A/N- This is my first attempt at a fanfiction. R&R is appreciated. Btw, My name is not Lilli nor is it anyone i know. I just enjoy the name.

The prompt for this segment was that Miss Monoxide was fighting off Dracs when she heard a noise. On impulse, she shot. When the smoke cleared, she realized she made a fatal mistake.

I go to claim a trophy from the latest victim and realize that I've shot a human. Not just any human either, I shot the greatest killjoy of them all. Party Poison. I've seen his posters up at every Drac hideout I have crossed. Korse wanted him. And I, a fellow Killjoy, killed him. I run over and look at his face. He's beautiful, even if his face is twisted in pain. He glances up at me and says "Name, Soldier?"

"Miss Monoxide" I mumble.


"Six, but I'm a runner." I let him mumble for a couple seconds while I find the wound. It's on his stomach and it's really deep. I apply pressure and he spits curses at me. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I cry as I stop pushing on his wound. It's useless anyway.

"It's okay. I couldn't feel it after a second anyway. Speaking of which, am I moving my legs?"

I sneak a peek, and they're crumpled underneath him, still. "Do you want the truth or a lie?"

"Truth, please."
"No. No they're not moving," I start to freak out and ramble. "I've killed you and I didn't mean to and now you're going to be dead this is just like when Cross Cancel died!" He throws a shaky hand up to my mouth. "I shouldn't have suck up on you like that. It was my fault."

He starts to close his eyes but he still looks at me. "Miss, can I ask you a personal question? What's your real name? Nobody uses them anymore. Mine's Gerard."

I have to think for a second. "Lilli,"

"That's pretty… If you run across my group, give 'em my gun will you? It would mean a lot to me."

"No problem, Poison sir… I mean Gerard, sir"

"Good girl, Lilli," he says as his head rolls back. His eyes close and his chest shutters. I'm the worst kind of murderer. I've killed the best killjoy on this earth.