I am a stranger walking in someone else's skin

Suffocating my soul and sealing it in

A mask veils my face from my target's view

For all that you know, I could be targeting you

There's nothing personal in being everyone else

There is no pride in losing yourself

I walk someone else's walk and say someone else's line

But I'm thankful that at least the lie is mine

When I face a looking glass, all I see is the sham

It's faded, lost; who I really am

Or who I was, for it's all gone now

I'd be lying if I said I didn't know how

I tire of lying and need an escape

Not one label sticks true like duct tape

But back to the loss, which happened in a far back when

Everything was hazy, disoriented, and delirious then

They yelled, they hit, they tortured out the truth

They took my memory and stole my youth

They broke and rebuilt me to fit their needs

They sent me out to perform various nefarious deeds

Sometimes I wish I could have been stronger

When they said this was right, they couldn't've been wronger

I do bad things as the person you now see

But the worst thing I ever did was lose my sense of me

Ean: Good evening my various nefarious readers! I give credit for this poem to the amazing Narutogirl101! It is based off of Utau as she is in her story Armed and Highly Dangerous. I greatly request that you read it.

Actually, I need to apologize to anyone who is a faithful reader of my stories (If this isn't you, why not?). I just opened my document manager and saw four documents, most which were beta docx. Four. I used to have to delete a few everyday to make room. I fail. If you want the full excuse, feel free to message me. If you want to rant at me, feel free. If you want to make suggestions about what I update, by all means do! I'm working on righting this wrong as soon as possible. I REFUSE to disappear from this site. You're stuck with me for some time longer, kiddo.