last thought before I stride forward to my victim's table.

Sorry. I know it's soooo short. But I can't find something that can inspire me and I feel like my writing skills are growing rusty over the years. Seriously. I think I can write better before than I can do now. Ergh. Anyway, I know I have grammar mistakes so I ask you to please kindly point it out. Thank you. So, what do you want to happen next? I might consider your suggestions, you know.

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