Clues Entry 1

[Seventeen years prior to the Series, near the very beginning of the year]

Date: Cemrota of Taite, Year of Platinum, East; White 32nd Moon

Diary today i folowed momy. I triked the nurs. I told Ravara that i wanted a nap but realy i followed momy. I know that last yer and the yer befor that and the yer befor that momy goz went spends the holiday at her specl howz. Ravara calz it a vila. That funy mol man iz the ony person that goz with her. I sneeked past the gards and outsid. I peeked in thru the windo. Momy and the mol man wer looking at a pictr i think. I wonder whut they wer looking at and y momy haz to go to the vila and not stay in the palas and y she taks the funy mol man with her and y she staz there al day and y no on elz goz with her. And y she iz there al i think there might may might was something elz I wanted to tel you but i don' er whut it waz.

O! Sumething elz! My birthday iz coming up very soon! I wil be 7 years old! I hop i wil be old enuf to hav unkl nueva giv me the ink set that matchez u!

Gud by Diary.


I do apologize for the crappy spelling and grammar in this Entry. The idea is this is the first Entry in Marlene's diary, and what seven (almost eight)-year-old, even a princess, has proper writing skills?

Very soon-ish I will be posting my made-up version of the Gaean dating system on my deviantArt page. That will explain the 'dates' that you'll see at the top of the Entries. For right now, just know that this entry is written at the end of the first month of the year, seventeen years pre-Series.

Oh, and I will NOT be following the Compendium's color calender; I made my own up for the ease of my own mind.